I Reincarnated Into A Bat Chapter 20

20 Chap 20

A few minutes later, I looked back to check if there were any pursuers.

My perception didn't catch anything.

'I think we ditched them.'

Rodak didn't turn back at all. He led in the front while carrying the unconscious witch on his back.

'Try not to leave any trails.' Came a reply only a few seconds later.

'Got it.' I answered confidently. Yours truly doesn't have human legs, hence there won't be large footprints either.

'What's the deal with this girl?' I couldn't hold my curiosity after a few minutes of boring fleeing session.

'Let's talk later. We might not be safe yet.' Came a firm and serious reply.



The midday had passed for about few hours. The three of us found a natural cavity in an old tree. Outside, there was a complicated flora, creating a natural cover.

Rodak was drenched in sweat as he panted heavily.

'I think it's safe now.' I commented to start a conversation.


...That's it? This guy...he's getting on my nerves!

'Ahem, let's start with an introduction. My name is Fenir, nice to meet you.' I decided to give myself a name. Otherwise, people will suspect something.

'Mm, likewise. I'm Rodak. I'm sure you've heard already.' He nodded.

'So, what's the plan now?' I threw another pathetic attempt at extending the conversation.

'Rest for an hour. The city's 2 hours walk from here, huff...I know the shortcut.' He said with unsteady breath.

'Oh.' I acknowledged while secretly praising him.

'Aren't you hungry?' He asked after recovering.

'Not really.'

'...Me neither, but in any case, we can't go with empty stomachs.' He stood up, ready to search for some food.

'Don't go anywhere. I'll be back.'

'Wait a minute. You don't need to go.' I answered annoyedly, as I had some questions for him, yet he was running away.

I lifted my sleeve. 3 bats got out and went out.

'They'll search for food. You relax here.' Chuckling, I reassured alarmed Rodak.

'Alright.' He stared at me with complicated emotions and ultimately sat down.

'Hey, what's with that look? Am I that scary?' I felt uncomfortable under his inquisitive gaze.

'You're weird.' He mumbled.

'Deal with it.' If I had a human hand, I'd show him the middle finger.

'So, about this girl...' I continued while pointing at the unconscious girl.

Rodak sighed and closed his eyes.

'Claire Graast, the sole heir of the Graast family.'

So she's a nobility? I stared at the sleeping beauty with a new light.

She was wrapped in Rodak's shirt and was leaning against the hard bark of the tree.

Her injuries seemed to be recovering slowly, but they would still need to be tended to. We'll need to get to the city first, though.

'So, did she have any relations with the village?'

Rodak nodded and continued telling her story.

I was angry when I heard the part when she was forsaken by the villagers.

'You people simply have no balls!' I exclaimed angrily.

Rodak kept silent after telling the story.

'The church has the influence to dictate our lives. Most of the time, there's nothing you can do, even in the face of injustice.' He whispered with lowered head.

I sneered in my heart.

Yours truly's an earthling. I've not been a bright student, but I've learned enough history to know where this is going.

Abusing one's power and authority is a common practice for those in power. Twisting words and brainwashing the common people isn't unseen occurrence either.

To deal with this kind of thing, one needs balls! And power!

'Why didn't you help earlier?' He whispered with a trembling voice.

'What do you mean? Did something happen before I arrived?' I frowned.

'So you weren't there...that's a relief.'

'What are you talking about? Don't beat around the bush.'

Rodak opened his mouth, but closed it and chose to keep silent.

'Whatever.' I snorted, displeased.

An awkward silence fell between us.

'Fe...no, Sir Fenir, if not for you, I wouldn't have been able to do what I did today. For this, thank you.' He bowed his head.

Eh? What's he talking about?

'Now that acolytes were killed, the village is done for. There's...nothing left for me now, except for hatred and vengeance...'

'What?! That's bullshit!' I sprang up, agitated.

'Care not, Sir Fenir, the village deserves to be destroyed!' He looked up with bloodshot eyes. Even I was scared for a second.

'What nonsense are you spouting? Weren't you raised there? How can you abandon them like that?' His good guy image was slowly crumbling in my mind.

'I'll abandon them like they abandoned the pitiful child. They saw her beaten to death and nobody spoke a word!' Rodak stood up and roared at me.

'I...was there too.' He spoke through clenched teeth and trembling fists.

...Shit, what a shocker. I get it. I see what's going on now.

'Rodak...' I spoke in a low voice.


[ < - 8! ]

I smashed the lurker amalgamation fist at his chest, which blasted him off out of the crevice.

He coughed blood and attempted to get up with trembling hands.

I walked out of the cave and stared down at him.

'Someone needed to do that for you...I know how you must feel.'

Rodak gasped for breath, while his mouth leaked blood. He grasped the dirty mud with his hand and screamed.

'Aaah!' He cried loudly.

I didn't disturb him and returned in the tree, leaving him with his own guilt.

After a long ten minutes, he returned. He was dirty and his eyes were red.

I got up and carried up Claire on my back.

'We need to get going.' I walked out. He nodded and followed.

'Lead the way.' Yeah, I don't know the ways around here.

He nodded again absentmindedly and began navigating through the forest.

After a brief hesitation, I spoke up again.

'Our goals are almost similar. I need to deal with some bastards from the church. We can travel together if you want.' I suggested. It's not like I'm not saying this to get a useful guide and powerful companion or anything.

'Thanks for forgiving me.' Rodak stopped and spoke with trembling voice.

'As long as you forgive yourself...' I sighed and patted his back.

'For that, I'll need to destroy them!'

'Well, an admirable determination, but for now, let's get going. It's getting late. We need to get there before night.'

And so we continued our journey, but halfway through...


'Rodak, come here, she's waking up!' I gently lied her down in the comfortable grass bed.

He promptly walked over.

Her eyelashes fluttered open, revealing mesmerizing ruby eyes.

'Why...am I still alive?' She murmured.

Eh? What kind of question is this? I and Rodak exchanged confused glances.

'Rodak, it's you...and you...did you two save me?' She asked in a weak, soft voice.

Rodak scratched the back of his head.

'Indeed' I transmitted the message to her.

'I see...then, you two will have to kill me.' She spoke with an unchanged tone.

Rodak faltered. I was also dumbfounded. What shit is this girl spouting?

'Why?' I asked with a frown.

'Why did you two have to save me?' She glared at us resentfully.

'Claire, what are you saying?' Rodak sweated as he asked anxiously.

As for me, I was fuming in anger.

'Go ahead and kill yourself then, ungrateful brat. If you don't treasure your life, you are free to throw it away, even after we went through all the trouble for you.' I transmitted angrily.

She glared at me and opened her cherry lips.

'Mother said suicide is the greatest sin, so I can't...Please, my saviors, end my life for me.'

'Hey, what did you tell her?' Rodak punched me angrily.

He sat down and caressed her head lovingly.

'It's okay, Claire. We won't let you get hurt anymore.'

She shook her head and insisted that we kill her once again.

'My brain cells are dying, Rodak. You deal with her.' I sent him the message.

'You need to take responsibility. You have to kill me.'

'No.' Rodak flatly refused.

'Please, I want to die.'

'Not happening.'



'Then...all I need is to convince you.' She replied. I sensed how much she hated herself, but still, there's no way we are going to do it.

'You won't be able to convince us.' I meant it. 'Let's listen to her and convince her after.' I transmitted to them separately.

After a brief silence, she started...Her expressionless face showed a brief, breathtaking smile.

'When I was little, my parents doted on me a lot...'

...Alright, time for bedtime stories.

'Once, daddy bought me a rainbow colored parrot. I named her Freya. I liked and played with it a lot.'

Hey, what are we even listening to? Is she pranking us? What does her sweet childhood memories have to do with her current state?

I was skeptical, but I still continued listening.

'In a year and a half, Freya passed away. I was heartbroken. Daddy consoled me and told me he would buy me a new one, but I didn't want any other parrot. I wanted Freya to return...'

*Yawn...yeah? What happened next?

She continued speaking with brief pauses.

'I couldn't let her go. I didn't want to bury her. I didn't want to part with it...and the miracle happened...'

'Daddy, look, she's alive! I remember telling him that. I felt hurt when he looked at me with horrified, fearful eyes...Daddy was always kind to me, doting on me, playing with me. I wondered why he would look at me with such eyes...'

'He snatched Freya away and berated me, that I should never do this again...I didn't understand at that time...I didn't understand how much he cared for me.'

'The years passed. I and daddy weren't that close anymore. He distanced himself from me, while I was resentful towards him...I'm sorry daddy, I didn't know you only wanted good for me...'

She cried for a while, then continued.

'2 years passed like this. I missed the previous daddy. I was so lonely. I forgave him, but he wouldn't look at me like he used to. The distance between us once again increased...'

'Shortly... my kind, gentle mommy passed away too. My world crumbled...Father broke down in grief...'

'Funeral...I did it again...My mother woke up from the coffin. I did it...'

'Look, daddy, mommy's alive once again...I cried in happiness while hugging my mother...I wondered why her eyes were hollow and why she wasn't saying anything, but I didn't care. I was happy she was back.'

As I listened to her story, a creepy chill went down my spine. This girl...

'Soon, I realized, everyone was looking at me. I found their eyes familiar...it was the eyes that daddy showed me when I revived Freya. I felt hurt. Why were my dear relatives looking at me like that...why were they not happy that mommy was back, that we could be happy once again? I was too naive...'

'I remember daddy arguing with the priest, who led the funeral. I wasn't aware of what I had done...'

'My family was destroyed by the Inquisition army. I brought disaster upon everyone. Daddy was also killed. Everything was my fault...'

'I was the one who brought disaster upon this kind villagers too. It's my fault. I'm cursed. Everyone I love and cares for me will die...I don't want people to die for my sake once again, so please, kill me.'

I stood there petrified. Rodak was also silent.

Claire slowly sat up and looked at us with tearstained eyes.

'It's not your fault...' Rodak mumbled.

'I see...you're not going to kill me, even as it's your fault I'm alive...are you?'



'I don't want to die in their hands, in their dirty hands which murdered my father. I don't have anyone else, who I could ask...please...'



'Ha...ha.' She laughed hollowly as she stood up.

Suddenly, the aura around her changed. Her long, violet hair started turning white and began fluttering, while her eyes lost focus. Her healthy skin also turned paler and paler.

Rodak took a step back, while I also retreated in alarm.

The ground trembled as the bone-rattling sound rang.

The earth was split open as skeletal hands popped up one after another.

'I'll make you kill me!' Claire said as vile aura burst from her.

This...this lunatic!

The skeleton soldiers rose from the ground. The blue flames flickered in their eye sockets.

*Rattle, rattle~

The joints crackling sound constantly rang as dozens of skeletal figures came out of earth creepily.

The dying light of eventide painted her now demonic face crimson.

Her status also changed.

[ Claire Graast, Necromancer [Tyrant] Realm: 3rd Level: ??

HP: 13/13 ]
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