Hellbound With You Chapter 61

60 In Exchange

Abigail knew that his threat wasn't a joke. She could see it in his eyes and feel it deep within her bones. She admitted that she may have gone a little overboard this time. No matter what she said and no matter how she justified it to herself, Alex was right. This was pretty risky. A simple mistake on her part could have killed her - a slight misstep, a small trip over a roof tile and she would have fallen to her death. She shivered at the thought because she thought of none of these things when she decided to climb up the ladder onto the roof. All she thought about was not looking down to see how high up she was from the ground. She didn't know why but when he rejected her, she felt like being stubborn all of a sudden, as if she had no other thought except to complete another one of her tasks. It was as if something was pushing her to keep going and take the risk.

She didn't do this out of a whim. She had decided to do this to show him that she was more than serious about her requests and that they were not just trivial playthings to her. She wanted to show him that she was willing to do anything to fulfill her wish. She wanted to show him how determined and serious she was.

She honestly didn't want to experience the punishment he was talking about. She didn't know what it was but she felt goosebumps when he said it. Even though she didn't know what kind of punishment he might inflict upon her, she was afraid she might not be able to handle it. Who knew what kind of terrible punishments his cold heart would think of? So Abi immediately thought of something that might turn things around for her.

She meekly stretched her hand and tugged his shirt as she looked down.

"Alex I promise not to do anything risky again if if you promise to grant me one request a day. I will still work hard for it I just want you to promise me that you will grant me a request daily. Please" she cupped her hands in a pleading way and looked at him with puppy dog eyes.

Alexander's jaw dropped. He couldn't believe that despite his stern and serious warning and threat, this girl still dared to negotiate with him. Why was this little lamb not scared of him at all? It was as if his words only had a small impact on her.

"Please Alex. You said I can request anything aside from your love, right? Please, just one request a day," she continued pleading. "In exchange, I will work hard to be a good girlfriend. I will do anything for you."

At that moment, Abi thought of the scene from last night and a daring idea popped into her head as she thought of something that she might be able to do to please Alex. That was the only thing so far that she knew could make him feel really good and as she had never seen him look so pleased as he did last night. Her eyes fell to his groin. She could see a certain bulge, though it was nowhere near the size of bulge from last night. If last night's bulge was Mt. Everest, then, this bulge might be just a small hill. However, it was still a bulge. Thinking that the little monster might need some help to be tamed, Abi thought she had something she could use to bargain with him.

"If you promise me to grant me a request a day. Uhm I I I can tame your big uhm little monster daily as well in exchange," she said and Alex's lips parted in utter surprise.

He threw back his head and stared at the sky for a moment as he inhaled sharply. What nonsense was this little lamb spouting out now?

"I I can tame him two uhm three times daily for one request, if you want," she continued negotiating and Alex seemed to struggle within himself.

He just couldn't believe the audacity of this girl! If he didn't know she was inexperienced, he would have thought she was trying to seduce him right then and there and he would have pounced on her! But he knew that wasn't the case. She was saying these very seductive words in a very non-seductive way to make him agree to her request but his body didn't care. It reacted to her words as if she had talked dirty to him.

He closed his eyes and pinched the skin between his brows. He was having trouble controlling his body's reactions and he wanted to think about her request but his body was screaming at him to agree.

"Three times? You barely managed to do it twice, Abigail," he muttered. It seemed his body had done all the thinking for him.

"Yes, three times! I think I could even do it four times once my hands and wrists get used to it."

Alexander laughed. He cupped her face and whispered in his ear. "Abigail, are you sure about this? Four times a day?" a devilish smile curved on his lips.

She swallowed because of the look in his eyes but she persisted. If this was the only way to get him to agree to her request, then she was going to do it. She had to make sure to complete her list before her time was up!

"I'm sure!" she said decisively and she even emphasised her words with a short nod of her head, showing her extreme determination.

Alex's smile turned even sexier but a dangerous kind of sexy. A glint of excitement flashed in his eyes.

"Okay, I agree to your terms but let me make this absolutely clear to you now, Abigail. I wouldn't want you to just use your hands for all those times," he mischievously smiled.

Abigail creased her brows. "Not use my hands? What else is there for me to use?" she asked curiously but before Alex could say a word, "Okay, I will work harder!" she declared. She thought that it didn't really matter what else she would need to use because even if he told her to use wooden spoons, she would definitely try to do her best!

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