Hellbound With You Chapter 54

53 Badly

Abigail was trying to compare their distinct features when suddenly, Alexander pulled her attention back to him.

"Stop staring at him, Little lamb. It makes me want to punish you when you do that," he said, smiling ruefully. Abi didn't flinch at his words this time, maybe because she thought he was just joking again.

"P-punish me? But you said you'd only punish me if I broke those three main rules," she thoughtlessly replied.

Alexander's lips curved up and he cupped her small face. "Abigail, I never said that I would only punish you for breaking just those three main rules. You just assumed that on your own. It would do you well to remember that, okay?" he smiled and Abi gulped. "Actually, I could punish you if I think you are behaving badly."


"Mm. Badly."

"Like how?"

"Like what you did just now."

Abi creased her brows. It was obvious that she couldn't figure out how she had behaved badly so she recounted her actions in the last minute.

"Looking at that guy is bad?" Her eyes widened at the realisation.

"Yes Abigail. It's bad for you to stare at him like that, or any other man. You should only stare at your boyfriend, understand?"

Abigail gaped at him.

After blinking at him three times, she finally opened her mouth again. "Alex, are you jealous?" she asked and Alex silently stared at her for a while. She tried deciphering the look in his eyes but unfortunately, as usual, he gave nothing away.

"So what if I am? What if I'm not?" he said as a dangerously beautiful smile carved on his face. "Listen," he uttered as she pulled her closer, "I'm not the type of man who plays with the things that other men have. I simply want my possession for myself alone, whether it's your gaze or your smiles, those are all mine. Do you understand, Abigail?"

Before Abi could process what he just said, Alexander suddenly let go of her.

"Now get up and go upstairs."

Once again, he was sending her away. His order made Abi a little sad but she was at least relieved that he didn't send her away right before Ezekiel Qin came. She felt glad that he had let her know something about him even though she felt like he didn't want her to interact or to even look at his guests or kin. Abigail found it puzzling but then again, she could only listen to him and leave as he said.

"O-okay. But we're still going to play a game, right?"

"Yes, I haven't forgotten. I'll be up shortly."

"Okay, I'll wait in my room then." She waited for his reassurance and when the man nodded with a serious gaze, Abi smiled at him and slightly bowed towards Ezekiel Qin when their gaze briefly met, before she climbed up the stairs.

The moment Abi was gone, the atmosphere on the ground floor became even heavier.

Ezekiel also returned to his seat.

"Zeke, give up whatever it is you're aiming for." There was a serious warning in Alex's voice and a threat in his eyes as he glared at Ezekiel. However, the man didn't say a word back. It was as if the man didn't mind the warning or the threat. He looked like whatever he was aiming for; he would go for it even if Alexander tried to stop him.

Time passed and Abigail sat in her room, waiting in front of the TV. She had already set up everything and the only thing missing was her boyfriend.

Just as she was about to text him, Alex finally arrived.

Her head snapped towards the door the moment she heard it creak open. Her face immediately beamed as if she was a little kid waiting for Santa to appear on Christmas eve.

"You're finally here!" she exclaimed as she stood.

Abi held his hand and led him towards the sofa. They both sat on the blankets she prepared on the floor and handed him his game controller.

"You know how to use this, right?" she asked and Alex lazily rested his face on his palm, looking at her.

"You think I'm stupid, huh, Little lamb?" he raised a brow and looked at her blankly.

Abigail shook her head. "No, I didn't mean it like that. It's just that y-you don't look like the type who would play video games," she bit her lips and Alex smirked.

"So, you knew that all along and yet you still asked for this of all things" he twitched his lips smugly while Abi's eyes wandered around.

"Well I thought it'd be a good pastime for you," she meekly explained and then her expression brightened again, ignoring Alex's bored expression. "Don't worry, this is going to be fun," she smiled and Alex sighed before he threw back his head and cracked his head.

"Fine. Let's start now then, Little lamb."

"O-okay." Abi quickly pressed something on the remote control. She was extremely excited.

When the TV lit up, a certain childish game theme song echoed in the room and when the game showed up on the screen, Alexander fell speechless.

The game was Super Mario Bros.

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