Hellbound With You Chapter 47

46 So.. What?


Abigail's hand reached out towards it but halted right before she was about to touch the little monster through his pants. She could feel her heartbeat getting wilder, as if there were horses having a bloody race inside her veins.

Biting her lips, she slowly turned and looked at Alex.

"Abigail, I told you. Don't make the little monster wait or you'll regret it," the man said. There was a playful smile on his face but the intensity in his eyes was giving her a real warning that the little monster might really go berserk if she kept delaying things.

"I- I'll do it," She then replied and she returned her gaze towards his bulge.

Alexander waited in anticipation as her hand inched closer to his member. She was so damn slow that Alexander felt like he was going to lose it at any second. But truth be told, he never once thought that that pace was slow when the other girls did this to him. He didn't understand why he was feeling like this towards this little lamb alone. What was so different about her that she had this strange and unnerving effect on him?

Finally, Abigail's forefinger touched it - or more like poked it - and as if she just touched a certain unknown creature inside a box, she flinched and pulled her hand away at lightning speed. Her expression looked like she just touched something dangerous as her eyes snapped back to Alexander's face.

Alex let out a deep sigh of surrender as he bit his lips hard.

He took her hand and put it on his cheek, gazing at her with his signature intense gaze, as his fingers crawled and covered the back of her hand.

"Little lamb the little monster is really not a good guy once it goes berserk. So I think I better help you out in taming him," he whispered in a hypnotic voice before he intertwined his fingers with hers.

And then, he slowly moved her hand towards his groin.

The next moment, Abi's hand finally landed on it. She was still spellbound by Alex's intense gaze, so her mind only vaguely registered that her hand was on a long, solid object.

She was only startled back into the present when she felt something move from under her hand and she immediately looked down to see what it was. Her eyes slowly widened as she realised that her hand was on top of his

For the nth time that day, her face turned beet red and she squeezed her eyes closed. She didn't know if that was a good idea because now, all she could concentrate on was her hand and his 'feel good' telltale.

The material of his pants felt a little rough in her palm and her hand started to feel very warm from the heat coming from both on top and below it. Her whole body was as still as a statue but in the next second, she felt it move again, as if it twitched. She bit her lip and then she slowly wrapped her fingers around him, through his pants.

Abi gasped because she finally realized how thick it was. She couldn't wrap her hand all the way around it because of his pants, but she thought that her hand might have been too small to wrap around it even without this hindrance.

"I-it's so so b-b" she stammered, flushing hard.

"So what?" he teased and Abi subconsciously attempted to move her hand away. Unfortunately, Alex's hand was holding her hand in place so she couldn't even let go of the little, no, big monster.

"Abigail, I should warn you. If you pull away, the little monster will get displeased and he will become an even bigger monster if you do that," he added as he cupped her face with his free hand. "Come, let's continue."

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