Hellbound With You Chapter 49

48 Directly?


She turned to look at him and what she saw made her gasp. She was utterly shocked. The man who had lain there, silent and unmoving, all this time, the man who always seemed to be in control, seemed like he was struggling, and quite badly too. She saw the beads of sweat that lined his forehead, saw a few drops make its way down from his neck to his smooth, perfectly chiseled chest and his chest also glistened with a layer of sweat. He looked so damn sexy that Abi couldn't help but stare.

"Hmm? Why are you looking at me like that, Abigail?" he asked mischievously and Abigail still couldn't seem to get over this dreamy vision and continued to just gape at him.

Gladly, the man waited until she finally snapped out of it.

"Abigail, are you paying attention?" he asked as he placed her hand back on him.

Before Abigail could say anything, the man slowly moved her hand up and down his big little monster. He continued to guide her, wrapping his hand over hers so that her hand wrapped over his member and she complied. She watched as their hands moved up and down and concentration was etched on her face, as if she was mentally putting this information away somewhere in her memory bank labelled 'How to calm Alex's little monster' so that she could pull it out when required.

As his pace continued to increase, she looked back at him and she didn't know how to feel when she saw him close his eyes in pleasure and bite his lips sexily.

She started to feel funny, like there was a fire that started at the bottom of her belly that spread throughout her body. It wasn't an unfamiliar feeling and as she thought about it, she figured out why. This was the feeling she got when Alex had touched her body intimately. She didn't know that looking at him while he was being pleasured could make her react this way.

Abigail felt overwhelmed. She fell in a daze watching him. She never imagined that he could look like this. Was this how she looked when Alexander did that to her that night? She felt her throat dry up like she was in a desert.

She kept looking at him. She couldn't avert her eyes away from his face, from his expressions. Why? Was it really okay to watch him like this? And why does it why does it why does it feel this good?

Their pace increased even more and a few more moments later, Alex exploded in pleasure.

She watched him gasp for air after that and felt the little, no, big monster turn soft and she was surprised.

Alexander opened his eyes and saw Abigail's gaze on him. A smile curved on his gorgeous face and he even licked his lips sexily - though he probably didn't know it would look so damned sexy. He meant to tell her that she did a good job just now but Abigail spoke first.

"I-it's little!" she exclaimed with a slight hint of wonder and Alexander gaped at her for a moment before he chuckled.

"A tip for you, Abigail. You should never use the word 'little' to describe a man's appendage. You might give them a complex," Alexander said, with some amusement.

But then, something unexpected happened. Abigail started moving her hand on her own. Curiosity had taken over her again and she deliberately squeezed it.

Alexander was utterly speechless. This girl this little He didn't even know what to say!

"Ah! It's big again!" she exclaimed, shocked and amazed as she immediately pulled her hand away.

Alexander gritted his teeth and in the next second, he yanked her and pinned her down on the bed. This little lamb how could she do this to him? How could she make him act like this?

"Abigail, you're unbelievable," he said, his eyes suddenly intense again.

The girl blinked in confusion.

"You finally made it fall asleep and yet you poked it awake in the next second? What were you thinking? Do you actually want more, huh, Abigail?"

Abigail was confused. She couldn't understand what he was saying at all.

"Oh well, the night is still young and I think you've adjusted enough now, what should we do next?" he asked her as he caressed her cheek with his free hand. "Do you want to touch it directly now?" he asked again, and the dazed Abi finally opened her mouth.


"Mm. Directly. Without clothes covering it, Abigail," he explained and as expected, the girl froze in shock.

Her reaction made Alex chuckle and he caressed her face again.

"I didn't plan on tiring your little hand on the very first day of your stay here with me, but, this is your fault, little lamb. You should take responsibility for your actions. You are going to have to tame the monster again."

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