Hellbound With You Chapter 82

81 Small Tip

Alex suddenly pulled her and made her sit on his lap, positioning her knees so that she straddled him. Abi felt her pulse quicken as she looked down at his oh-so-gorgeous face.

He grabbed her chin and stared at her lips.

"I hope you're ready, Abigail," he told her and Abi subconsciously swallowed. His deep, coal black eyes lured her in again like a black hole but Abi persisted and broke away from the force of his stare.

"How about my request? I will ask you to pay your debt as well," she rebutted and just like that, his rhythm broke. A throaty chuckle left his lips as he looked at her with amusement.

"Not bad, little lamb. So? What's your silly request this time?" he arched his gorgeous brow and Abi blinked at him.

"I I will tell you once we're home," she answered and the man's smirk slowly faded. His face became calm as he caressed her lips with his thumb.

"Little lamb" he uttered, without looking into her eyes. "What should a good girlfriend do when her boyfriend returns home after a trip away?" he asked, still lightly caressing her lower lip. She couldn't see the usual mischief in his eyes this time.

Abi stared at him for a long while. She remembered how she kept missing him since yesterday and seeing his face now and being able to hold him made her feel like the void in her life had been fulfilled. She couldn't explain it but when he was gone, she couldn't stop looking for him.

Abi's eyes were suddenly filled with mixed emotions as she stared at him. The next moment, she moved and landed a kiss on his cheek. It was only a peck but it was filled with so much emotion that Alex felt his body freeze for a moment.

When she pulled away, she placed her hands on his cheeks and made him look up at her.

"I missed you, Alex," she uttered and then she hugged him. Her voice was incredibly raw and filled with something the man never expected.

Alexander was speechless. He didn't know why but he was affected by those words, by that look in her eyes and by the simple peck she gave him. How did every little ordinary thing she did just become this extraordinary? Alex took a while to snap out of the spell she casted on him.

He struggled to put on his usual smirk. "Abigail you're stingy you actually just gave me a peck? A good girlfriend usually gives more than just a peck, you know?" he whispered in her ear and Abi pulled away.


He nodded sexily. "Mm. Like a kiss right here." He took her hand and placed her finger on his lips.

Abi felt like a spark just flew the instant she touched his lips. These were the lips that she kissed that day. The thought of him asking her to give him a kiss on his lips made her heart skip a beat.

She never thought that Alex would ask her to kiss him because she thought that since he already knew that she had never kissed a man before, he would be the one to always initiate it. But then Abi thought that Alex might be doing his 'raising a good girlfriend' part time job that he was talking about. She didn't like the sound of it but she wanted to try. She had experienced how to be kissed so now it was time for her to be the one to kiss.

Abi suddenly looked like a huge challenge had been put before her. She took a deep breath before an intense determination began to blaze in her eyes and Alex felt like he wanted to laugh.

"Hey, why do you look like you're about to go to war?" he chuckled and Abi's brows creased.

"Please, don't distract me," she told him with a serious tone and Alex bit his lips.

"Wait" he made a time out gesture, as if he had become a referee on the basketball court. "Ahem" he cleared his throat. "Little fruit, you can't kiss someone with that look or your partner will run for his life."

"But you can't run away when I'm on top of you. And why are you saying 'someone'? Do you want me to kiss someone else?"

". . ."

Alexander's smirk once again faded.

"No, Abigail. That was only a small tip for the future," he told her. His eyes suddenly turned cold and he cursed himself. Why the hell was this riling him up. He was the one who started this!!

"I'm not going to kiss any other man in my life Alex, just you," she declared before she closed her eyes and started to gather the resolve and preparation that Alex broke just a while ago. She was so focused on her new task that she didn't even realize how that last sentence of hers impacted him.

Alex's body became as still as stone when he heard her. His expressions were unreadable but he looked like a certain kind of lightning had struck him hard. However, one couldn't even tell if he was happy or sad at hearing those words.

He didn't say a thing and just quietly stared at her, until the little lamb spoke.

"I'm ready," she said, more for herself than for him, and the man looked like he snapped out of his own thoughts.

She held his face, cupping his cheeks with both of her palms before she moved her face and stopped midway. She took a deep breath again and stared in his eyes.

Abi was nervous, so nervous that Alex could hear her loud, loud heartbeat. Her face was grave and not romantic at all as she frowned from her deep concentration. It would at least be nice if she looked like an assertive girl but her expression was truly out of the norm. She was giving off the intense determination of a warrior, or a young queen that was about to lead an army to go and fight a long drawn out battle.

For goodness' sake this little lamb was too much!!

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