Hellbound With You Chapter 458

457 The Long Lost Tale Part Iii

"Zeres," the young Abigail said as she turned to look at the silver haired young man. "Let's take him to my house," she continued.

However, the young man, named Zeres, didn't move. His beautiful face was filled with displeasure. "No," he told her, looking away. "We will not take him with us."

Young Abigail was quick to puff her cheeks and she immediately walked towards him, cupping her hands together in front of her as she looked up at him. "Please Zeres, we can't just leave him here. He's going to die if we don't do anything!"

"You already helped him Abigail. That's enough. Besides, that guy is he's a vampire! He's dangerous!" Zeres argued, still avoiding looking at the young Abigail's pleading face.

"Look at me, Zeres," she urged.

"No," he refused, even closing his eyes to avoid seeing her face.

The young Abigail bit her lip but there was no sign of her giving in. She glanced at the wounded young man before she returned her gaze to the silver haired man before her. "Fine," she puffed her cheeks like a willful little girl, turned around and walked away.

Zeres slowly opened his eyes when he felt her leave but what he saw made him clench his fists. It was because the stubborn girl was trying to carry the young man on her own.

Utterly frustrated, Zeres could only give in and he hastily took the man from her. He carried the wounded vampire on his back silently which made the young Abigail smile.

"Thank you, Zeres!" She thanked him happily as she began to lead the way, looking back every now and then to check on the two men.

"This guy is dangerous, Abigail. Please listen to me and don't take him home," Zeres urged but Abigail just couldn't be persuaded.

"It's okay, Zeres. He's not a pure blooded vampire. He's just like you," she told him, her eyes twinkling while the silver-haired young man creased his brows and halted.

"Just like me? What do you mean?"

"He's half human too, just like you. You're a half-witch while he's half-vampire."

What the young Abigail explained made Zeres look at her with a shocked expression. He looked like he was having a hard time believing what she just said. Half vampire? He had never heard of such a thing! It was common knowledge that if a vampire mated with a human, the human would always die from the vampire's thirst for blood.

"I think you two could become good friends, Zeres," the girl continued and Zeres' attention was pulled back to her. He just frowned at her words, not convinced that what she said would ever become reality.

"Why would you say that?" he asked, his tone extremely doubtful.

"Hmm cause you guys are similar. He could be going through the same thing as you because of who you are. It isn't very common for a half witch to be born and I have never heard of a half vampire being in existence. He might be feeling ostracised and it could even be that the ones who attacked him were vampires!"

"You know nothing about him, Abigail. Regardless of whether your theories are true or not, he is still a half vampire and vampires are dangerous. What if he bites you?"

"Hehe," the young Abigail grinned at him as she twirled. "Don't worry, he won't," she said plainly, sounding very certain.

"How can you say that?!"

"Well... I can just feel it, you know? He's different from the rest. He seems... nice."

Zeres could only shake his head and didn't speak anymore, as if he knew that once the girl made up her mind, no one could change her decision anymore.

They arrived in an old house made of stone and wood. The house was situated near a small stream at the foot of rocky Hills. The mountain rocks were so black that they looked like they were made of black crystals.

Zeres helped young Abigail by changing the wounded young man while the girl prepared some more ointments.

When she entered the room where the wounded man lay, young Abigail started cleaning his wound and treating them while Zeres just sat there, leaning against the wall as he watched. Jealousy and displeasure were evident in his eyes.

However, when his eyes were drawn towards the quiet moon peeking through the window, his expression changed again.

"It's okay, Zeres. Don't worry about me and go home. This person will not harm me, I promise," the young Abigail suddenly said. "And even if he tries to do something bad, I can take care of myself. You know I don't like playing the damsel in distress."

Zeres pressed his lips. He stared at the sleeping half vampire and his expression darkened again. But in the end, he still stood up to leave.

"If he does anything funny, I will come back and kill him, Abigail," he warned her seriously but Abigail just walked towards him and playfully pushed him out of the door.

"Geez. I said it's fine. Go, your family is probably looking for you right now."

She smiled encouragingly at him but Zeres didn't look relieved at all. He looked like he didn't want to leave.

"I don't even know if I can call them family," he mumbled when the girl held his hand and pressed them.

"Hey, don't say that. They're your family, so you have to be there for them. Understand?"

Zeres silently stared at her before he finally sighed.

"I'll be back as soon as everything is over," he said and after landing his hand on her head, he finally disappeared like a phantom.

Abigail watched her younger version walk back inside and stare at the wounded young Alex. The young girl's eyes were completely focused on the young man's face as she sat next to him. She brushed his hair away from his face and made sure everything was as it should be before she also closed her eyes to sleep.

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