Hellbound With You Chapter 57

56 Which?

Abigail's eyes widened as a thought passed through her head. W-was she already starting to fall for him? T-this soon? T-that fast? It was only the second day!

Suddenly, Abi felt torn and a little confused, but in the end, she shook her head and decided that that couldn't be right. She thought that she was probably quite infatuated but surely she wasn't in love yet. She still had time to figure everything out and she didn't want to assume so early, even though this made her feel really excited.

She couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by this foreign feeling but she didn't want to overthink this. She would just focus on doing the things on her wishlist, for now.

Abi left the mansion when the taxi got there and she headed to the orphanage. She was happily greeted by the children at the school as always and she enjoyed spending the day with them.

She also called her dad and grandparents during lunch and told them she was doing fine. Her family was, as always, supportive of her and she was very thankful that she had such a caring and loving family.

When the classes were over, Abi headed to Kelly's place and she called Kelly to let her know that they were on the way over. Abi was accompanied by all the children from the orphanage on a school bus.

The two talked for a while but the conversation was mainly Kelly trying to make Abi tell her everything. The two were like they were participating in some talk show, with Kelly as the annoying interviewer and Abi as the shy and soft spoken interviewee.

By the time the bus arrived outside Kelly's apartment, Kelly was already outside so she jumped into the bus straightaway. They were headed towards the venue where the fundraising event they had organised would be held in three weeks' time. This fundraising event was something they had done every year for the last 3 years to raise funds for the orphanage.

They arrived outside a music theater. This was their venue as their target audience were the older individuals. They planned to put on a show of classic plays, to revive the old times. The aim was to entertain the older individuals and take them back to the old days; for them to reminisce about their younger days. The plays were loved by many grandmas and grandpas and they looked forward to it every year. Lately, some of the younger generation, especially couples, also started to get attracted by the concept of the plays, saying that they felt that it was nice to see the things people did in the olden times that the new generation had never seen.

What made her plays special was that all the children from the orphanage would be performing in them. She acted as the play director, as well as the soothing piano accompaniment for the whole show. She practised with the children every day leading up to the event, working long and hard with them. Abi was happy to do all this, knowing that she wasn't only helping to raise money for the orphanage but also putting a smile on other people's faces. Abi and Kelly spent a couple of hours planning and practising with the kids, telling them where to stand, what to do and what their next cues would be. When they were finished, they all packed inside the school bus again and went on their way to drop Kelly off at her apartment.

During the ride back, Kelly insisted on being the one to send her back to Alexander's house. Abi was a bit worried. She knew when her friend became curious, nothing would stop her from barging in and satisfying that curiosity so she was understandably a bit reluctant to have Kelly drive her back. Gladly, one of the other teachers asked for her help at the orphanage when they got back and Abi was relieved to have an excuse. In the end, Kelly relented but she looked like she wasn't going to take no for an answer the next time.

It looked like she would have to remember to ask Alexander if he was ok with her bringing Kelly to his house to see the place.

On her way back to Alexander's house, Abi brought out her little notebook. She skimmed the list and she smiled when she saw that one of them was finally marked with a tick.

She was happy that she managed to coax Alexander and made him play with her, even finishing the game with her. It was a lot of fun, definitely an experience she would never want to forget.

As she stared outside the taxi's window, Abi started to ponder what item to do next from her list because she had to do one thing on her to-do list by the end of the day.

The sun was just setting when she finally arrived at the house, just scraping by within her curfew.

Of course, what she immediately looked for once she entered the huge door was Alexander. Her eyes landed on him, sitting on the couch like a bored but brutally beautiful king, right next to the gigantic fireplace. He didn't seem to be thinking deeply about something or anything at all. It was as if he was just too bored about life that all he could do was stare at the fire just to waste time.

Regardless of his expression, Abi smiled widely. She finally got to see him for the first time that day!

"I'm back," Abi said and the man glanced at her.

"I thought you would actually break the rule today. Too bad here I was, thinking about what punishment I would give you," he smiled, a smile that looked like the devil was plotting someone's downfall.

Abi ignored him and she moved towards him. She was thinking about what a girlfriend should do once she met her boyfriend again after a long hard day at work. Thinking about the classic movies and books she read, she could think of two things - a peck on the cheek or a hug.

Which was better?

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