Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself Chapter 211

Chapter 211 Mu Xichens Children

You really are our Bosss woman alright

Li Beinian stopped in her tracks.

Bai Yuan stopped as well and looked at her in confusion.

Li Beinian glanced at him and said, "Call me Sister-in-law again and Ill kick you out."

Bai Yuan did not understand. "Ah? Why? Arent you my Sister-in-law?"

Li Beinian turned to face him and enunciated every word clearly. "Mu Xichen did save me a few times. But besides that, I have nothing to do with him."

Bai Yuan furrowed his brows. "How" How could it be!

Li Beinian seemed to know what he was about to say and interrupted him. "I have a fianc."

"What?" Bai Yuan widened his eyes in disbelief. "Wait, so our entire army got it wrong?"

But, that wasnt possible

Lieutenant Gu said it himself!

He said

Eh, what did he say?

Take good care of this Miss Li, she might become out Sister-in-law in future.

Gu Mingye understood it now.

"Might become" wasnt the same as "will definitely become".


Bai Yuan got it straightened out, but by then, Li Beinian was already far ahead of him.

"Sister-in-law, wait up!"

After lunch, Li Beinian found out that Li Xueqing had taken leave because she was unwell and was now resting in the hotel.

As such, the director arranged for her to film the scene with Qin Liangzhi instead.

After changing their makeup and the setting, Qin Liangzhi waited there patiently.

He nodded with a smile upon seeing Li Beinian.

She couldnt deny that Qin Liangzhi was very good looking.

He wasnt cold and distant like Mu Donglin, nor calm and reserved like Mu Xichen.

He was the sort that appeared so fair and clean.

Like a pretty guy.

This was the first time they had a fight scene. It wasnt long, but the difficulty was great.

It had been decades, and so much had changed.

Zhong Jiuli was already the powerful figure everyone respected, and Concubine Yun had married the old Dragon King for revenge.

So much beauty lay in the mountains.

This was the most classic scene in the original script. It was also the scene in which Concubine Yun made the decision to kill Zhong Jiuli.

Concubine Yun escaped via the seas after being injured by Long Qianqian and went back to the mountain where he and she had pledged their love years back.

When Concubine Yun saw Zhong Jiuli, he was in a white top, just like before.

Zhong Jiuli came forward alone and Concubine Yun confessed but was rejected.

The very next moment, Dragon King led an army to look for the traitor who dared hurt his precious daughter!

But Dragon King saw that Concubine Yun had feelings towards Zhong Jiuli and so forced his future son-in-law to kill Concubine Yun personally.

Initially, Concubine Yun felt that Lady Luck had been smiling on her.

But after finding out that she had hurt Long Qianqian so badly that shed almost lost her life, and Dragon King revealing that their Master had also died because of Concubine Yuns actions back then, Zhong Jiuli was enraged. He fought with his life against her.

Concubine Yun was disheartened, and her final question to Zhong Jiuli was to ask if hed ever loved her.

The answer was: No

Concubine Yuns heart went cold as tears came out.

This was the first time in two lifetimes that Li Beinian had to shoot a crying scene.

She couldnt bring herself to cry

They had NGs over and over again, and Director Li was going mad.

He grabbed the script and asked her, "Whats wrong with you? Your performance is unusually poor today!"

Li Beinian rubbed her nose.

Director tried to maintain his cool. "Just imagine, youre eight months pregnant and your stomach is this big!"

He gestured. "And then someone comes to tell you that the childs father is dead. Think about that sort of pain."

Li Beinian felt her heart shudder.

"Did you really think the person that night was Brother Donglin?"

It was as if the pain was churning in her stomach now.

"Li Beinian, good job."

The beast-like voice in the dark, that pair of twins

Mu Xichen had already been dead. But that day, if Mu Donglin had come, the two children might have been saved!

Mu Donglin was planning this homicide?

Simply because they were very possibly Mu Xichens children




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