Human God Of One Piece Chapter 16

16 Devil Frui

Larch: Mars pick him up and hold him tight and take him with Beth to the ship and interrogate him about Miss Sunday location and all the information that he has about Pluton.

Mars: Aye big brother.

Beth: Aye captain.

As Mars picked Crocodile up and put him in his shoulder then he started walking towards the ship with his sister.

Larch: Oh Mars if he escapes from you, you won't have dinner for the next week.

As Mars heard his captain his body tensed up then he brought Crocodile to his arms then hugged him while using Haki.

Larch: And Beth don't kill him please. He still has many uses.

Beth: Yes captain.

Larch: Kuina and Nojiko you go to the King Cobra and tell him that we have dealt with his kingdom problem and that we want a reward in case he doesn't give in. Return and i will go.

Kuina/Nojiko: Yes Larch-kun.

Nojiko: Larch-kun what will you do?

Larch: I am going to train in the desert, this fight brought me enlightenment which i hadn't in some time.

Kuina: Good luck Larch-kun. Let's go talk with the king.

Larch: Meet back in the ship.

Saying that he jumped away in direction of the desert.

Some days later in their ship. A woman was chasing a 5 meter tall man. While another man was tied to the pole of the ship with his right leg corroded, his left leg cutted everywhere and both of his arms broken.

Kuina: Mars get back here.

Mars: Kuina big sister i am sorry but it is really irresistible to use the gauntlets.

Crocodile: "What the hell is this? How can this morons be so powerful? Ouch. With that power they have, they should be easier on me."

Crocodile: Sorry for interrupting but can i get any food here?

Kuina: Shut up you. You are always trying to flee.

Nojiko: Beth-san the prisoner is hungry.

Beth: Coming.

Beth was carrying a astray towards Crocodile, then untied him, as she did a dagger appeared in her hand poking his neck.

Beth: You know what to don't do.

She said with a smile, but that smile made Crocodile scared as he remembered how he got his leg corroded. It was the same day that they brought him in, he confessed everything then tried to flee at night, but the moment he freed himself from the ropes he smelled something burning and the smell of acid.

Nojiko: Larch-kun is coming.

As she said that A shadow appeared in the sky falling towards their ship.


Larch: Hi guys. How the things go?

Beth: He doesn't know about Miss Sunday location and the information about Pluton location is in the Tomb of the Kings.

Larch: And you Kuina and Nojiko?

Kuina: Larch-kun the king gave us one of his treasures and i was about to refuse his offer, but Nojiko said that you would like the reward.

Saying that she went towards her room, then came out carrying a black fruit with the forms of white waves in it.

Seeing the fruit Larch came closer griping it he said.

Larch: It's a Devil Fruit, but i never see this kind of fruit before or have ever heard. "Bloodthirst, Higure do you know about this fruit?"

Bloodthirst: "I think it's the Ape Ape no mi. It's a fruit that gives the eater the ability to transform into a gorilla."

Larch: "Thanks for the information."

Knowing what it do Larch took it and throw it towards Mars.

Larch: It's yours Mars it's your reward for not letting him go.

As Crocodile was watching he knew that what the fruit was, but he didn't say anything as the outcome of all this could come to his favor.

As Mars ate the fruit he almost threw it up, but he keep eating it as it was the reward from his big brother and his big brother never was wrong and his decisions were all considering his family(crew) and their sentiments. Eating it full Mars felt strange as if something inside his body was unlocked. As he turned to Larch he saw him smiling.

Larch: So how do you feel? Want to experiment it?

Mars: Brother what was that?

Larch: That is a devil fruit it gives a power to the first eater of it. The devil fruits separate into three types Paramecia, Zoan and Logia. The Logia gives you the user the ability to become, create and control and element or force of nature, it also gives the user intangibility and the ability to reform one's body from physical attacks, they are considered the most powerful of the three Devil Fruit types. The Zoan type let's you transform into another species and inter-species hybrid forms at will. Zoan types are especially effective in close combat. The Paramecia five the use the power that can affect their body, manipulate the environment, or produce substances. The one that you just ate was one of the Zoan it let's you transform into a gorilla. Try it, but not on the ship go out, also a Devil Fruit User can't longer swim and it also as the SeaStone as weakness.

Mars hearing him became excited about trying. As soon as Larch finished speaking Mars jumped out of the boat to the dock.


In the air Mars used his Devil Fruit, but there was one slight miscalculation as he had the genes of a giant Mars became a giant 30 meters tall Gorilla, basically King Kong.

As they were still in the kingdom as the people saw the monster they panicked, making the soldiers that saw this run to King Cobra to warn him about it.

As Mars landed he became excited as he felt a huge amount of power in his body.


Roaring towards the sky he dispersed the clouds.
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