Hellbound With You Chapter 85

84 Touch Me

Alex smiled inwardly seeing her expression, but then, again, the little lamb did something unexpected. She suddenly licked her lips and she did it in the sexiest way Alex could ever imagine. No, in fact, he never imagined that this little lamb would look so damn tempting doing that!

Alex was dumbstruck. He was so damned aroused by her licking her lips!

The moment Abi kissed him once again, doing a great job applying what he taught her, Alex lost it.

Alex couldn't stop himself and he kissed her back. He didn't French kiss her but his kisses were hard and full of need, that Abi was left breathless once their lips parted.

She looked overwhelmed with Alex's sudden intensity.

The next moment, before Abi could start processing what had happened, the man captured her lips again. She felt like she was flying. She was kissing him back as if his lips were just something she could never get tired of. Even if he was not giving her enough time to breathe, she still wanted the kiss to never end.

Alex's kiss was completely different from the first kiss he gave her. These kisses weren't full of tenderness, these were passionate, demanding and wild.

When their lips parted, Abi was heaving hard and her breaths mingled with his. Alex's eyes were glimmering with a mesmerizing yet dangerous light.

"Alex something's p-poking me." Abi's dazed face turned so red as she told him.

She was trying to move her body up to avoid it but Alex was pinning her down so she didn't have a choice but to tell him, hoping that he would let go of her waist.


"Mm. I'm damn hard, Abigail. I was planning to go home first but look what you did, you woke him up again," he whispered. "Your fault"

Abi's eyes turned wide. T-the little monster

"H-huh? M-my fault?" she stammered, extremely embarrassed.

"Why did you lick your lips like that? Huh? Abigail?" he asked, but he looked like he wasn't looking for an answer as he kissed her again, hard.

And then, his lips began to trail downwards.

Abi shivered when his lips reached her nape.

"A-alex, w-were outside." She forced herself to speak because her mind was about to explode from the tingling sensation on her neck caused by his onslaught. She didn't know how much longer she could keep her sanity in place when Alex was driving her crazy with what he was doing.

"Don't worry, no one will see us. The windows are tinted," he mumbled against her skin before he sucked and licked her skin some more which caused Abi to lose her mind entirely.

The man's hand then moved and the sound of his clanking belt vaguely echoed in Abi's ear, causing her already fast heartbeat to accelerate even more.

"Abigail, touch it," he uttered, his voice huskier than ever before. His skin was starting to glisten with sweat. His need in his eyes intensified. "Come."

He held her hand and led it down and in the second, Abi's hand was cupping it.

Abi was suddenly brought out of her dazed state. She was about to pull her hand back but Alex held it captive. He held her there for a while until he was sure that she was over the initial shock. All this time, he held her gaze, peering into her eyes to get an idea of her reaction. Once he was satisfied that she was okay, he slowly lifted her hand off of him and placed her finger into his wet, warm mouth. He slowly closed over it and started sucking it, slowly, as if he was savouring the taste, as he gazed at her intensely, causing Abi's lips to part in shock. Her eyes were wide as a wave of shocking pleasure went through her body from him sucking on her finger.

"Touch me Abigail," he said before he let her hand go.

Abigail was so stunned that her mind froze but her body reacted very differently. Still looking deeply into Alex's deep, black eyes, her hand slowly moved down on their own accord and found the not so little monster. She cupped him and he groaned from the pleasure. However, that wasn't enough this time around. This time, he wanted a little bit more.

"Abi, touch me without the clothes" he sounded like he was almost begging her.

Abi swallowed and in the next moment, he pulled his underwear out of the way and released himself from its safety and then, he made her held him, without any pieces of clothing in between.

Abi's heart was beating out of control as she curled her fingers around him. Abi didn't move for a minute or so as she tried to get used to this feeling. This was the first time she had ever touched a man's private part with skin on skin contact.

She felt a little scared and uncertain but she shook all those feelings away and tried to remember the lesson he had given her on that first night. Once she remembered the lesson, she felt a little bit calmer.

Alex was hard as a rock and Abi holding him like that didn't help at all. He felt like all the blood had rushed down to that area and it was starting to hurt - a pleasant sort of pain. He didn't expect her to just hold him like that for what seemed like hours! He thought that she would do something straight away but that wasn't the case at all. He did his best to not be impatient, to give her time but the thin thread he was holding onto was about to break. Every second that went by felt like an eternity and it took all his self restraint to not put his hand over hers and move her hand for her. But, even in this state, Alex was determined for Abi to do it by herself this time. He already showed her what to do the last time so she should already know what she needed to do. But damn! The suspense was killing him!

He closed his eyes like he was praying for a miracle when finally, Abi moved.

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