His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1183

Chapter 1183 Uncontrollably Thinking About Mo Feifei 23

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However, at the same time, she was different from high schoolers of the new generation. Even without the care of others, she alone could still survive in freezing cold winter and still blossom beautifully and attractively.

"Thank you!" He was then arrested and thought he would not be able to escape.

However, after the police did a thorough investigation, it was proven that he was not involved in Shi Guangs parents accident, nor Mo Feifei and Yanzis accident, and with Shi Guangs kidnapping. Hence, he was released with no crime under his name.

Shi Guangs parents death was indeed not linked to him. However, when Shi Guang was kidnapped, he was present. Moreover, Mo Feifei and Yanzis accident

He knew Mo Feifei helped him hide away some of the truth for he would not be able to escape otherwise. He did not know why Mo Feifei helped him as logically speaking, she should have hated him.

Mo Feifei snapped, "You dont have to thank me. When Yan Zi and I were in danger, I knew you purposely let me escape. When you gave me those medicines, it did not make me lose my memories. Instead, It helped me recover my memories. When my sister was kidnapped, I knew it was you who sent me the information which then allowed me to quickly find her. No matter what you did to me in the past or that you had helped Su Ya, you had no ill intentions for ya. On the contrary, you saved my sister and thus I owe you a favor. After all of those, we both dont owe each other anything."

"You are wrong. That medicine could really make you lose your memories but I reduced the dosage since I did not want to hurt your body. I did not expect that it would have stimulated you to recover them instead. Even if you did not show up when your sister was kidnapped, I still would have stopped Su Ya. Yet it was also not because of you."

Chang Xiaoyang said all of these as his eyes reddened.

He was not a good person. That year, he had already sold himself out and did not feel that he was doing anything wrong. However, whenever he thought about Feifei, he felt some sadness and regret.

She was too pure and innocenttoo innocent that he felt dirty for the first time.

Mo Feifei curled her lips. She seemed smiling yet not at the same time. She prepared to close the door.

Chang Xiaoyang raised his hand and put it on her hand. He had not used his strength to stop her from closing the door but Mo Feifei stopped her movement

In the dim house, Shang Mos eyes were as deep as the sea. He suppressed the vigorous pumping in his chest as he coldly stared at the display device which showed Mo Feifei and a man who suddenly appeared at her doorstep.

The man had trained his deep gaze towards her. Even his mouth was curled up in a helpless smiletender and loving.

Although Mo Feifei had a cold face, her body was frozen. As she looked into the mans eyes, there was a complicated feeling.

When did the two of them catch his attention?

At that time, since it was outside her house, the surveillance camera had captured everything. But the thing is, he could not hear a single word of their conversation since the camera was not equipped with a recorder. Their mouths were covered as well for they had stood opposite of each other, thus this had blocked Shang Mos view.

However, he could tell that both of them knew each other for a long time and did not have a simple relationship.

Shang Mos handsome face was cold and pale. His thin lips were scarily bit down; and his hands, which were placed at his side, clenched tightly to a fist.

This liar! She said she had no intention of being in a relationship, but in the next moment, she had gone crazy and did not come home for a few days. Now that she was back, she seduced a man in front of her home.

Mo Feifei, you are so bad-mannered!

Shang Mo could not control the uncontainable boiling blood which was about to explode in his body!

He had lived for almost thirty years and had never faced such torture. He also had not been so hesitant. He did not know if he should keep still or rush out!

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