Hellbound With You Chapter 94

93 Delicate And Dainty

"Ahh It's so beautiful! It would've been perfect if we had our boyfriends beside us right now." Kelly sighed as she leaned on the railing. "Oops, I forgot that I actually don't have a boyfriend. Should I go and pick up one of those gorgeous guys?"

Kelly continued blabbering but she received no replies.

"Hey Abi, what "

Kelly turned to her right and was surprised. It was because the girl she was talking to was no longer beside her. She looked around the crowded room but she couldn't see any sign of her friend.

"Abi?" she called out softly, her eyes still roaming around.

"God, where did she go?" Kelly started to worry. She knew what Abi was like. She had brought her to parties like this before and she had always stayed right beside Kelly the entire time. She even dragged Kelly along if she wanted to go to the restroom, so having her suddenly disappear like this made Kelly feel slightly uneasy.

What if some bad guy fell in love with her gorgeous Abi in one glance and decided to kidnap her?

Kelly was starting to worry a bit. She kept calling Abi's phone but there was no answer.

When Kelly still couldn't find her anywhere inside the ballroom, she checked the restroom but still nothing. Out of options, she decided to approach the guards that were standing just outside the place.

Kelly frantically walked towards the entrance but before she could reach the guards, she accidentally bumped into someone.

"Ugh! What the " Kelly was about to curse but the instant she saw the face of the man whom she bumped into, her words got stuck in her throat. Kelly started to have pink bubbles float around her face as she gazed up at the man who was holding her.

"Miss Hooligan?" the gorgeous man said and Kelly immediately snapped out of her bubbly daze the moment she heard the words that left his mouth.

"Hoo.li.gan? Who are you calling hooligan?" Her veins started to pop. She couldn't believe that this pretty prince called her gorgeous self that damn name again! She was dressed up as a real lady today and she wasn't bragging but she knew she was at least good looking. Maybe not as beautiful as Abi but she at least beat most of the girls in this palace when it came to the beauty department! And yet how could he still call her hooligan the moment he saw her?

"Well, you still haven't introduced yourself to me," he replied simply. His pretty face looked like he didn't even know what was wrong with calling her that. "What are you doing here, anyway?" he added as he let go of her.

This damn prince! But Kelly, whose hands were clinging onto his neck, didn't let go.

"Actually, I came here to find you, pretty boy." She gave him a little sexy wink as she licked her lips while gazing up at him and Kai seemed to have felt goosebumps as his eyes widened. "The first time I saw you, I decided to pursue you," she continued, now talking like a professional flirt, even biting her lips like she was drooling over some delicious food.

Kai's lips voluntarily parted. It was obvious that he was shocked at the girl's attitude and the words she was spouting.

Kelly chuckled seeing his expression. Could it be that this guy had never been caught by perverted creatures out there? Oho, could it be that this pretty boy was still a virgin?

As Kelly's mind started to get naughty, the man seemed to have finally woken from his shock and in the next second, he forcefully unclasped the girl's hands from around his neck and he started to run away. He hastily walked away from her as if he was trying his very best to get away from an annoying woman who suddenly wanted to become his sugar mommy.

"Wait! Please wait!" Kelly chased him. The man didn't enter the ballroom. He instead headed to another hallway heading to another part of the palace.

Kelly finally remembered about Abi - she couldn't believe she was so easily distracted by that damn prince - and she ran after the man as fast as she could. When the distance between them kept increasing despite her running as fast as she could with heels on, Kelly kicked away her damn heels and her speed immediately skyrocketed.

In no time, Kelly crashed into him from behind and her hands instantly wrapped around the man's waist.

"Caught you! Hehe," she laughed as she panted.

Kai jolted and felt goosebumps again especially when he heard her chuckle like a pervert. What the hell is with this girl? He never thought that this hooligan also had this side!!

"Let go, hooligan! I don't know you. If you keep chasing me, I'll ask the guards to throw you out," the man threatened.

"Ohh are you scared of a dainty and delicate woman like me, prince?" her voice became extremely sweet and she looked up at him with her big round puppy dog eyes that sent shivers down the man's spine again. Did this girl have some kind of mental illness? She was so cool and badass the last time he saw her but now...!

Kai attempted to peel her off from him but the girl's grip was super strong. Dainty? Delicate? Pfft! She was clearly a hooligan with super strength. No matter what he did, he couldn't peel her off without having to use brute force.

"Let go now if you don't want to get hurt!" the man threatened again.

"Ohh such a pretty boy threatening me is cute," she replied and Kai finally lost it.

"Guards!" he called out and Kelly's eyes widened.

"No, no, no. Don't call them. I'm chasing you because I want to ask for help!" Kelly turned frantic once she saw the guards coming after just one call from the damned prince.

"Get this girl out of here," he ordered and Kelly clung on him harder.


"I'm sorry. Please listen. My friend Abi is missing! I need your help!" she begged.

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