Illicit Relationship Chapter 1

3 Characters

Characters :

1) Xiao Tian (19 years old).

The description in the novel= He was a good-looking young man that you could even mistake him as a model. His hair coiffed to perfection, his black eyes has the same starling clarity as morning dew and the lineaments of his face were in perfect proportion to each other.

He is a college student at Sky University.

The owner of the original body died while helping Lin Xing Xue from the thugs and Huang Chen took over the body after the original owner died.

2) Ye Xueyin (35 years old, Xiao Tian's mother)

The description in the novel= Even though she was already 35 years old, she still has fair skin, long legs, and elegant figure. Her hair that draped over her shoulder was slightly curled at the ends. There was no wrinkle on her face, she looked like a woman who spends all her time taking care of her appearance.

She is an entrepreneur (the owner of the Star coffee shop)

3) Ye Qingyu (28 years old, Xiao Tian's maternal aunt)

The description in the novel= She wore a slim white dress that makes anyone could see her perfect figure. Her black hair descending down onto her waist like a waterfall. Her dark grey eyes are as deep as the night sky and her white skin glistening like a luster of beautiful jade. Every part of her is like a perfect piece of artwork.

Work as a marketing department manager at Golden Bag company

4) Lin Xing Xue (29 years old)

The description in the novel= She was a beautiful tall lady with shoulder-length hair, her black eyes were clear like autumn water, a sharp nose, and charming lips with light pink lipstick. Well-developed figure demonstrated a mature type of charm, ample breast, round plump butt

Work in a well-known cosmetic brand.


5) Shi Fei (29 years old, Lin Xing Xue's good friend)

The description in the novel= She was tall woman with big chests, slender waist, and plump ass, to put it in short, she has a body of supermodel, a body that makes every woman envy of her and even though her face is only a little prettier than average woman, but her curvaceous body will make any male drooling when they see her.

Work as a freelance and (spoiler = manager in Star Clothes)

6) Yun Xin Er (23 years old)

The description in the novel= A Young woman who wore a slim white dress, making everyone can see her perfect figure. Her black hair descending onto her waist and her skin glistening like a beautiful jade. She has a fine raised nose, pointed chin, and slender-like neck, coupled with her big breast, making everyone feel inferior to her.

She is a famous singer in China

7) Li Wen (46 years old)

The description in the novel= He is a mature middle-aged man

He is the director of Li entertainment.

8) Su Ruyan (20 years old)

* Employee at the Stars Clothes shop

9) Tang Yaxin (age=???)

* Shop manager at Star Clothes shop

Harem member :

*Ye Xueyin (35 years old, Xiao Tian's mother)

* Ye Qingyu (28 years old, Xiao Tian's maternal aunt)

*Shi Fei (29 years old, Lin Xing Xue's good friend)

*Lin Xing Xue (29 years old)

Potential harem

*Yun Xin Er (23 years old)

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