Hellbound With You Chapter 83

82 Ca

Alex wanted to stay put and let her be. He wanted to watch what she was about to do but he couldn't take it anymore. He couldn't keep a straight face when she was like this! He was afraid that at this rate, he would forget that her aim was to kiss him and not to maim him.

And thus, the great Alexander could only raise his white flag.

"Wait, little lamb. You're doing it absolutely wrong. I don't want to tell you this but you don't look like you want to kiss me at all. You look like you want to chop off my head!"

"No, I don't! I'm really trying my best to kiss you," she immediately argued. She was so damn serious that Alex burst and his laugher roared inside the car.

He laughed so hard that Abi just fell speechless and gaped at him. She felt a little bit miffed that he was laughing at her when she was trying so hard to do as he asked! What was so funny?

She looked at him and was about to tell him to stop laughing at her but before she knew it, she was right there, feasting at the sound of his laughter and that pleasant look on his face. He really was like the most breathtaking view in the world when he was laughing like this.

When the man noticed her watching him, he cleared his throat and stopped laughing.

"Sigh don't look at me like that, little fruit. This is purely your fault," he told her and Abi frowned at him. "I mean you're too serious."

Alex seemed to be struggling on how to even start explaining it to her. He paused for a while before he held her chin again.

"Look here, don't overthink it, little lamb. In fact, it is even better if you stop thinking and just go for it. Do you get what I'm trying to say?"

She nodded.

"Okay," she said and she held his face again.

"You can close your eyes if you want," he told her. He looked like he was very much enjoying this.

"That's a great idea! But you should be the one to close your eyes, I think. I need to be able to see so that I don't miss and kiss your nose instead," she threw his words back at him. She also thought that this might stop him laughing at her.

The man had no comeback as her words made sense so he complied and closed his eyes. The smirk on his lips was still present though, as if he was still laughing at her inwardly.

Abi closed her eyes as she released a deep sigh and shook out her hands and stretched her neck, as if she was warming up for a boxing match. 'Okay, Abi. You can do this!' She encouraged herself.

She opened her eyes and cupped his cheeks again but she was instantly distracted by his extremely handsome features. Instead of focusing on kissing him, she just stared at his face instead, as if she was memorising every single feature of his delicious face; his long eyelashes that curled slightly were gently resting on top of his cheek, his long, straight nose that was so perfect that she couldn't help but run her finger from between his brows down to the tip of his nose and finally, those full, red and very seductive lips that were sexily smirking at her at that moment. She trailed her fingers over his lips and then she bent down closer to his face until her lips finally grazed his.

When Abi ran her finger down his nose, Alex wondered what the girl was up to but he didn't move. He just let her be and waited patiently, knowing that she would eventually get there. The moment her finger trailed over his lips, he subconsciously held his breath because he somehow knew that the time was near. He wasn't disappointed because in the next second, her lips finally landed on his.

He stayed still, eagerly anticipating her next move, but as time ticked by, the girl didn't do anything else. It was as if the moment their lips touched, she became a statue.

When Alex couldn't take it anymore, he opened his eyes and spoke against her lips.

"Abigail, use your tongue," he told her. Abi pulled away a little and looked at him in the eyes.

"Learn to lick," he added and Abi's brows pulled together for a moment and then she nodded.

"Okay. Close your eyes again," she ordered him and once again, the man complied.

This time, she didn't hesitate and moved her face closer to his with a bit more confidence. In the next second, Abi licked his lips like a kitten licking milk off a bowl.

Alex: ". . ."

She licked him again and Alex could almost hear her saying 'meow'. Damn it!!

"Abigail, are you a cat?" he asked as he looked at her with disbelief. "Sigh I think I should demote this little lamb of mine into a little cat. You're not improving at all, little fruit!"

Abi was saddened. She was doing her best and yet this was the response that she got?

"W-why don't you teach me, then?" she puffed her cheeks. She just copied the way he first kissed her. He didn't lick her then but now he was asking her to lick him? How was she supposed to know that that wasn't what she was supposed to do?

"You didn't lick me when you kissed me, and now you're asking me to do it. You should've shown me how to do it first!" she puffed her cheeks.

But then, a mischievous grin left Alex lips.

"I don't want to. Why should I?" he said and Abi was just speechless.

Alex was actually telling the truth. He didn't want to teach her, at least not yet. He didn't want her to learn these things too fast. He wanted to savor all her innocence for as long as he could restrain himself. Actually, deep inside him, he wanted this girl to stay as innocent as possible, but he knew something like that was impossible. Sooner or later, even if he decided not to taint her, someone else would and that was something he could never let happen. Because this little fruit was his. Only he would be allowed to take all of her.

"You said you would work hard, little fruit, so learn it yourself."

She took his advice and thus, she started to explore.

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