Illicit Relationship Chapter 100

97 Feature Ideas

"Fei, how is our company developing in the last few days?" Xiao Tian inquired

"Our company development is good. But I think It would be better if we add some interesting feature ideas to make the sale more in demand than before" Shi Fei thought if they add few feature ideas, the company sales will rise significantly.

Xiao Tian had guessed that Shi Fei has the same thought as him. That's why Xiao Tian wanted to hear her opinions first before telling his ideas. "What do you have in mind?"

"We should give a discount on some clothes or to people who buy many clothes at once. I think many people will like it, especially women." as a woman, Shi Fei knew that women really like discounts, especially women from lower-class families. Maybe some of the middle-class families also love discounts. If they give a discount on some good quality clothing, she was sure that the clothes would be more in demand.

"Especially women?" Xiao Tian spoked and paused for a second before he continued, "Give me a reason."

"Women likes a discount, especially a discount on good quality clothing. I'm sure more people from middle-class families, and lower-class families will buy it. However, it's different for men. I agree that some men pay attention to what they wear, but many men don't care about what they wear, especially T-shirts or shirts. As long as they can wear it and feel comfortable, they don't care about anything else. Some men even don't care about trendy clothes or something like that." Shi Fei knew that because many of her male friends never care about the clothes.

Xiao Tian nodded his head after hearing Shi Fei's explanation. He knew that what she said was the truth. "I agree with you."

"Yes. Shi Fei is right. Men usually only wear casual T-shirt and then cover it with a jacket. I think, for men, it would be better to give a discount on the jacket and jeans. Oh, we're almost in new season, so it would be better to design clothes or jacket for the new season as well." Lin Xing Xue gave her opinion.

Wow! Not only beautiful, but they are also smart. Xiao Tian thought to himself

"Yes. Let's do that. We will give lots of discounts on women's clothing and men's jackets. We will also give discounts for popular men's T-shirts and shirts lately. Do you have any other ideas?" Before telling them his idea, Xiao Tian wanted to know whether they had other ideas or not.

However, because they were still thinking about it, Xiao Tian decided to tell them his idea. "I have a few ideas."

Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue looked at Xiao Tian after he said that he had some idea.

"I have three ideas." Xiao Tian spoked and stopped for a second before he continued," First, we will give free shipping to people who buy a lot of clothes on certain days. Second, we will add some feature, such as cash on delivery. The last one is, lucky egg feature."

"Lucky egg?" Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue said at the same time. They knew that the first and the second ideas were excellent, but they didn't understand what he means by lucky egg.

Upon seeing their faces, Xiao Tian spoke, "This is called a lucky egg because it can give us surprises. Member accounts will get a lucky egg every day where they can get a surprise like discounts, cashback, or something like that by breaking the egg, but there is an expiration time for it. For examples, I get a 3% discount voucher for jeans after breaking the egg, and the time limit is three days, so the discount voucher will be expired after three days even though I don't use it. The discount range will be around 1-5 percent because we give the lucky egg for free, so we can't give a high discount."

Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue were stunned after hearing his explanation. They thought that his idea was brilliant.

"It's a good idea," Shi Fei said

"Yes. It's a brilliant idea," Lin Xing Xue nodded her head.

"I'm glad you like my idea," Xiao Tian said as he smiled. "Fei, I've rented a building for our first offline shop in the center of Shanghai. Can you make an ad and put the ad on our company online shop? With this, we don't need to spend more money on the ads."

"Oh! I can do that." Shi Fei was surprised after hearing Xiao Tian's words. He just opened his business a few weeks ago, but he will open his first offline shop in the next few days. She felt lucky because she accepted his offer when he asked her to work for him.

If she refuses him at that time, maybe she would still work as a tailor and freelance until now.

"How long do you think that you can finish making the ad and putting it on our company online shop?" Xiao Tian didn't want to make her work overtime. If she needs two to three days to finish it, he will postpone the recruitment day and tell Yun Xin Er about it too.

"If it's only an ad, I can finish it today" Shi Fei was confident that she could finish it in a day because she was used to making advertisements.

"Really?" Xiao Tian didn't expect that she could finish it within a day. "Fei, I don't want to make you work overtime, so if you can't finish it today, don't force it."

"No. For me, making an ad is easy. We only need to take a picture of someone and edit it on photoshop," Shi Fei said confidently.

"Take a picture of someone? How about both of you become the models? I think it will be better if both of you become the models for this ad rather than we use someone else" Xiao Tian thought, not only they don't need to spend money, if Shi Fei and Lin Xing Xue become the models, he can also take a picture with Lin Xing Xue and Shi Fei later. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

"I'm fine with it," Shi Fei immediately agreed. Shi Fei was curious about how it feels to be a model. That's why she was excited after hearing Xiao Tian's words.

"I'll pass," Lin Xing Xue refused. "Because Shi Fei has agreed, I think we don't need me to be the model as well."

Xiao Tian looked at Lin Xing Xue intently after hearing her words. The smile froze on his face. He didn't expect that the happiness that he had just felt suddenly shattered into dust in several seconds. "Why?"

"As I said, Shi Fei has agreed to become the model, so why do you want me to be the model as well?" Lin Xing Xue thought it was not very meaningful if she becomes a model too because they only need one person to become the model.

"Fei, let's become the model together." Shi Fei really wanted to become a model on the ad with Lin Xing Xue, the former campus goddess. This is one in a million chances to stand next to the former campus goddess in the same advertisement and maybe, they will be famous together after it.

"No," Lin Xing Xue said.

However, because Xiao Tian and Shi Fei kept asking Lin Xing Xue to be the model for the ad, Lin Xing Xue finally gave in.

They ended the meeting and ready to make the ad. for visiting.
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