Hellbound With You Chapter 48

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Before Abigail could say anything, the man pressed her hand on the big monster again.

Abi was in a state of shock and bewilderment but surprisingly, she also became curious. This was the first time she had ever touched a man's member and as her fingers wrapped around him, that curiosity undoubtedly increased.

"I know this is your first time touching a co a little monster, so why don't you help yourself and familiarize yourself with it? I know you're curious Abigail this will be an important part of your quest for knowledge after all." He encouraged her although deep inside, he was quite surprise because he actually stopped himself from talking dirty just now. Why did he stop? Was he being guilty or something about tainting this pure little lamb? No, he must have just restrained himself. He thought that he'd only fluster her even more if he also starts talking dirty. There were still plenty of days for that, he thought.

While Alex was reasoning with himself, Abigail swallowed. She was utterly nervous but utterly curious at the same time. He was right, she had to familiarize herself with this or else she would never calm down. Actually, she was glad that he was at least giving her time to adjust and feed her anxiety and curiosity.

As if she was about to jump onto an unknown adventure realm, Abigail took a deep breath and then, an intense concentration blazed in her eyes.

Finally, she started moving. She used her forefinger and thumb to squeeze the hidden monster, curious to see if it was really as hard as a rock or maybe it had some soft bits as well. As she squeezed it, she felt it react to her touch, so, as if she was conducting an experiment, she squeezed it again to see if it would do the same thing again. To her surprise, it did!

Feeling braver, she used two fingers this time and she got the same reaction again. She then moved along his shaft, stopping and squeezing him with her forefinger and thumb every now and again, like a child who found a new toy to play with.

After she got tired of that, she took her forefinger and she placed it on the tip of this hidden monster and then, as if she was drawing a line, moved her finger from the tip towards the other end, curious to know where it started and where it ended. Afterwards, she walked her fingers from the end of his hard little monster back to the tip. She noticed that when she touched the tip of this big monster, it would always jump out at her, every single time. She poked the tip of his arousal once, twice, three times and then once more before she was finally satisfied that his reaction wasn't a one-off reaction.

Alex had taken his hand off of hers when he saw her start to interact with his very excited little monster. At first, he felt quite gratified to see that she had taken the initiative to explore this part of his body but as time went by, and as she continued to explore, he felt like he was being tortured. He tried to be patient and he tried very hard to let her get familiar with him but this really was testing his patience to the core!

Everything she did extracted an involuntary reaction from him. As hard as he tried to keep his body still, he just couldn't! All he could do was prevent the groan that crept up to his throat and threatened to come out at her every touch.

He thought that this would be a good practice run, something to ease her into the more intimate relations that were bound to happen sooner or later within the next 30 days but instead, he just felt like he ended up torturing himself. This wasn't how it was supposed to go! But then again, nothing ever went to plan when this little lamb was involved.

Abi, who was still unaware of the torture she was putting him through, continued to explore. This time, she wrapped her hand around it and tried to push it to the left, wondering if it would spring back to the middle on its own.

She never got to know the answer because It was at this point that Alexander finally intervened. He could not take it anymore. He felt like his big little monster was about to burst like a damned water balloon, so he held her hand to stop what she was doing.

"Abigail," he uttered, his voice sounding a little pained. "The time for playing is over," he added.

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