Hellbound With You Chapter 75

74 What Happened?

Abigail's eyes widened a little. She was shocked but the reason behind her surprise was actually because she didn't expect Alex to say that word.

"Alex, I'm already an adult. I'm not a child that needs to be spanked," she argued. She looked like she couldn't believe him.

"What if I told you that adults could be spanked too?"

His words made Abi's jaw instantly fall.

"R-really?" she gasped, looking at him with disbelief. Alex sexily nodded at her and waited in anticipation for her next reaction.

However, Abigail suddenly pressed her lips tightly as if she was trying very hard not to grin. Well, now that she thought about it, adults could also be spanked. She never saw it happen before her eyes but what came into her imagination was the comedy movie she watched before where an old man was being playfully slapped on his butt by his wife because he was fooling around. Imagining an adult being slapped on the butt was a comedic scene to her.

Alexander was speechless. He didn't know why the girl was suddenly looking like she was enjoying a private joke.

"What's so funny, Abigail?" he asked, as his eyes narrowed and Abi cleared her throat before seriously staring back at him.

"I just imagined a couple spanking each other and I found it amusing. I watched a movie where one grandma slaps her husband's butt and then he covers them up and runs away from her like he was running on hot coals," she told him and Alexander lost it.

He couldn't believe this. No matter how serious the situation was, how could this girl just turn everything around like this? From the moment she was alone with him, she should have been at his mercy, knowing that she was about to get punished. She was supposed to step back in fear upon hearing the word 'spanking' and yet, here she was, smiling so innocently as if this wasn't a serious matter. Even more annoying was the fact that she was even telling him about a comedy show she watched, saying that spanking was amusing. Was this the way her survival instincts were wired? It if was, then she had evolved to a higher level because it did a hella good job killing the vibes!

"C-could it be that you're planning to spank me? I-is that my punishment?" her eyes looked at him with surprise. She even looked relieved. "If that's so, please go ahead," she said, thinking that it would be like the funny scenes in the movies. The old grandma didn't seem to smack the grandpa that hard so of course she didn't mind being spanked like that. So she positioned herself in front of him, sideways and even bent down a little to give him access to her cute little behind.

Alexander couldn't help but pinch the skin between his brows. This was utterly different. This was not even close to the ideal punishment scenario. She was supposed to be begging him not to spank her, and yet, here she was, suddenly offering herself like this. How the hell could he even could he even

Alexander had never been in a situation like this before. This girl was a whole different species of the human race and he couldn't figure how to handle her. She was just so

Now his mind was also messed up. He didn't know why but he suddenly thought of a little poor literal fluffy lamb being spanked by him.

This was simply outrageous and ridiculously over the top. She exuded such a kind of innocence and purity that made anyone desire to take advantage of her vulnerabilities and weaknesses, but she wasn't actually as easy as that. She had her very own strange and weird way of fighting back against the predators that want to eat her. And she was doing that so smoothly, almost without even trying.

This girl was just becoming more and more unbelievable by the day and it never ceased to render him speechless.

Alexander could only curse inwardly and in the next second, he suddenly yanked her and pinned her down on the bed. He finally realized that this girl wasn't someone he could treat the way he treated others. He couldn't even make himself imagine spanking this little lamb anymore.

"Abigail, I'm not going to spank you like those old damned movies with old grandmas and grandpas. That wasn't the kind of" he stopped mid sentence, almost groaning in frustration. His mood had become cold again. This man was so quick to change his colours, it was hard to keep up with him.

"Never mind that. I've prepared an interesting punishment for you," he then smiled wickedly. "Don't worry, little lamb. I will make sure that you won't feel any pain. I will make sure you will regret breaking my rules and that you will never want to do it again. I will make you beg me to punish you more," he whispered as his breath caressed her face.

Abi was so confused with the words he was saying. She did not understand what he was saying at all. It was like he was suddenly talking in a different language she didn't understand. Why on Earth would she want to beg for more punishment? That just didn't make any sense!

She could see the look in his eyes had changed yet again. He had become a dangerous beast. He always looked dangerous but this time, Abi felt really nervous with him being like this. Her heart wouldn't stop beating like crazy even as she tried to convince herself that everything was just fine.

Alex took her hand and kissed her finger before he moved both her hands above her head.

He was about to kiss her when he noticed her wince the moment he intertwined his hand on hers.

"Abigail I haven't even started yet and you already look like you're in pain?" he whispered and he was about to continue when the girl's face twisted the moment he squeezed her hands tighter.

His eyes narrowed and when he looked at her hand, he saw the scratches.

The lust in his eyes slowly dimmed and was replaced by dark coldness.

"What happened? Where and how did you get these scratches?"

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