Hellbound With You Chapter 68

67 First Kiss

Before she knew it, they were inside the house. He put the confused little lamb down in the middle of the large living room. She looked up at him with a million questions in her eyes.

Then, before she could open her mouth to ask,

"Close your eyes, Abigail," he ordered.

"Huh? Why?"

"Just close your eyes and don't open it until you hear my signal."

Abi could only comply.

Seconds ticked by and her mind was running around like a headless chicken, trying to figure out what he was up to!

The next moment, Abi heard the fire alarm siren roar loudly inside the mansion. Her eyes opened wide but before she could move, water began to sprinkle from above.

"You wanted rain, right?" he smirked and Abi's mouth dropped. What on Earth just happened? What did he just do?

Well, he did what she thought was impossible. He made it rain inside the house!

She felt like she was suddenly transported to a wonderful and magical fantasy land. The light from the large chandelier hanging from the fourth floor was still lit, emitting a bewitching twinkle of lights over the droplets of water flowing down, creating small, colorful rainbows around them. It was magical, as if a rainbow fairy had arrived to sprinkle them with some of her magic. This picturesque setting was better than her wildest dreams.

She had imagined how she wanted her first kiss to be like and they were all so terribly romantic and cliche, with her and the man chasing each other outside with rain falling softly all around them. The man would then catch her, look her deeply in the eyes before the man would swoop in for her very first kiss.

She subconsciously lifted her hand and opened her palm as the droplets fell all around them, with her eyes wide with awe and her mouth still agape from the shock. But then she closed her eyes and lifted her face up to the roof with arms wide open, embracing the feeling of the water pouring over them. She twirled around in a circle, her hair spraying droplets of water like a whirlpool around her. When she stopped, she raised her face to look at Alex and felt like her heart was about to explode.

She could see him moving closer to her. His hair was wet, his clothes drenched and what was even more amazing was that she did not see his usual devilish smirk. His eyes were serious, still cold but devastatingly more beautiful than ever. He was like a dark angel who just emerged from the ground under the rain. This was too much. Everything was too much for Abi; she couldn't even hear anything but her pounding heart. This definitely felt like a dream. It was like everything else faded to the background and she could only focus on him.

Once he stood right before her, the corner of the man's lips began to slowly lift up.

"I'm not patient enough to wait for the rain to come, so here we are. I personally think that this is romantic enough. What do you think?" he asked but the dazed Abi took a long while to respond.

"It's" she didn't even know what the right word was to describe this scene. It was spectacular, surprising, one of a kind, magical, amazing - all the things she wanted this experience to be.

Alex smiled. He could see that she was dumbstruck. 'Good. I finally made her speechless for once! I would hate for her to think that she had a boring, cliche boyfriend,' he thought. He was glad that he seemed to have exceeded her expectations.

He reached out and cupped her face with his hand as he gently wiped away the water from her cheek with his thumb. He looked at her in the eyes and he saw that they were filled with a mixture of emotions. He saw anticipation, excitement, longing, wonder and something else that he couldn't quite describe.

He slowly moved his face closer to hers and gently tucked her hair behind her ear at the same time. As she saw him getting closer, Abi's heart started pounding so hard she was afraid it would leap out of her chest. She held her breath and subconsciously closed her eyes as all her focus shifted to her lips. This was it; her first ever kiss.

A second passed by and then she felt it; the pressure of his soft lips on hers and the world suddenly ceased to exist. It was just her and him at that moment in time, nothing else and no one else.

His kiss was soft and undemanding and it blew her mind, but the moment he kissed the droplets from her lips, her knees grew weak from the pleasure and she felt as if her heart was going to explode. She never imagined that just kissing someone could be this intense. She felt overwhelmed from all these new emotions she was feeling.

The two of them stood there, unaware and uncaring of anyone and anything else around them. Water ran down from their forehead to their faces to where their lips met - a cool contrast to the heat of their embrace - and they didn't move for a long time.

That was until Alex pushed his lips onto hers with a bit more pressure and the wave that went through Abi intoxicated her. Her head swam in a daze and she felt like she was going to faint. It was that intense and she didn't know how she was still conscious.

Alex took a peek of her face and he was mesmerised. He didn't kiss her the way he usually kissed other women. For a long, long time since he could remember, he would usually kiss rough and hard because he didn't kiss out of love but lust. That was his way. So right then, he really didn't know why he kissed this little fruit so tenderly.

But then, he concluded that the taste of her innocent lips must have made him subconsciously hold back. After all, this little fruit was still unripe. He could only caress her gently for now and be patient.

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