Hellbound With You Chapter 46

45 Little Monster

A while ago, the first answer Abi had read on the web was:

[Pretty easy, just look at his groin, if you see a bulge there, then he definitely feels good or even feels really good.]

She didn't have time to read anymore than that so she didn't look any further.

Thankfully, the thing she had read was actually telling the truth. She could now see the bulge she was waiting for!

Alexander on the other hand, was speechless as his eyes fell on his bulge. He seemed a little surprised. No, he was very surprised. He didn't even realize that he was actually hard. He, of all people, actually got hard just because of this girl's massage.

'Little lamb, you sure are dangerous' he muttered in his head before he finally looked at her. This silly girl

She was still smiling triumphantly but what caught his eye the most was her glistening from her sweat. Her hair was stuck on her face, sweat ran down her neck, and her big wide eyes for some reason, they were damn so seductive, just looking at her made him even harder.

The next moment, he yanked her and made her kneel again, with him between her legs. She subconsciously sat down on him but the moment she felt his bulge on her, she suddenly sat up on her knees again.

"My little lamb you made me lie down facing you so you could see the moment my little monster woke up, huh?" he said with a mischievous and sexy smirk on his lips.

Abigail flushed. "L-little monster? W-why would you call it t-that?" she was flustered. 'And it doesn't look so little at all!' she thought.

Her reaction made Alexander smile even wider. He just loved to tease this innocent, little lamb. Watching her reactions towards him was like watching fireworks blow up in the night sky. He knew that they would be spectacular but he didn't know what colours and shapes would pop out next and the anticipation of what would come next was the best part.

He moved closer and whispered in her ear. "Do you want to see it?" he asked sexily and Abi felt her blood rush to her face. She didn't know how many more times she could blush within a space of a day! This certainly had beaten whatever measly record she had in the past. In fact, she had never blushed like this until she met this Alexander Qin!

She covered her face with her palms and shook her head. "N-no, I don't want to see it."

A low and enchanting chuckle echoed inside the room.

"Ah, Abigail, what should I do with you?" he asked, his face brimming with amusement. He found it extremely entertaining just watching her and he couldn't help but want to see more. "You don't want to see it, huh? I think you should start familiarizing yourself with it now, though. So it won't scare you when the time comes."

He smiled and Abi gulped. "Look what you've done, Abigail. The little monster got angry because you woke it up from its sleep."

Abi looked at it and the bulge seemed to become even bigger. She even saw it move and her eyes widened.

"I-it moved?" she asked, surprised as she looked at Alex.

Alexander laughed again.

"Mm. It moved. Take responsibility, little lamb, and tame the little monster or else it won't calm down. It might even go berserk."

"Y-your joke is not funny."

"Nope, it's not a joke Abigail," he looked totally serious and then without warning, he moved her and made her sit beside him.

"Touch it, Abigail," he whispered in her. "We can't play the game unless this little monster calms down."

Abigail froze as her thoughts ran wild. W-what? How did things get to this point?! One moment she was celebrating because she had achieved her goal, and the next moment, this happened. She didn't know what to do. What should she do?

As she thought about it, Abigail was surprised in that she didn't feel repulsed or scared. She didn't feel any negative emotions at the thought. She guessed that maybe giving him a massage just before helped with it. She had straddled him, touched him and she didn't feel like it was a bad experience at all. Maybe having control over the situation helped as well. Alex just lay still and didn't do anything at all so she felt quite safe. Although to be fair, she didn't intend for things to turn in this direction but as she thought about it all, she felt a bit calmer.

However, she did feel some apprehension as she had obviously not done anything like this before. She had no idea what to do!

"Don't be scared, Abigail. Don't worry, it won't bite," he uttered and Abi swallowed as she slowly moved her hand towards his bulge.

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