Hellbound With You Chapter 89

88 Still A Little Frui

Alex climbed into the tub and helped Abi step inside. The bathroom was quite large with golden taps and it even had steps going up to it and steps going into the bath. Alex sat Abi down on the second step and he made himself comfortable on the bottom step, sitting between Abi's legs.

Abi felt embarrassed at first at their intimate position but as time ticked by, she forgot all about that as she started playing with his hair. The shampoo had lathered up and made heaps of fluffy foam on his head. She began to play with the fluffy foam, creating mountains and pyramids on top of his head and even going as far as playing with his hair, making them stand up in spikes.

Before she knew it, she was smiling.

"You look like you're enjoying yourself."

He threw his head back and looked at her, causing Abi to jolt.

"Do you want to bathe me everyday from now on?" he asked, mischievously as Abi's lips parted in disbelief.

Abi felt her heartbeat thundered in her ears the moment Alex looked up. His glorious eyes were glimmering with those oh-so-alluring lights as he rested his head on her leg.

She shook her head, blushing hard and Alex's deep chuckle echoed inside the bathroom.

"Are you sure? What if I make this equivalent to one taming session," he teased, looking mischievous again. His words made the blushing little lamb immediately look at him with interest because, well, she finally realized that taming his little monster wasn't easy at all. Washing his hair like this was way easier!

"I'm in!" she abruptly let go of his head and raised her hand. "I'll bathe you like this every day," she declared and Alex's chuckles became even louder.

He lifted his hand and rubbed Abi's chin. "Good girl. Now, do your best and satisfy me with your handy work," He smiled at her again and Abi immediately went to work.

Abi started massaging his scalp, using her fingers and fingernails like how the hairdressers she went to did it. She knew that getting a head massage felt so good too so she immediately did it for Alex, hoping to satisfy him so that he wouldn't change his mind.

After rinsing his hair, the man finally stood up.

He went and stood under the shower again and Abi looked away thinking that the man would finally wash his body and leave.

However, the next moment

"Abigail," he called out and Abi was forced to turn to look at him.


"Don't just stand there. Continue with the deal or, do you want us to stay here longer?"

Abi swallowed. She was shocked. She didn't expect that the man wanted her to wash his body too.

A little flustered, Abi took the soft luxurious body scrub he was holding out to her.

"Uhm Alex"

"Hmm? What? Have you changed your mind?" he arched his brow. His voice was still as sexy as ever.

"No. It's just that I'm surprised that you're not embarrassed."

"Embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed?"

"Well, you're an adult and you're a-asking me to wash your body."

Alex was speechless. He finally realized that this scene was only sexy for him and not to this little lamb. While his mind was filled with dirty thoughts, this girl might only be thinking about every silly innocent thing even at this very moment. This little fruit just didn't have any idea at all. It looked like he had to show her first to make her see how bathing could become steamy and sensual.

However, before he could move to take away the scrub from her hand, Abi had started scrubbing his body, starting from his neck.

"Tell me if I'm pressing too hard, okay?" she asked and then she continued. She was doing it like she was washing a certain lifeless statue or her little pet dog.

Alex felt like his veins were starting to pop. This little fruit just didn't know how to do things sexily at all!

Once Abi moved to his arms, Alex had finally had enough.

"You're doing it wrong, little lamb," he uttered and then he stopped her hand in its tracks. He took the body scrub from her hand and yanked her into his arms with her back against his chest.

"Let me teach you how to do it properly, okay?" he whispered in her ear, huskily, and then his hand started working its way on her skin. He started from around her neck and moved downwards, moving the scrub gently in circular strokes as if he was massaging her, damn sensually.

Abi felt tingling sensations on her skin. She was shocked. This wasn't normal bathing at all.

"Uhm A-alex, I" she wanted him to stop because she felt her knees had gotten weak.

"Hmm?" he mumbled, his hands now moving down her abdomen. "Do you feel good?" he whispered in her ear, his lips touching her earlobe.

Abi felt strange. Her skin was becoming very sensitive with every gentle scrub he made. Her face became redder.

And then, he knelt down. He started washing her legs up to her thighs and Abi subconsciously stepped back, with the back of her hand covering her lips.

Alex looked up and saw her expression. The little lamb had turned utterly sexy. Seeing that dreamy look on her face made Alex smile in satisfaction.

He then continued his sensual assault. He wished that she was naked but he thought that this was fine for now. He was the one, after all, who said that he couldn't force his little fruit to ripen up.

"A-alex I'm fine now. It's done now," she told him. She was embarrassed and extremely shy. "I already know what to do so let me do it now," she said. He knew she was trying to escape.

Alex stood and hugged her.

"Shh I'm not done with your back yet," he whispered and he rubbed her back as Abi buried her face on his chest.

Once the man was done, the water from the shower started cascading over them.

"Did you enjoy it?" he sounded like he was teasing but his eyes were serious.

Abi didn't know what to say and she meekly nodded.

"L-let me do it to you now," Her eyes wandered around but Alex just smiled.

"Nope, we're done here, Abigail. You might catch a cold if we stay here any longer. You're still a little fruit, after all. I can't let you be submerged under water for too long or you might rot."

He grinned at her as he stepped away. The bathroom was huge so there was plenty of space. The man went and scrubbed himself normally while Abi quickly turned away and rinsed herself.

In no time, she headed towards the towel rack, grabbed a towel and dried herself before dashing out of the bathroom, not giving a single glance towards the man inside.

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