Hellbound With You Chapter 449

448 Like The Sun

"Besides, your body and soul are mine, remember? They will not betray you. If you don't trust your body anymore, then trust your heart." She placed her hand on his chest as she looked at him. "This part of you will never lose because it loves me so much. Even more than its life."

Abi's words pierced through the deepest chamber of Alex's heart. He felt her warmth slowly seeping inside him and just like that, the fear and distrust inside him slowly melted.

Before he knew it, he pulled her towards him and kissed her. Their lips collided as Abi sat on his lap.

"Oh, Abigail" he uttered as he pulled away from their gentle and passionate kiss. He felt like his heart was swelling. And kissing her and holding her right then made Alex feel emotional. Everything he was feeling right now, his fears and worries and everything else in between, overwhelmed him to an unprecedented degree.

When he drank her blood, he felt as if an ancient chain that imprisoned his dark side had broken and he was so sure that the monster within him had been released at that moment. He feared that her blood had awakened this monster from its long slumber, a monster he was unable to control. He had been so afraid that this was what was really happening that he hadn't let his mind think about it to decipher whether it was true or not. He let his fear drive the thoughts in his mind and he let himself drown in the negativity of his thoughts.

Only now did he stop to think rationally about the changes he had been experiencing since he tasted her blood. When he let his mind drift and let the fear go, he was pleasantly surprised that he didn't feel the darkness that he thought would feel. Instead, he felt like it was his soul that had awakened inside him, not the monster, and for the first time in a long time, he didn't feel like he was a beast living inside a half-human body. For the first time, he felt human, human like her.

That thought seemed to be the release he needed from the chains of fear and despair. He was no longer the anguished man but the man who was madly in love with his wife.

"I love you" he then added between their kisses.

"I love you too, Alex. I love you so much," Abigail responded and their kiss deepened. The next moment, Alex's lips travelled from her lips down to her nape, slowly.

His hand pulled down her shirt, revealing her collarbone. His warm breath traced her skin, sending that tingling sensation down to her toes.

Everything felt different to her. Her body didn't tense up this time possibly because this was no longer a life or death situation. His life was no longer in danger. This time, it felt so right and she found herself waiting and anticipating his bite.

Alex's hands caressed her face to the back of her neck. His bare skin igniting fire on her skin, making her blood boil within her veins.

"Abigail" he called her name again as he sucked in his breath, as if savoring the scent of her. Abi just held his head, her fingers running through his damp hair.

"I'm ready, Alex," she told him as she turned her face away slightly, giving him full access to her exposed neck.

Alex groaned softly against her neck and the next moment, his fangs finally pierced through her skin. Alex felt like his mind and body would burst from the fire of her blood. The taste of her blood was indescribable, more than enough to drive him insane. He felt like he had been thirsty for thousands of years and her blood was the divine oasis he finally found.

But then, it started to make his heart shake because he couldn't stop. His grip on her tightened but Abigail still hadn't protested to stop him.

What felt like an eternity to Alex was just mere seconds to her. She didn't move to stop him because she thought that he still hadn't had enough. She didn't know that Alex had started his own internal battle, silently begging her to do something to stop him.

As Alex continued to struggle to break free from this heavenly place that Abi's blood had brought him, he started to see his memories flooding back in. The missing person in his mind was being filled with Abi's image one after another. He started to hear her voice; her 'I love yous', her laugh, her vows and her calling his name. He had finally found the missing link and his world began to be filled with nothing but their memories, as if this treasure chest from heaven had been opened for him and there was nothing there but himself and Abigail and every moment they had spent together.

A single tear flowed down Alex's cheek and before her knew it, he pulled away.

Abi was surprised because she felt like Alex had taken way too little an amount than she had expected. But at the same time, she was overjoyed because she didn't have to stop him. He was able to stop himself!

She was about to smile when she noticed a stray tear rolling down his cheek. Abi's eyes welled as well but she smiled at him.

"See? I told you you would not lose, Alex." she said as she wiped that single tear on his face.

Alex snapped and he pulled her, embracing her as tight as he could, shutting his eyes closed. He didn't let go for a long while and just hugged her. Everything was back. His memories. Every single thing of it.

When he opened his eyes again, his eyes were like the sun again, burning so vividly golden.


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