Hellbound With You Chapter 99

98 I Watched Her Fall

By the time the king and the others reached the dungeon's entrance, Alex was already gone. They heard noises coming from the hole as they approached it. King Livius gritted his teeth as he looked down the seemingly endless abyss.

"Abigail" he heard Alex's voice echo as he called out for Abi.

On the edge of the room by the wall, the princess started begging for her life.

"Mother, Father, save me Alex he's going to kill me!"

The queen ran to her daughter and she started weeping as she approached her chained child.

"Oh my god, Mira, what have you done?" The queen was extremely distraught. The royal family had done their best not to anger Alex and to stay on good terms with him all these years and yet, in an instant, all their hard work was burnt to ashes because this child of hers did this.

Everyone was worried and terrified and shocked. They couldn't believe that Alexander didn't even hesitate to jump inside that abyss for that girl. Who was that girl that made Alex act like he was willing to search even the depths of hell just for her?

Even King Livius finally realized the extent of what Alex would be willing to do for that girl. Alexander was no longer the same. He wasn't the same Alex who wouldn't bat an eye even if his so-called lover at the time got killed accidentally or not. He wasn't the same man who would let all the royal family's every ridiculous action slide like he didn't care. He wasn't the same man who swore he wouldn't claim the life of any of the royal family no matter what happened. He had changed for that woman and what was even more ridiculous was that he had only been with her for a few days!

Looking at the chains around Mira's body, the Queen had already given up trying to save her. These chains were so thick and strong that it would take at least a few days to cut through it. It only had one key and that was down in the dungeon with Alex right now. She knew that Alex would never let her live if he was to find that girl was dead in that dungeon. All of them knew it. What was worse was that all of them were certain that the girl was already dead. There was no escaping that dungeon. Even if she stayed put and didn't trigger any of the hidden traps, all the poisonous creatures would've already gotten her or forced her to ran towards the traps. All of them knew that, and that was why the queen started to weep.

King Livius' expression was serious as he sighed. No matter how he thought about it, the only way for Alexander to calm down after this was for Mira to pay using her own life. What could he do? How could he calm Alex down without him hurting his daughter?

Could he use force? No, that was futile.

Could he use reason? Alexander was beyond reasoning with. This was an entirely new Alexander that they were facing and where they might have been able to talk to Alex if he was his old self, this Alex would not be willing to hear them out.

He loved his daughter but love won't be able to save her from her fate. The only way to save her was if that girl was found alive.

"Father, please save me! That's right! Brother Zeke! Please call brother to come and save me! Please! He's the only one who can help me now!" Mira continued pleading as tears rolled down her face. Gone was the arrogant, self-assured demeanor as her body crouched down on the ground. She trembled as her fear settled deep in her bones. She knew she was done for. She shouldn't have done it. She now regretted doing what she did but it was too late for regrets. There was no way she would get out of this unscathed, if death wasn't waiting for her already.

"Livius, that's right, Ezekiel could do something!" Queen Leah begged in between her sobs. "Livius! We "

"Leah!" King Livius' voice turned unbelievably cold. He too was now on edge. "That woman that woman is the only person Alex had ever cared about like this. I have never seen him act this way about anyone before. This isn't a simple issue and you know that!" His deep voice echoed inside the darkness. "Please don't forget who Alex is and what he's capable of doing. Having Zeke and Alexander end up fighting against each other is the last thing we ever want to happen!"

King Livius' words made the queen kneel down as her mind reminded her about something and those thoughts crushed all her hopes.

Time passed by and Alex finally came out. His body was covered in scratches, cuts and wounds and blood flowed down his skin like small rivers.

He looked like the devil emerging from the depths of hell as his eyes burned red with killing intent. However, at that moment, there was also a glint of hope in his eyes.

"She's not inside," he said and everyone was shocked. Even the good as dead princess returned to life. "Where is she?"

Alex's deadly gaze fell on the girl as he mercilessly pinched her chin.

"A-alex I watched her fall in the hole. There's no way that she's not inside," the princess said, haltingly between sobs.

"Mira, please tell the truth," the queen urged.

"I am telling the truth! She really fell inside. The dungeon only has one key. It isn't possible that someone else could have opened it to save her. Me and that guard both left after we locked the door!" she explained as she cried. "You saw the chains and the cover still on there when we got here. It's impossible for the girl to come out. It's impossible that she's not in there."

The queen turned towards Alex.

"Alex, are you sure she's not there?" she asked but Alex was so angry that it was now becoming out of control.

He unlocked the chains around the princess and everyone was surprised, as they all thought that Alex was letting her go because the girl wasn't inside.


The next thing he did made everyone's eyes widen in horror.

Alexander suddenly lifted the princess up and held her over the hole.

"Go look for her yourself then," he said coldly, his eyes and heart devoid of any emotions, as if he had become a demon. Before the girl could even react, he flung her down into the dungeon as if he was throwing trash away into a rubbish bin, and a deafening scream echoed throughout the room.

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