Hellbound With You Chapter 52

51 Infamous

"Abigail, come over here," Alexander suddenly ordered. His expression had become quite intimidating. The fire had switched to a glacier again.

"Quickly, Abigail," he said, sounding impatient and Abi swallowed as she stood up and walked closer to him.

Alexander held her hand and made her sit on his lap.

Abigail was confused. She thought he was going to send her back to her room again.

"Continue eating," he ordered and Abi looked at him, with a confused frown on her face.

"Listen to me and do what I say, little lamb. Or, do you want me to feed you?" he smirked and Abi pressed her lips into a thin line. Feeding each other was actually on her list but she didn't like to do that this way; not when he was in his Antarctic state, not when he was being like this.

"I-I'll eat," she replied. She picked up his cutlery and started eating off his plate.

Their position was a little awkward. Abi never ate this way before, sitting on someone's lap, except when she was a child.

This felt different and her heartbeat was not being calm at all.

A few moments later, Abigail heard footsteps finally coming closer and she raised her face to see who it was.

Abigail's mouth dropped the instant she saw who was walking towards them because she actually recognised this man. In fact, this person was so famous there was no way she wouldn't recognize him. W-why was this person here?

This person was the infamous multinational CEO who even ranked first on the list of men girls wanted to marry. This person had graced too many famous magazines, not only because of his wealth and power but also because of his looks. Truth be told, Abi once thought that this man, hands down owned the crown of the handsomest creature on earth before she met Alexander Qin. Wait, wasn't this man also a Qin? Could it be that they were related?

The man caught Abi's eye and the two stared at each for a while until Alexander pinched Abi's cheek.

"What did I tell you, my dear Abigail? Don't get distracted by some annoying fly and just eat," he said. Did this man just call that person a fly? How could he call such a person of that caliber, a fly?

Once the man reached them, Abigail couldn't help but look up again. He had such a strong presence that no one would be able to ignore and like Alexander, he exuded a similar kind of coldness as well. Although his eyes, she thought, weren't as cold as Alexander's.

"So, you're Alex's new girlfriend," the man stated the obvious, looking straight at her.

Abi was about to stand up to greet him but Alex's firm arm over her legs stopped her from doing so. Abi turned to Alex with creased brows, as if telling him that she didn't want to be rude.

"No need to greet him, Abigail," Alexander lazily said and before Abi could say a word, she heard the man pull a chair to the left of the head of the table where she and Alexander sat, opposite where she sat a while ago.

"So? Why are you here, huh, Zeke?" Alexander didn't beat around the bush. The way Alex talked to him surprised Abi. This man, named Ezekiel Qin, was after all not just a simple CEO. Abi had heard a lot about him because of Kelly. Kelly didn't like Ezekiel Qin. She could tell because she had heard Kelly say that this person was another man from hell. She said that he was trying to dominate the business world and he was the tyrant king that every businessman was wary about. That was why Kelly's lips always twitched every time other girls expressed their love for him, always saying the words 'heh, wait until you see who that person really is. He's a demon in disguise, you fools!'

"I have some business to take care of in this city, Alex," was all he replied. A plate of food was placed before him and then he picked up his cutlery to eat. He didn't seem bothered at all by Alexander's cold attitude towards him and seemed to be relaxed.

Abi just blinked. This man was definitely on the top of the food chain to the outside world but why did it seem like Alexander actually stood above him on that food chain? Was it because he was here as a guest? Or could it be that Alex was his older brother? However, as she looked closely at both of them, Alexander seemed to be a little younger than Ezekiel Qin's in terms of looks.

"Why come here, then? You have hotels everywhere, Zeke." Alexander was just being his usual cold self, almost as if he didn't know how to be polite at all.

"Of course it's because I like this place the most in this city."

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