Hot My Sassy crown Princess Chapter 327

Chapter 327 Background Of The Original Owner 1

“Lou Yu, Mo Fei, you two come with me.” Qian Ye looked at them with a serious face.

Lou Yu and Mo Fei looked at each other, then followed Qian Ye into the secret chamber

Mo Fei looked at Qian Ye, asking, “Ge, whats wrong? Is there anything you want to say to me?”

Qian Ye withdrew the playful expression on his face and looked at them, saying, "The original owner of this body is no from Rong Kingdom.”

Mo Fei instantly froze there, “Ge, what do you mean?”

Qian Ye exhaled a long breath, slowly saying, “The original owner of this body is from Chen Kingdom, who was born in a big Tang Family. Although this guy is a direct line of descent, since he has done something guilty, he got banished here.”

Mo Fei could not help but ask curiously, “Ge, what crime had your original body committed?"

Qian Ye touched his nose, embarrassedly saying, “Actually it is no big deal, just an attempted rape.” Read latest chapters at L istnovel.com

Lou Yu and Mo Fei both popped out their eyes, incredibly looking at Qian Ye.

Qian Ye’s face flushed instantly, “Don’t you look at me like that! Actually, the original body was wronged. He was born in Tang family of Chen Kingdom. He had been engaged with Miss Yin Rouxin from Yin family since he was young. It was just that he still stayed at level two when he reached sixteen. Miss Yin no longer wanted to be with him. So she set him up by drugging him, making people think he tried to rape his fiance."

Lou Yu looked at Qian Ye with a teasing smile, “With this face, you failed to get that Yin girl nailed?"

Qian Ye rolled her eyes and said, “Thats because that silly girl had no taste!” This world, in the end the strength speaks. With no strength, only a face, one would just be looked down upon as a vase.

“Ge, this body’s aptitude is not good? Oh no.” Mo Fei doubted. According to his observation of this body of Qian Ye, his qualification should be good.

Qian Ye shook his head, saying, “The aptitude of this body was originally excellent, but the original owner had been down on his luck, and had received the Soul Imprison Potion at an early age, so, it showed that his aptitude was not good. After I took over this body, the influence of the potion automatically dissipated.”Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

“I see,” said Mo Fei, nodding thoughtfully.

Soul Imprison potion could imprison a person’s soul force, and it was difficult to detect. Once drugged, other people would only feel that this person’s qualification was bad. There were two solutions to this kind of potion, one was the right antidote, and the other was getting possessed.

“This guy I have possessed is a very hard working, very aspirant person, although because of the potion, the progress of the cultivation was very slow, he still tried his best, so, he still got promoted to a level two star magician, only a pity that…” Such hard-working person got ruined by a bitch. Qian Ye helplessly shook his head.

Qian Ye was holding too much sentiment in the heart. After he entered into the body, the original owner got seriously injured, and his consciousness still partly remained. Qian Ye promised to find out for the original owner who used the Soul Imprison Potion on him, and promised to clear his name for him and got even with the woman who ruined her, promised to take good care of his younger brother, the original owners soul then completely disappeared.

Lou Yu looked at Qian Ye, “You inherited that person’s memory, so you should have certain understanding of Chen Kingdom.”

“Yes, I do know something. In fact, Rong Kingdom is only am exiling place for Chen Kingdom." said Qian Ye helplessly.

“The place of exile?”

“In the eyes of the Chen people, Rong Kingdom is a wild and untamed place, backward, poor, and shortsighted. They will never make a living here. If some of the children of Chen’s big families commit crimes, many of them will be exiled here or other similar places." Qian Ye explained.

With a dark face, Lou Yu asked, “Except you, are there any other Chen people in our kingdom?”

Qian Ye nodded, saying “Yes, I guess so, however, the majority of the people who got exiled here own poor talent, most of whom would end at level four.”

Lou Yu looked at Qian Ye and said, “Do you think these people would be bad for Mo Fei?”

Qian Ye said thoughtfully, “Those who were exiled here would try all they could to leave here and return to the bustling Chen Kingdom. If they could make a great contribution, they do have the chance. Now Mo Fei has exposed his true power, which is already enough to let some families drool on him. If those people take Mo Fei as the chip and contact their original family, then they would send people here for Mo Fei. At that time, Mo Fei would be really in trouble."

“How did you get here?” Asked Lou Yu.

Qian Ye shrugged his shoulders and said, “Someone sent the original owner over by a flying boat. After the original body was sent over, they just left. The original owner was forced to stay here to fend for himself.”

“In your opinion, are there many people who still keep in touch with Chen Kingdom?” Asked Lou Yu.

Qian Ye smiled and said, “It shouldn’t be many. After all, most of the people who live in the state of Chen are abandoned by their families. If the original owner is still alive, he can’t contact the people in Chen given his ability."

Lou Yu squinted, saying, "really troublesome.”

Qian Ye smiled, saying with a sly tone, “It is too much trouble, but also an opportunity, if someone is really interested in Feifei and sends people for him, that is actually a chance to make a big fortune.”

Lou Yu was confused, “the opportunity to make a fortune?”

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