Hellbound With You Chapter 72

71 Special

"Okay. We should probably head back before it gets too dark, shouldn't we?" she said and when the girl nodded, Abi called a cab.

She was about to tell the driver to bring them to the orphanage when her eyes fell on the digital clock on the cab's dashboard.

Her eyes immediately widened. Oh no! Her curfew!!!

Alex's cold and stern voice saying that he will punish her began playing in her ears and Abi began to panic. It was only her third day and she was already going to break one of his rules!!

Panicking, Abi immediately told the driver a different address, the address to Alex's house.

She called the orphanage during the taxi ride home and told them that she was going to be dropping Betty off a little late. Of course, the people at the orphanage didn't mind at all since Abi had been known to even bring little Betty over to her house during some weekends.

Finally, the car stopped in front of the huge house, keenly aware that darkness had started to set in. She was late. She bit her lips hard and she couldn't help but feel nervous as she approached the house.

Once the two entered the door, Abi's eyes immediately flew towards the fireplace. Alexander was right there, sitting like a bored king as always. His fingers were moving, tapping on the couch's arm, as if he was counting the movement of the clock's second hand.

Abi was afraid that the man would emit his deadly aura again without warning so she whispered to Little Betty to stay by the door and wait for her.

The little girl nodded and Abi finally walked silently towards the man whose back was facing her.

When Abi was just about to reach him, she saw his fingers become still and then his cold, deep voice rang in her ears.

"You're late, Abigail," were the words that welcomed her. He didn't even turn to look at her, as Abi expected. She suddenly felt chills the instant his words rang inside the big hall, but she didn't halt in her tracks. She continued walking towards him until she was right before him.

Alex raised his cold eyes and gazed up to her. The jellyfish was incredibly freezing. His intense gaze was reeking with cold darkness, showing his extreme displeasure.

"Uhm Alex, I I have someone with me right now so c-can you scold me later? She has a weak heart so I don't want her to get scared. Please?" she pleaded, cupping her hands together, forcing Alex to close his eyes. This girl didn't she feel anything? How could she still speak to him like this when he was already in this state? Did this little lamb really not have any fear in her at all?

Alexander's urge to punish her intensified. However, Abi misread his gesture. She thought that the man had given in so she quickly called Betty to come over.

The little girl stood right next to her, clinging onto Abi as if she was her lifeline, and took a quick peek at Alex.

"A-alex this is Betty," Abi tried to distract him and the man finally looked down and saw something clinging on his little lamb's legs.

He creased his brows as he looked at the small little thing blinking at him and Alex's coldness somehow dissipated a little.

"Betty? Say hi to Alex," she encouraged the little girl and Betty blinked before she looked at him.

She then slightly bowed at Alex as she spoke. "Hello, Mr. Alex. I'm Betty, nice to meet you." She smiled and Alex just quietly stared at the little girl for a while before he moved and faced her.

"Nice to meet you too, Little Betty," he said and Abi's tensed shoulders finally relaxed.

"Are you Abi's friend?" she asked, slightly tilting her head and Alex's lips finally curved up.

"What do you think?"

"I think you might be a new friend because this is the first time I have seen you. I know all of Abi's friends," the little girl said proudly.

Alexander chuckled as he leaned back. "Her new friend, huh? Well, your observation isn't wrong Little Betty, but" he leaned forward towards her again. "Are you sure I'm only her new friend?"

"Alex, uhm" Abi tried to intervene but...

"Let her answer first, Abigail," Alex told her as his gaze remained locked onto the little girl.

Little Betty looked up to Abi before she answered the man.

"You are new but I think you are also a special friend," she replied and Abi's eyes widened as she looked down at the little girl.

"Why would you say that?" Alexander seemed intrigued.

"Because, I think you are the first male friend Abi has. Abi doesn't have boy friends, only girls. So that's why I think you are special," she answered and Alexander smiled. He looked satisfied and it seemed like he liked Little Betty for that.

"Good girl," was all he said and he finally looked at Abi.

"Alex, can I return her to the orphanage first? I will explain to you once I'm back."

"Why return her? Didn't you get the permission to take her with you?"

"Of course I did."

"Then it's fine. Let her stay here for the night. It's already dark out, Abigail."


"No buts. I won't permit you to go out," he said with an absolute no nonsense tone and Abi knew that she wouldn't be able to persuade him anymore.

Without a choice Abi called the orphanage and thankfully, they agreed.

The two girls then went upstairs to clean up and get changed. As they walked up the staircase, Little Betty looked at Abi with wide eyes!

"Wahh!! Abi, is this a castle? I feel like I'm inside a real castle!" Betty was extremely excited.

Abi let Little Betty go first and she went after she finished helping the little girl put on a fresh set of clothes. Luckily for Abi, she had with her a spare set of clothes for Little Betty as she always carried spares with her whenever she went out with any of the children, just in case so this wasn't an issue. 'Great forward thinking, Abi!' she mentally patted herself on the back.

Once they were ready, they headed back downstairs.

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