Hot My Sassy crown Princess Chapter 325

Chapter 325 Exposed 1

“Ouyang Qi is dead.” Lou Feng said, looking annoyed.

Lou Jing said with resent, “A useless thing!”

Lou Feng took a deep breath. He had spent so much thought to send Ouyang Qi to the Sunset Forest, hoping that he could make some achievements, but it turned out that he just died in there doing nothing for him. It was said everyone there didnt like him. No one would like to collect his body.

Lou Jing wore a long face, saying, “Ge, in fact, Ouyang Qis death is a bit strange. I heard that the beast tide was not big, very few star magicians over level three got killed. With the strength of Ouyang Qi, he shouldnt have been killed….”

Lou Feng waved a hand, “Only a level three star magician! Do you want it thoroughly investigated? He could only blame his own bad luck."

Lou Jing wore a surly face, a bit disappointed, “Mo Yuwei got disfigured, now has returned home.”

Lou Feng closed his eyes, thinking to himself: I can neither count on grandpa’s people, nor those who are related to Mo Fei like Ouyang Qi and Mo Feis family. Is there really nothing I could do about Mo Fei and Lou Yu? I cant take this! Never!

Lou Jing sighed and said, “Father has issued the order asking Lou Yu back.”

Lou Feng wore a bitter smile. Lou Yu was under the dim light now. If Lou Yu came back, others would all laugh at him.

When Lou Yu and others left the Sunset Forest headquarters, all the lieutenant generals came out to see them off, many soldiers even cried, fortunately, Mo Fei had left them a lot of potions, which more or less pacified them.

Qian Ye sat in the star car, leafing through the photo album, proudly saying, “Tut tut, the more I look at myself, the more handsome I think I am. How can I be so stunningly handsome?”

Zheng Xuan snatched the photo album from Qian Ye’s hand, turning it impatiently, “Handsome? I dont think so. Look at the blood all over! Ew! So gross!”

“What are you talking about? You call that gross? Isnt it looking heroic?” Qian Ye said with a disapproving tone.

Zheng Xuan sneered and said, “Your face got covered by blood. Isnt that gross?”

Qian Ye let out a slight hum, lazily saying, “I know you are jealous that I have more charm than you. I wont argue with you.”

Zheng Xuan’s hand stopped suddenly, pupils shrinking, “Where does this one come from? Synthesized?"

Qian Ye turned a look at the photo Zheng Xuan was staring at, smiling like a fox who just stole some meat, “Synthesized? How could it be synthesized? Are you kidding me? This one is 100 percent real. Do you find that it shows me in a particularly elegant and enchanting way?”

“No elegance, no charm, only shamelessness.”Zheng Xuan said blackly.

Zheng Xuan could not help but give Qian Ye a jealous look, thinking: Qian Ye and Su Rong have kissed already. If so, the progress between Yiyi and I is a bit too slow!

Su Rong’s eyes fell on the photo, and he immediately got excited, “Qian Ye, when did you take this one?”

Qian Ye looked at Su Rongs excited appearance, saying blandly, “When we were kissing, of course!”

Su Rong threw daggers eyes at him, like they were going to cut Qian Ye a thousand pieces, “I remember you said this album would be published."

Qian Ye nodded. “Yeah, yeah! I’m going to take out the picture of me kissing you, and print a lot. It’ll be a hit.”

Su Rong looked at Qian Ye in a rage and yelled, “You dare!”

Qian Ye helplessly sighed, with a full face of regret, “Since you do not agree, I will keep it to myself. I wont show it to others.”

Su Rong, “…”

“Give me the picture.” Su Rong was on fire.

Qian Ye nodded, “OK, OK, Rongrong, you calm down. I will definitely give it to you. I still have the negative. How many do you want?”

Su Rong, “…”

Zheng Xuan looked down out of the star car and asked, “We are arriving at your mansion, right?”

Mo Fei nodded. “I guess so.”

Lou Yu frowned, feeling a bit restless, “There are many people down there. I guess they are all here holding bad intention!”

Qian Ye flattened his hair and said, “So what? My prince, you are really an alarmist. Look at the situation, those people should be all reporters. I guess they are trying to interview me, as for you…” Qian Ye haughtily swept the public and said cockily, “A short while later those who fail to squeeze to my side might incidentally interview you. Rest assured, so many reporters, there will always be a few interview you.”

Zheng Xuan pursed his lips and said disapprovingly, “We know more reporters will be interviewing you. Do you need to be so complacent? Being asked a few more stupid questions and you can become an immortal?”

Qian Ye folded his arms, shrugged his shoulders and said, “I know you are jealous of my popularity. I won’t quarrel with someone as unattractive as you.”

Zheng Xuan, “…”

As Lou Yu and others got off their star car, they got surrounded by people.

Qian Ye had expected most of the reporters were here for him, but as it turned out, most of them were aiming at Mo Fei.

Looking at the dense reporters around, Mo Fei only had one kind of feeling in the heart, "All reporters in the imperial capital have come, right?"

Being crowded and squeezed, Mo Fei got sweat all over.

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