Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 212

Chapter 212 Have You Ever Loved Me?

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Director Li was comforted to see Li Beinians expression change. "You have to cry it out, but dont sob uncontrollably. Think about the hopelessness Concubine Yun felt from being killed by her beloved man."

Li Beinian nodded.

She felt awful.

The Director clapped his hands. "Get in position!"

1The army had made their way there.

Dragon King was looking down at the concubine with despise.

Zhong Jiuli looked determined as he held the sword in his hands.

Concubine Yun was badly injured and shed gone pale.

She looked up at the senior shed so dearly loved as blood spewed out of her mouth.

"Senior" Her eyes were still filled with longing as her body shivered. "Im Yuner"

"I know." Zhong Jiuli took a step forward as the army pressured him from behind. "Youre cruel and evil, bringing harm to people youre supposed to love. Youre no longer my Yuner. Concubine Yun isnt like this."

Concubine Yuns lips quivered. "Dont you know why I did that?"

Disappointment filled her eyes as teardrops lined the rims.

Director Li finally got the feeling he was looking for, and he watched on with excitement and satisfaction.

Qin Liangzhi and Dragon King were being suspended by wires, and it was difficult to keep them in the position for long.

But as professional actors, they had to maintain their demeanor, even if it was uncomfortable and difficult.

Li Beinian looked toward Qin Liangzhi.

"That night under the flowers, you and I vowed to be with each other for the rest of our lives. Does that still count?

"That night, you said youd protect me and love me for life. Does that still count?"

She choked as she spoke.

Zhong Jiuli looked at her and sighed. "Concubine Yun, we had our feelings back then. But we both have our lives and destinies. Why harbor that thought only to hurt yourself"

Concubine Yun was deeply hurt by these words.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she looked up at him, hopeless. "Senior, let me ask you just one question!"

She sounded weak and despairing. "Have you ever loved me?"

"I, Zhong Jiuli, have only ever loved Long Qianqian. Concubine Yun, dont remain blinded by your emotions. I"

"Hahaha!" It was an almost maniac laughter coming from none other than Concubine Yun.

Her tears were still falling.

And her weak body was delicate as a sheet of paper.

"Zhong Jiuli!

"I, Concubine Yun, hereby vow that I will never be apart from Zhong Jiuli!" Concubine Yun bit her tongue and more blood oozed from between her lips. Holding the magic weapon that shed stolen, she kept her eyes on Zhong Jiulis and said with conviction, "Till death, forever!"

She waved her arm through the winds, weapon in hand.

Dragon King was astonished as the army gasped in shock.

The next moment, Concubine Yun had vanished.

Dragon King was furious as he yelled, "Look for her! Even if we have to dig three feet underneath! Get her back!"

"Cut!" Director clapped his hands agitatedly. "Perfect, so perfect!"

Everyone around applauded as well, completely awed by what theyd just witnessed.

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