Hellbound With You Chapter 451

450 Mysteries Left Unanswered

Alex was quick to clear his throat. How could he forget? He actually ended up even wanting to skin the man and kill him too back then.

Alex groaned. He shouldn't have brought this topic up. After a second, he cleared his throat again.

"That was the stupid me. I am not that guy anymore so forget about it," he said sheepishly, not looking into her eyes. Abi chuckled again. Alex was cute when he was like this.

Abi was about to tease him more but they had already reached the grand staircase. Looking at this vast, familiar place made Abi fall silent and she leaned her head on his shoulder as she looked down. They had so many memories in this house. Abi didn't think that she would be back here again like this.

"I've missed you so much, Alex, and this place, too," she uttered.

"Me too, my wife. This place is definitely special. It's where we spent our first days together after all. This is our house."

"Why did we return here?" Before Alex could answer her question, Abi looked like something popped in his head and she gasped. "What about the others? Where is Alicia?!"

Alex didn't answer and just looked at her. And then, he put her down.

Abi was still waiting for his response when she heard someone's voice.

The moment she turned around and looked at the sofa by the fireplace, she saw them all sitting there, smiling at her.

Alicia, Kai, Raven, Riev and the others were there.

Seeing them all looking well and smiling made Abi's eyes well with emotions. She ran towards Alicia and hugged her tight.

"I'm so glad you're okay, Alicia," she uttered.

"Me too, Abigail. I'm glad you are looking energetic again."

However, before the girls could start getting into a serious conversation, Alex's hand wrapped around Abi's waist and he pulled her towards him. He had other priorities at that moment.

"My wife is hungry. She needs to eat first," he simply said and just like that, he took Abigail away. "Let's all talk later."

Everyone could only watch the two lovebirds as they headed towards the dining hall.

"We should've invited them to eat with us, Alex," Abi said.

"Nope. No need. They have eaten already. Don't worry about them."

Alex made her sit and Charles, the butler, was already there waiting for them. Abi had missed this old man, too. She thought she would never see this nice old man again.

"Hello, Charles. I'm very happy to see you again," she said to him and the butler smiled politely.

"Me too, Miss. We have missed you, too," Charles replied with a doting smile.

Alex started to pile the food on Abi's plate, just like old times. The old Alex was definitely back, though she didn't really need the proof. He even started feeding her as well.

"Hubby. You eat as well."

"I am still full. Don't worry about me."

Abi didn't protest anymore and she just enjoyed her breakfast. The small things that they had done before, the mundane things that they did with their time had never felt so amazing. The smile on her face just wouldn't go away, not that she wanted it to. She couldn't believe how good this felt.

How long had it been since they ate together like this, on this table, in this very same house where they fell in love with each other? This house held so many memories; this was where he gave her the most magical first kiss and the even more unforgettable day of their wedding.

As she thought about that, her gaze went to her ring finger, to her wedding ring, and then she looked at Alex's hand. He was also wearing his wedding ring. Her hand caressed his hand and then she intertwined her fingers between his. She looked deeply into his eyes, her shining brightly with all the love she felt for him and then she leaned in and gave him the softest, loving kiss ever.

As she pulled away, her thumb caressed his wedding ring, making him look down at their hands. "They are finally back where they belong," Alex said. Even though he had been wearing it since Abi had told him that he was her husband, it fully held its meaning again now that he had his memories back.

After the meal, Abi was stuffed. They spent a little while in the dining hall before they finally went back to the living room. They were all huddled around Alicia, and she could hear their soft murmurs.

Abi knew that they were probably discussing the next plan of attack. She took a deep breath. Their bliss would have to be put on hold for now because she was well aware that their fight wasn't over yet. Besides, she also wanted to know more about that woman, that immortal woman who looked like her mother. She wanted to know who she was and where she came from. She would not easily believe that that woman was her mother.

Alex and Abi both walked towards the group. Even though Alex was now back to his immortal self, they still shouldn't relax, especially now that they know about the existence of someone like Alex. What was waiting for them next? What did that woman want from her and Alex? Who was she, really?

There were still too many questions and mysteries left unanswered and Abi so badly wanted to speak with Alicia alone to get those answers, but she would have to wait for now and listen to what the group had to say.

When they finally sat on the sofa, the other vampires left the living room, leaving just the five of them - Abi, Alex, Alicia, Raven and Kai. Riev also left with the others.

However, before anyone could begin to speak, the butler came in and announced the arrival of someone probably none of them expected.

The next moment, a male figure walked inside the room.

It was Zeke.


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