Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 213

Chapter 213 Ill Be Awaiting Good News

Director went forward, still agitated from the great performance. "Youre the most talented newbie Ive ever seen. Li Beinian, youll make it big someday!"

This was a very loaded compliment!

Quite a number of people standing around nodded in agreement.

But a few other actors and actresses were jealous of Li Beinian.

Li Beinian was surprised to hear that and waved her hand casually. "No, no, Director. It took me a long time to get the feeling."

Well, the winds howl around the highest peaks.

Li Quan was known to be very strict with his acting crew. Giving her such a compliment actually made Li Beinian feel uncomfortable.

"Hahaha!" Director Li knew that as well and decided to drop the subject. "You can rest now. Tomorrow, well shoot the scene of you and Li Xueqing, then you can return to Guang City."

"Alright. Thank you, Director."

Cheng Su approached them from a distance.

Her face was red as she handed Li Beinian a cup of water and she excitedly said, "Sister Nian, Sister Nian, youre so cool!"

Li Beinian took a sip of the water and raised a brow as she saw how silly Cheng Su looked. "Lets go, Im so beat."

"Wait a minute."

Qin Liangzhis voice could be heard. Li Beinian and Cheng Su stopped in their tracks.

Cheng Su tensed up as she turned around.

Upon seeing Qin Liangzhi, she quickly grabbed Li Beinians hand. "Sister Nian!"

Cheng Sus face was red and she was trembling slightly.

Li Beinian could sense Cheng Sus agitation as she looked up at Qin Liangzhi and asked, "Is anything the matter?"

"Your acting was really good." Qin Liangzhi looked at her in awe. "Director Li has a very high regard for you. I hope youll maintain your performance."

"Thank you." Li Beinian smiled. She was in a good mood.

But Qin Liangzhi couldnt have come to look for her just to say a few words of civility?

There should be something more.

"I took up an advertisement for some chocolates recently. The firm is looking for an actress to work with me for the advertisement. Would you be interested?"

Cheng Su was even more excited now. "Chocolate? It cant be Manya Chocolates, right?"

Qin Liangzhi nodded. "It is!"

Manya Chocolates was an overseas brand. It had entered the local market about two years back and its sales were rather impressive.

In her previous life, the endorsers for Manya Chocolates were Qin Liangzhi and Li Xueqing.

She did not expect him to come to her for collaboration in this lifetime.

Cheng Su was about to lose it. "Sister Nian, take it up! Manya Chocolates is so famous and so good!"

Li Beinian, on the other hand, was much calmer.

She looked at Qin Liangzhi and said, "Ive got to ask my manager first. But would you be able to make this decision on who your partner is?"

Qin Liangzhi smiled. "Of course. Ill be awaiting your good news."

"Alright." Li Beinian smiled kindly. "Also, could I have an autograph of yours? Our Su Su really likes you."

Cheng Su did not expect Li Beinian to do this. She turned towards Qin Liangzhi apprehensively.

Qin Liangzhi nodded. "Sure thing."

Cheng Su hurriedly got a pen and paper and brought it to Qin Liangzhi with shaking hands.

When Cheng Su got the autograph, she squealed with delight.

Back in the makeup studio, she gave Li Beinian a big hug. "Sister Nian, youre too nice! Ah! I love you! Youre my goddess!"

Li Beinian turned away as if despising her. "Alright, alright. Quickly get the makeup off me!"

"Mm!" Cheng Su nodded and took her cell phone out. "But Im going to post this on Weibo first!"




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