Hellbound With You Chapter 91

90 See You

It was already dawn when Abi opened her eyes.

Memories from last night flashed in her head and her face turned as red as a cooked lobster. She remembered that Alex made her tame his little big monster once more last night, while he kissed and licked her neck. She didn't know how she managed it but somehow, her arms found the strength to carry on. Some time after that, she didn't know how but she fell asleep as well once the little monster fell back to its slumber.

Thinking about it, Abi felt like her stamina was really starting to decrease. She used to be able to pull an all-nighter just a month ago but now, it seemed like she couldn't anymore. Maybe it was because she didn't sleep properly the night before, because she stayed wide awake thinking about Alex or it could be because she was exhausted from taming the little big monster three times last night.

Abi looked around as she stretched her arms out. The sun was starting to paint the sky with some breathtakingly beautiful hues, causing Abi to smile from seeing such a great view in the morning. However, her smile soon faded because she finally remembered that Alex was going to leave today.

The thought of it made Abi quickly rise and leave her bed. She was suddenly worried that the man had already left. Still in her pajamas, Abi stormed out of her room and once she stood in front of the huge door of Alex's room, she breathed deeply before she finally knocked on it.

However, nobody was coming out or responding.

Thinking that the man was already awake, Abi ran back to her room and got changed before she went downstairs. As she descended the grand staircase, her brows creased when she couldn't see him in the living room. She went straight towards the dining hall but the man wasn't there either.

Abi looked for the butler but he was also nowhere to be seen.

A little confused, Abi decided to walk towards the entrance and gladly, the man was there on the step, sitting like the boss that he was and he seemed like he was waiting for her.

"Good morning," Abi immediately greeted as she walked towards him with a big smile on her face. She was relieved and happy that he hadn't left yet.

"The sleeping fruit finally awakened, huh?" He smiled and then, without further ado, Alex accompanied her on her daily exercise routine, telling her that she needed to continue this while he was away.

Abi tried to slow the pace of the exercises so that she could spend more time with him but Alex was as strict as ever. He kept pushing her to go faster and in the end, she could only do as she was told. Her plan failed miserably.

In what seemed like no time at all, she finished the exercise routine and she was in her room getting ready to head out. Before she knew it, she was sitting in the passenger seat of Alex's car as he drove her to work.

Abi was silent during their trip to the orphanage. It was because her heart was heavy and she suddenly found it hard to speak. She kept trying to sneak a glance at him as if she wanted to say something, but nothing would come out. She didn't know what to say.

"Little fruit, what are you thinking about?" Abi's senses returned to the present upon hearing the man's words.

She didn't even notice that they were already in front of the orphanage.

"I'm thinking about" she trailed off before the rest of that sentence came out. She meant to say 'I'm thinking about how much I'm going to miss you' but "I'm thinking about where you are going," was what she said out loud.

Alex looked like he wasn't pleased.

"Come here," he said. "Stop thinking about boring things and just kiss me before I go," he demanded as he pulled her on top of him, making her straddle him again.

"Quickly, Abigail."

Abi then kissed him with that tongueless kiss she learned from him yesterday. Abi's kiss was packed with the intensity of what she was feeling as she held onto his neck tightly.

Alex also responded. The kiss was quite intense and it took all of Alex's self restraint not to capture the inside of her mouth.

Once their lips parted, Alex moved back with a sexy smile on his face. "My little fruit is really such a fast learner," he said, proudly. "When I'm back, I'll teach you more."

And then, he let go of her.

"Uhm... Alex, can I call you? I couldn't contact you yesterday when you're away"

"There's no need to contact me, Abigail."


"Hmm... because I will be turning my phone off once I arrive there."


Instead of answering her, Alex suddenly captured her lips again.

"Stop asking, little lamb, and take your escape now before you awaken the sleeping monster," he told her as he smiled mischievously, and Abi felt her face blaze. Why was this man being like this again? He wasn't being fair at all!

Abi was forced to glance at his groin before she hastily climbed out of the car. She really was afraid that his monster would really wake up because she couldn't possibly tame it here, not at this place!

Alex lowered the window and he waved at her.

"See you in a week, little fruit," he said with his wave and Abi unwillingly waved her hand as well.

"Take care, Alex," she uttered and stood there watching as the car disappeared from her sight.


Over the next few days, Abi buried herself in her job. She went back to live home during this time and she spent the days like she always had, as if she was brought back in time before Alexander Qin arrived in her life. She kept herself busy with doing tasks for the fundraiser and spending time with her family. The days seemed normal but to her, they could never be the same again because of Alexander Qin.

On one of the days, she decided to go and visit the doctor for a check up. The tests showed that her condition was still stable which was a big relief in Abi's mind. However, she also knew that her condition could deteriorate as suddenly as a lightning strike. She only hoped that it wouldn't happen before the 31 days were up.

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