Hellbound With You Chapter 70

69 Little Betty

Abigail sprinted into her room and shut it behind her. She leaned on it for a while with a dazed expression, as if her thoughts were a million miles away from her body.

The scene that happened just moments ago kept replaying in her head like a movie. To her, it was much more overwhelming than any movie she ever watched and anything she had ever imagined.

She remembered how his lips felt when it first landed on hers and her heart just wouldn't stop trying to jump from inside her chest, as if it was currently playing a game of jump ropes.

Touching her lips, Abi mumbled.

"So that's how a kiss feels."

She thought that it was truly so wonderful and magical.

She immediately ran to the bedside table and took out her wishlist notebook. She only just noticed that her room was actually still dry when her hair dripped water on top of the bedside table. When she saw that, she then looked around her room in shocked surprise. She thought that the whole mansion would have been drenched but maybe the sprinklers only activated on the floor that the fire alarm was triggered on.

Pulling her attention back to what she was doing, she opened her notebook and she couldn't stop smiling as she marked off the third item off her list. She briefly thought that she should do something to thank Alex for the surprise. Her first kiss was very much better than what she had ever dreamed of. She then took out her other diary and started frantically writing down her first kiss experience before she forgot even the tiniest detail.

She spent a good time on that before heading to the shower to get ready for work. There was a dreamy look and a wide smile on her face the entire time and her heart was still thumping wildly the whole time. She had to take a few deep breaths and forcefully stop herself from picturing it over and over again before her heart finally calmed down.

Once she settled down her heartbeat, she left her room and headed downstairs. As she walked down the staircase, the scene slowly came into view. Her mouth dropped and her eyes gradually widened at the mess! The room was like a scene from the movie, Jumanji, where the house was suddenly flooded, though everything was still in their right places, just drenched. She saw the maids working hard to dry off the furniture and she felt guilty.

She apologized and picked up a mop and started to help with the clean up but the servants politely asked her to stop, saying she was an honored guest and it would put their household to shame if they let her do such a thing. She felt that the maids prided themselves on their work from what they said and so she reluctantly let the mop go.

Charles saw her and immediately came to get her and led her into the dining hall which was surprisingly already cleaned up and dried out. The table was only set for one and she ate her breakfast alone. She was told that the master and the guests had already left, something that surprised Abi again. 'What, already?'

Once she finished her breakfast, she then left the house and went straight to the orphanage.

When she got there, she looked at her schedule for the day and saw that there was an appointment to go to the hospital with one of the children at the orphanage that afternoon. Little Betty had some sort of heart disease and Abi had volunteered to accompany the little girl to the hospital for her weekly checkups.

Abi obviously had a soft spot in her heart for her because she understood the little girl's situation. She was still so young, just seven years old, and she was already suffering. Abi felt her heart break a little for the poor child who was dealt such a hand in life.

In the hospital.

Abi waited anxiously. Each time they came here, she would hope for the best outcome but time and time again, she was met with disappointment. When the doctor walked towards her, shaking his head, Abi felt the disappointment settle within her yet again. Their conclusion was the same. The little girl's only option to survive was a heart transplant and unfortunately, that was something the orphanage could never afford. Even if they did manage to get enough money, there were no guarantees that there would be a suitable donor. In short, it was hopeless. Unfortunately, the little girl had the same fate as her, and just like her, her time was about to end sooner than they would have wanted.

This sweet Little Betty, this cute, kind hearted, beautiful little girl was going to die soon as well. This world was indeed very unfair. Just what did this little girl do to deserve such a fate?! She started to feel angry at the cruel and heartless world they lived in. Why? Why did it have to be like this?

After they left the hospital, Abi called the orphanage to tell them that she was going to take the little girl out somewhere. Abi wanted to do something for her.

"Do you have somewhere you want to go?" Abi asked her as she knelt before her.

"Hmm I want ice cream!" she said so innocently and enthusiastically that Abi nearly cried for this brave little girl. Instead, she smiled at her brightly and pinched the little girl's cheek playfully.

"Got it darling. Let's go on a hunt for the most delicious ice cream today!"


They drove around until Abi found a large ice cream store. They went inside and Abi bought Little Betty the biggest scoop of ice cream she could. Abi was so focused on making the girl happy that she had forgotten about everything else. She just wanted to fulfill any wishes this girl had, similar to how Alex was helping her fulfill her own list of wishes.

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