Hellbound With You Chapter 45

44 Bulging

Abi then started the massage. She straddled him again and sat on his lower back to get better leverage while giving the massage. She started on his shoulders, moulding and kneading in a circular motion, and worked her way down to his lower back. She used her thumbs to put more pressure in areas that needed it. She put her back into it, giving it everything she had but as time went by, a frown started to form on her face.

She did everything she was taught and more but she didn't get even a little response, not even a twitch!

She thought back to how her body reacted when her grandmother massaged her back and she remembered herself letting out a groan or moan and her skin became hot and relaxed.

But Alexander was like a lifeless mannequin. He didn't even utter an 'ouch' when she purposely pressed a painful spot. He didn't even flinch. There was no reaction at all.

Abi was starting to feel demotivated. She was already sweating from her hard work but there was no way she would give up! She didn't believe that he was not feeling good at all. Could it be that he was trying to suppress his reactions? Or did she miss it? Or could it be that men have different and subtle ways of feeling good?

Now that she thought about it, Abi realized that she had never massaged a man before and she didn't really know how men would react when they felt good.

"Uhm I just need to go to the bathroom for a moment," Abi excused herself and grabbed her phone before dashing to the bathroom.

Once she was inside, she quickly browsed the internet.

[How to know if a man is feeling good?]

After reading some answers, Abi quickly put the phone away and jumped back on the bed next to him.

"Uhm Alex, I'd like to massage your front as well," she said as she blushed.

Alex smirked at her but he didn't waste a moment and quickly flipped over and laid on his back, showing her his perfectly hard and defined abs like delicious chocolates.

He lifted his hand and caressed her cheek.

"What a bold little lamb. I'm not complaining, though," he smiled sexily.

"C-can you close your eyes? They're a little bit distracting"


She was glad that he agreed. After he closed his eyes, Abi's eyes fell on his groin. She swallowed before she started massaging him again.

She started from his shoulders and moved downwards exactly like she did on his back just a moment ago, except this time, she didn't straddle him. She kept going, massaging all his perfect muscles, all the while glancing at his groin every minute or so.

Her hands worked their way towards his hard abs and massaged it thoroughly before moving towards his lower abdomen. She massaged around there and was about to reach his v line when

Abigail suddenly stopped.

"Yey!! I won!!" she suddenly declared happily, like a child who won a race.

Alexander rose, frowning at her. He made sure that he wouldn't show any reaction, even if her massage felt extremely good. Actually, he never felt this relaxed for a long long time which was why he was going to agree to her request, even if she technically failed. She deserved a reward for a job well done and he was just playing it all cool because he wanted it to last longer.

"Abigail, who told you to stop?" he asked and Abi faced him with a triumphant look on her face. "Who said you won? I didn't "

"Don't lie, Alex. I know you felt good. Look, it's bulging..." she exclaimed as she pointed at his groin.

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