Hellbound With You Chapter 84

83 Series

Abi placed her hand over Alex's eyes and forced them to close.

"Okay. I will learn for myself but in return, you have to stay very still and not stop me or laugh at me, promise?" she said as her hand still covered his eyes. She felt him nod his head so she removed her hand from his face, making sure his eyes stayed closed.

Abi looked like she was thinking hard about what to do next. If licking him like that wasn't what he was looking for, then what other kind was there? Her gaze fell on his lips and she frowned. Was she supposed to kiss him first and then lick his lips? She couldn't quite picture it in her mind so she leaned forward to do a practise run.

She placed her lips softly on his and then opened her mouth to let her tongue out so that she could lick his lips but surprisingly, his mouth opened as well so her tongue didn't get his lips, it went inside his mouth instead! Shocked, Abi immediately retreated and released her lips from his. She was about to tell him off for cheating but then she stopped. Wait, was that what he wanted? For me to lick the inside of his mouth? Really? Why on Earth would people do that?

She wanted to test this theory so again, she planted her lips on his and opened her mouth slightly again. Her heartbeat was wreaking havoc inside her heart but she was determined so she poked her tongue out into his mouth but it didn't touch anything. It seemed it wasn't long enough so she tilted her head and pushed her lips harder onto his so she could reach what exactly was she trying to reach?

She was about to pull back again when she felt something touch her tongue. What was that?! She poked her tongue out again and she felt it again and realised that it was his tongue playing tag with hers. Her eyes widened.

Abigail retreated once again, causing Alex, who was left out hanging in anticipation, to break the silence.

"Don't stop, little fruit. Continue what you're doing," he encouraged and Abi snapped out of her daze. She dove in again and when her tongue touched his, Abi felt like she was electrified.

She was still not used to this. Just kissing his lips already made her mind feel like it was covered with mystic mists, intoxicating her and making her mind fall in a daze. This was something that she thought she would never get used to. This feeling was just so incredibly good that she couldn't focus her thoughts towards anything else but Alex and his soft, warm lips.

When the little lamb still didn't move, Alex finally opened his eyes and when he saw that his little fruit was dazed, his face softened and a smile curved on his lips. He realized that his body was being impatient again despite him deciding that he didn't want her to ripen too soon. He should've known that using her tongue was such a huge leap for this little noob.

"Sigh it looks like it's still too early for me to be asking you to use your tongue. Come, little lamb. Kiss me again but just use your lips for now and learn to kiss properly," he said, grabbing her chin and pulling her closer.

Abi finally snapped out of her daze and she swallowed.

"Just use my lips? Like the kiss you gave me?"

"Hmm that kiss was well that was the basic of all kisses. What I want you to do is upgrade it."

Abi blinked at him. She was staring at him like a student so eager to learn, a student who was so thirsty for knowledge.

Alex just couldn't stop getting amused with every expression she showed him. This girl was truly beyond words to describe to him. Even though he knew that she would eventually learn naturally if he kissed her more, he just had this internal pleasure of wanting her to learn this way; in this amusing, interesting and cute way.

Clearing his throat, Alex tried to maintain his straight face. "Okay, start by moving your lips, do it like you're giving me a series of pecks on my lips, but do it harder this time," he told her, like a good teacher.

Alex was surprised at how patient he was towards her but he also knew that he was enjoying this, much more than he ever imagined.


Abi, his good student, nodded and once he saw her close her eyes as she moved closer, Alex just stared at her pretty face, patiently waiting.

The moment her lips landed on his, Alex closed his eyes and savored the feeling of her soft, sweet and innocent lips on his and then, the girl started doing what he told her. She pressed her lips on his, a little harder than before, and then she puckered her lips harder, before pulling away from him again.

Alex smiled within him. This little lamb was truly a fast learner. He was about to think of how he would compliment her but what the little fruit did next made him take back the compliment he had just thought.

It was because Abigail started pulling away and then kissing him and then pulling away again, as if she was suddenly playing a game of push and pull.

Once again, the man wanted to laugh. Surprisingly, he wasn't frustrated at all.

"Wait," he stopped her again. "You're doing it wrong."

"B-but you said to give you a series of pecks, only harder. That's what I was doing!" she moaned, looking at him, wondering what she had done wrong this time.

The man chuckled sexily. "Yeah, I did say that. But listen, little lamb. You must maintain lip contact between and during each drawn out peck. Got it?"

Abi's lips formed an 'O'.

"Also, draw each peck out to last longer. Don't go too fast."

Abi nodded. She didn't know that kissing had a lot of rules as well.

She stared into his eyes. She looked like she was now getting lost in his gaze. Alex could see that her warrior, serious look was gone. She now looked sheepish and vulnerable, as if all she wanted to do at that moment was kiss him.

That was the expression that he had been looking for all along.

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