Hellbound With You Chapter 88

87 Next Time

"W-what are you saying!" Abi exclaimed. Her face was so red.

"Why are you so flustered? We've already seen each other, little fruit. There's no need to be shy," he smirked playfully as he rubbed her chin. "I feel sticky as well due to your assault so I need a shower too," he continued.

He smiled at her, that oh-so-devastatingly gorgeous smirk that froze her mind.

And then, before Abi could even say anything more, the man started undressing himself. He started with his tie, loosening it up and then pulling it over his head and throwing it on the floor. Next was his shirt as his hands deftly unbuttoned it from top to bottom, slowly revealing his toned, yummy chest and then his rock hard abs. He then pulled his shirt open and as he shrugged it off, Abi saw his muscles move as they tensed during his movements. The food on the dinner table paled in comparison to the feast that was laid out before her eyes at that moment.

Abi could no longer find her tongue. She was utterly speechless and shocked and dazed. It was true that this man had already seen every part of her but she had not seen much of his body apart from his upper body, so showering together felt a little too much for Abi to handle!

Seeing her look like her soul was leaving her body, Alex leaned in on her and squeezed her nose a little.

"I'm not asking you to get completely naked, little fruit. If you're not comfortable, you can wear your underwear," he teased and Abi somehow registered some of his words.

"C'mon, undress, little lamb. If you help me wash my back, I'll consider it as one taming session," he added and Abi finally snapped out of her dazed state.

"Really?" she asked and Alex nodded seriously. His delicious torso was already in full view and he had now moved onto undoing his belt when Abi suddenly held his hands to stop him.

Alex smiled with what she did, as a certain naughty thought passed through his head.

"Hmm? Do you want to be the one to undress me, little lamb?" he asked and Abi frantically shook her head.

"No! I just don't take off all your clothes!" she exclaimed and Alex chuckled again. This little fruit was simply amusing.

"Okay, but in one condition, little lamb you get half undressed, too," he negotiated and Abi swallowed before she finally let go of his hand.

"F-fine," she agreed and turned around as she started unbuttoning her shirt.

"Little fruit, did you forget that you undressed before me that night? Why are you turning around now?" he teased and Abi blushed again.

She remembered that night and she slightly shivered at the thought of it. She was extremely brave that night that she herself almost couldn't believe where she had gathered all that courage from. Maybe it was because at that time, Alex was still just a stranger to her?

Now that Alex was not just some stranger to her, Abi was more conscious of herself. She was not fearful but shy and self-conscious.

"I'm done," she then said and slowly turned around just to see Alex, who was leaning on the marble wall, with only his boxers on. His body was just too perfect., like a sculpture, intricately woven by the gods.

Abi's throat ran dry as she looked at him but the same was true for the man.

He couldn't take his eyes off of her.

Her curves were beautiful and everything about her reeked with innocence and purity that it was so damned blinding.

Alex had seen a lot of sexy bodies in his time but they were nothing compared to how much he was attracted to this girl's delicate body. She was like soft tofu that was making him salivate in a very strange way, despite the fact that there were cute pink ribbons on her underwear.

"Abigail, do you love the beach?" he suddenly asked. His eyes had stopped roaming around her body and he now looked intently into her eyes.

"Hmm. Yes," she replied, not knowing why he suddenly asked that.

Alex's brows knotted a little as he moved closer to her. "So, you have worn bikinis outside, huh?" he muttered as he tucked her hair behind her ear.

Abi frowned at him. "No. I never wear bikinis outside or inside. I don't own any," she innocently told him and the lines on Alex's forehead disappeared.

"You mean you've never worn revealing clothes when going to the beach?" he asked, sounding intrigued as he smelled her hair.

"I do wear short pants and a crop top," she answered and Alex's complexion seemed to have brightened.

"So, I'm the first to see your body, huh?" He sounded pleased and Abi's face turned red again.

Alex looked at her with pride before he suddenly slammed his hands on the wall, trapping her between his arms.

And then, abruptly, the lukewarm water started falling on them.

"I'd like to see you in a bikini next time, Abigail," he grinned and Abi looked away, shyly. Abi felt like she had turned into a red lobster as her whole body blushed from his words.

"Come, it's time for you to wash my back," Alex suddenly said, making Abi look at him again.

He had turned around so his back was facing her and she watched, mesmerised, as the water slid down his body. She gulped as she took the soap and held it under the water and then she rubbed them in her hands until it foamed.

She hesitated for a second, as if she was gathering up her courage to touch him, before she placed her foamy hands on his broad shoulders and started washing him clean.

She rubbed her hands all over his shoulders and his back and she traced the outline of the black dragon subconsciously. His body was so smooth and hard like marble but so warm to the touch.

Alex closed his eyes the moment she touched his shoulders. Her warm, smooth hands felt so soft against his skin and he felt like he wouldn't ever get enough of her touch. He was savoring her hands roaming all over his body when suddenly, he felt a different sensation on his back. It seemed that Abi had used her fingernails to scratch his back from where the dragon's body started all the way to its tail, as if she was scratching the dragon's back.

Alex's eyes snapped open at the sensation. He never imagined that this little lamb would try to make friends with the black dragon like this.

Alex suddenly turned around to see her pour shampoo out into her hand. He held her hand and all of a sudden, he made her put the shampoo on his hair.

"Wash my hair, Abigail," he smiled as he took her hand. "Come," he said and he led her to the bathtub.

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