Hot My Sassy crown Princess Chapter 326

Chapter 326 Exposed 2

Qian Ye looked at the surrounded Mo Fei, saying with a strange tone, “How so? These people are all here for Mo Fei? Feifei, since when you became more popular than me?”

Zheng Xuan sneered and said, “Someone is really self-sentimental. Now you know that they didn’t come for you at all.”

Lou Yu frowned, “Don’t you make a noise, those reporters seem not right!”

Dozens of microphones reached out before Mo Fei.Read latest chapters at L istnovel.com

“Lord Mo Fei, I heard that you have realized mass production of potions, right?”

“Lord Mo Fei, I heard that Qian Ye, Lou Yu and Zheng Xuan all got promoted to level seven under your help, is it true?”

“Lord Mo Fei, it is said that you can make the best level seven potions.”

“Lord Mo Fei, I heard that you have a formula for quick promotion?”

“Lord Mo Fei, are you a level eight potion master already?”

“Is it possible, Lord Mo Fei, that you have something to do with the cultivation formation thing?”

“Lord Mo Fei, after committing suicide, you have changed completely. Did you obtain something accidentally?”

"Lord Mo Fei, since you can help level six star magicians get promoted, can you also help level seven ones?”

Lou Yu wore a gloomy face. How could those reporters know about Mo Feis thing so clearly?

Lou Yu released his spiritual pressure and chased the reporters away.

Finally Lou Yu helped Mo Fei get rid of those reporters and went back to the mansion.

Zheng Xuan and others also shook off those reporters and followed in.

Lou Yu and others gathered in the living room, all having a dignified look.

Su Rong took the information that just sent to him, exhaled a breath, “It is clear. Before we came back, over half of the news agencies in the imperial capital have received a secret letter about the third crown princes, all the information is included.”

Lou Yu wore a cold face, saying viciously, “Who sent it to them? Have you found out yet?”

Su Rong shook his head, saying, “No, the other side did it neatly.”

Lou Yu darkened his face. This person unexpectedly could even know Mo Fei was related to the cultivation formations! He is really something!

Zheng Xuan looked over at Mo Fei, “My crown princess, you are really related to the cultivation formation? I mean, you are really that capable?”

Lou Yu stared Zheng Xuan, saying grumpily, “Is it time to talk about that?”

Qian Ye touched the chin, saying, “What is the purpose of that person?”

Zheng Xuan looked at Qian Ye, eyes wide open, “Ask yourself!”

“Ask me? Why?” Qian Ye was puzzled.

Zheng Xuan said sharply, “Isnt it you who let it out? You have an unknown background, holding ill intention…”

Qian Ye rolled his eyes and said, “You think too much.”

Lou Yu said helplessly, “Zheng Xuan, its not him.”

Zheng Xuan, frowning, looked at Lou Yu suspiciously, thinking in his heart, "Except Mo Fei, now even Prince Yu trusts this person without a reason?"

Lou Yu took a deep breath and said, “I think the purpose of this person is to push Mo Fei in the teeth of the storm.” A wood that is fair to a wood the wind shall destroy. That person would try to borrow the hands of the public to kill Mo Fei.Read latest chapters at Listnovel.com

Mo Fei wrinkled his eyebrows, “Am I in big trouble now?”

Qian Ye rubbed his forehead and said, “Yeah! Now you are hot cake. All those hidden masters are aiming at you.”

Mo Fei helplessly sighed, secretly thinking to himself: I got in big trouble!

Thinking of the two big forces that fought over him, Mo Fei suddenly turned ghastly pale. Sometimes when one is too outstanding, he wouldnt live long. Holy crap! Why would I be so outstanding?

Zheng Xuan tried to comfort him, “It is no big deal. The top masters of Rong Kingdom are level eight at most. If we work together, we might stand a chance.”

Lou Yu sighed helplessly and said, “I’m not worried about those in Rong Kingdom, but those from the nearby kingdoms.”

Zheng Xuan stared blandly there for a bit and then said with a hesitant tone, “You mean Chen Kingdom?”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Yes!”

“Which Chen Kingdom?” Mo Yi wondered.

“Legend has it that across a vast and boundless river, there is a powerful state called Chen. It is said that the territory of Rong Kingdom is only one percent of it. There are many big families there, among which there are level nine or even ten level masters. Their power is beyond our imagination."

Mo Yi looked at Zheng Xuan doubtfully and said, “How did I not know there is such a kingdom?”

Zheng Xuan helplessly smiled, “This is highly confidential.”

“Chen Kingdom? Since it is so powerful, why didn’t it annex us?” Mo Yi asked in bewilderment.

Lou Yu smiled wryly and said, “Maybe because we are too weak to catch their attention.”

Mo Yi fell in a daze, “Really?”

Lou Yu nodded and said, “Yes! It is said that the star source power of Chen is dozens of times denser than that of ours and we are adjacent to the Sunset Forest. Once a large-scale beast tide breaks out, our kingdom will vanish in the blink of an eye. Such a dangerous and barren place is not attractive to anyone.”

Mo Yi frowned, “Will someone in Chen Kingdom will be adverse to the young master?”

Lou Yu thought for a moment and said, “If people there settle on Mo Fei’s ability, they might do something about him.”

Qian Ye lowered his head, eyes showing thick worries.

Zheng Xuan shrugged his shoulders and said, “it is not easy for them to come here. Maybe we just meet trouble halfway."

Lou Yu said, ignoring his words, “Maybe.” All in all, they are not strong enough!

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