Hellbound With You Chapter 450

449 The Husband Who Left You

The sun was shining through the windows when Abi opened her eyes. Her lashes fluttered as she moved, rolling over on the bed.

She sat up dizzily, stretching out her hands and then her brows creased as she looked around the room. Her eyes slowly stretched wide and her lips parted when she saw where she was. There was no mistaking it. She could not believe she was here, in her room in Alex's mansion!

Abi couldn't believe her eyes. Was she dreaming?! How did he manage to bring her back here without waking her up?

She pinched her cheek hard and she winced in pain. It seemed like this wasn't a dream and that she was actually back in this place again! She continued to look around, her face showing signs of utter confusion and surprise.

But then, the images from the night before surfaced in her mind. She and Alex had been in the glass house and they had a very heart to heart conversation and in the end, Alex had

Her eyes flew wide open once again. With the scenes playing vividly in her mind, Abi was quick to leave the bed to look for Alex. What happened last night after Alex had drunk her blood? She remembered him hugging her before she fell asleep and then nothing after that. Where was he? Was he alright? Did he finally remember everything? Was that why they were back in this house or was it because they needed to regroup to find that immortal woman?

As Abi was about to pull on the door knob to leave the room to look for Alex, the door was pushed open. She hadn't expected the door to open suddenly and she almost fell backwards, but luckily she managed to maintain her balance. She quickly looked at who had entered the room. Even though she knew that only Alex would enter her room without knocking, she still had to look to make sure it really was him. What she saw made her heart burst with great relief. It seemed she might be becoming a bit of a nervous wreck when it came to Alex and making sure he was fine.

"Alex!" she called out, not wasting any second and jumped on him, hugging him damn tight as if she wanted to make sure that he wasn't an illusion.

"You're finally awake, my wife," Alex's voice rang in her ear and him calling her 'my wife' again made her want to burst into tears.

She pulled away and caught his face.

"Tell me you you finally remember everything, right? Alex?" she asked him, her eyes filled with hope and overflowing emotions.

Alex held her hands. His eyes smoldered as he stared at her, bringing her hand to his lips and kissing it.

A mischievous yet sweet smile curved on his lips before it faded and his gaze became serious. "Yes, my little, fruity lamb. I remember everything now. You did well, bringing me back wife," he uttered.

Abi fell into a trance for a moment before she jumped on him again. Her tears began to flow. She was so happy! After months of living without him, of him not remembering her, he was finally back again. All the heartache she experienced during her time without him, and even when they were reunited again, dissipated as if she had just taken a strong healing potion. There were no words to describe the utter joy and relief that she was feeling at that moment. It was all too incredible!

"Oh Alex!" she cried and Alex smiled as he lifted her up and spun her around the room. "Oh god, I'm so glad. I'm so happy you're back, Alex. I feel like I'm dreaming."

She sniffed once Alex stopped and leaned by the door, not letting her down. He just continued hugging her, as if he, too, did not want to let her go ever again.

"Mm. It's like a dream. But don't worry anymore. You have brought me back fully, I promise. I'm not lying this time," he confessed. His voice sounded a little emotional as well.

Abi pulled away and looked at him and then suddenly, she pinched his cheek, hard. "That's right, you lied to me. You were almost killed, you stubborn oaf!" She puffed her cheeks, but Alex just smirked.

"Well, I didn't have a choice that night when you looked like you were going to die from worrying too much, so..." he paused as he rubbed his nose on her cheek. "Don't worry, that will never happen again," he continued.

"Good," Abi said as she nodded. Abi had a disapproving frown on her face, trying to make him feel sorry but in truth, all that didn't matter to her anymore. All that mattered now was that Alex was here, right next to her, and that he was finally back to his normal self.

Their eyes met and they were about to kiss when a familiar sound made them stop. Abi's little monster was growling, calling for attention.

"You have to eat now, wife," Alex said and in one swoop, he gathered her into his arms.

Abi happily clung onto his neck. She couldn't help but smile. This felt too good to be true, considering what they had gone through just last night and the last few days. It was like they were finally back to earth after spending time in outer space fighting for their lives.

"Uhm Alex?" she spoke as he carried her out of the room.

"Hm? And why are you not calling me husband yet?"

Abi blinked. His question was unexpected.

"The husband who left you is now back. So call me hubby, now," he demanded. His expression somehow made Abi chuckle. That was right, she hadn't called him 'husband' for what felt like forever.

But now that he brought this up, Abi couldn't help but chuckle when she remembered how Alex had urged her to forget about her husband and choose him instead. She looked at him with a mischievous smile.

"Oh husband, do you remember how you begged me to forget about my husband who left me?" she asked, her voice full of mischief.

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