Hellbound With You Chapter 6

5 I Want Him

"Wow, this is unbelievable. Who is he? Who is this man that caught my dearest Abi's eyes? Huh?" Kelly was so excited.

"Actually, I failed to get his name. All I know is that his surname is Qin." Abigail's response made Kelly pout but she was quick to bounce back to being excited and asked her about how and where she saw him.

Abigail told her that she saw the man in the garage of Kelly's apartment building last night. But of course, she didn't say anything about the drama she saw and the outrageous thing she did.

"That man is he is super handsome. I wonder if he's some kind of celebrity. But I don't think he's one or I would know about him."

"Wow, now I'm dying with curiosity. This is the first time you praised a man's looks, you know?"

"Oh, is that so?"

"Hello you really haven't cared about men before, Abi! You don't even look at them! Okay, so? What are you gonna do about this super handsome, Mr. Qin?"

Kelly's brow lifted again. She was so damn intrigued and she looked like she was very much more animated than Abigail about this.

Abigail looked down at her hand wrapped around the lemonade bottle. She looked like she was considering something vital in her head while her friend was impatiently waiting for her.

"I" Abigail started as she looked up to her friend, looking serious. "I want him to be my boyfriend."

For a while, Kelly gaped at her. It seemed like she was shocked. But the moment she recovered, a huge, bright smile curved up on her face.

"Okay! That's my girl! You're finally hearing my advice. My innocent bun finally learned to become daring!"

Kelly was happy and for some reason, proud, like a happy mother who had just witnessed her child finally learning to walk on her own for the first time.

"Kelly, I want to impress him so I want to ask you to "

"Darling leave it to me. I promise to dress you up and turn you into the most stunning woman on Earth!"

After their talk, Abigail told Kelly that she would contact her once she decided to meet him. Kelly offered to help her get him but Abigail simply told her that she had to learn how to do it herself which of course, made her friend beam happily again.

"Okay, just call me if you need help, okay? And about your outfit, don't even worry about it. I will make sure that handsome man will fall in love with you at first sight," was all Kelly promised before the two of them parted.

Abigail couldn't tell her friend that she was not trying to make him fall for her at all. She also didn't say anything negative about the man. She didn't tell her that he was heartless and cold. She didn't tell her that he told her he didn't like her. And most of all, she didn't tell her that the man was dangerous because Abigail knew that if Kelly found out what kind of man she chose, she would surely go against it. Kelly had always been protective of her so she could already foresee her reaction if she found out about the strange and mysterious man she had chosen.

It was already dark when she arrived home. Her family waited for her again before they all ate dinner together.

Once in her room, Abigail took the piece of paper out from her drawer. She stared at the number and typed it on her phone.

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