Hellbound With You Chapter 478

476 The Long Lost Tale Part Xxii

Abigail and Alex lay on the bed, chests heaving, drawing much needed air.

Even though Abigail was tired, she didn't want to succumb to sleep, afraid that he would disappear once she closed her eyes. She raised herself up slightly and rested on her elbow, gazing down at his gorgeous face.

Silently, she traced every contour of his face with a featherlike touch of her finger, as if she was engraving everything to her memory. She did just that for a while until Alex spoke. "Abigail" he uttered her name as he lifted his hand and caressed her cheek. Emotions were swirling around in his tantalizing eyes. His eyes were more beautiful and mesmerising than the starry night sky that Abi didn't want to look away.

"Hmm?" she smiled slightly but when she saw the serious look in his face, her smile slowly faded.

"I" he paused, looking torn, as if he was making a decision right then on whether to tell her the truth or not. "I have something important to tell you."

Looking down at him, Abigail didn't know why but she couldn't even respond. For some reason, fear started to creep inside her heart. She was afraid, hideously afraid, that he would say goodbye to her and would disappear again. Deep within her, she didn't want to hear it, this important thing he was going to tell her. But she would listen to what he had to say, even though it might not be what she wanted to hear.

Swallowing, she retracted her hand from his face. "Okay, go ahead." Her voice was calm but there was a hint of obvious sadness and fear within them.

That tone of her voice didn't escape his notice and his brows creased. He rose and faced her. He held her hand and kissed them, his gentle gaze peering through his dark lashes and then he said it, the words she had been dreading.

"I'm sorry but I have to leave again," he uttered so weakly, a hint of guilt and sadness in his voice.

The grief that was threatening to overpower her finally won after hearing his words and her tears fell from her eyes. She looked away from his face, trying to find her words.

"I'm sorry," He pulled her into his embrace. His voice burned with regret and pain. He planted kisses on her forehead before he gently bumped his forehead on hers. "Please, don't cry, Abigail. Listen to me," he murmured as he placed his hand below her ears and rubbed her cheeks.

"Listen. This will be temporary. I will keep my promise to you and come back home. Just wait for me a little longer, okay?" he coaxed, trying his best to make her feel a little better.

But those words were enough to make a tiny spark of hope light up inside her. She thought he was going to say his final goodbye, so hearing him make this promise that he would return to her, breathed life into her soul again.

However, how long was he going to take this time? How long must she wait this time? And why did he have to leave again? What was he planning to do? She had heard rumors about him from the human hunters in the forests and Zeres also told her about what he was doing.

"Tell me. What are you planning to do? I heard you are conquering human kingdoms. Why? Is it because you really want the throne?" she asked. Abigail wasn't against this if this was truly what he wanted but if he became king, what would that mean for the both of them? Abigail knew she couldn't leave Lexus behind and she also would never bring him to the vampire palace. Alex also wouldn't be able to live in this place with Lexus if he became the vampire king. Moreover, his people would never accept it if they find out that their king had befriended a dragon, the beast that both humans and vampires considered their enemy and the biggest threat to this world.

Alex wiped her tears. "Yes. I want to become king so I can protect you and Lexus too."

His response made her look at him with surprise. But the questions in her eyes multiplied. Protect Lexus? Why did he think that Lexus needed protecting?

Seeing the questions in her eyes, Alex let out a sigh as he looked out the window and stared at the moon above. "Abigail... " He then returned his gaze to her. He looked serious and decisive. "My father wants me to kill Lexus," he confessed and as expected, Abi looked at him with disbelief and shock. "They are afraid, Abigail, afraid that Lexus would one day go berserk and destroy everything. They see him as a major threat and it would only be a matter of time before they come for him.

So I took charge. I told my father that I would need a legion of soldiers to be able to kill him. That's why I have been conquering kingdoms, taking their best soldiers. But that is just a decoy. My real plan is that once I am strong enough, I will start a rebellion and go against him. I will forcefully overthrow him and take the throne for myself. I want to become so damn powerful until no one would dare go against me. That's the only way I can protect you and your dragon," explained Alex.

He refrained from telling her the truth about her family and the prophecy because telling her those things would only disturb her to no end, especially when he was going to leave her here alone. He didn't want her to worry. That was why he decided that he would tell her that once he returned, once everything was settled.

"So wait for me, okay? I will make sure to come back to you and make you my queen. That's a promise," he vowed as he hugged her.

'I will go against fate, against the gods and against the world if that's what it takes. I will do everything to bend this destiny for you.'

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