Hellbound With You Chapter 447

446 Remember Tha

Even though Alicia wanted to go and accompany the late queen back home, she couldn't. All the previous queens' memories and knowledge were now within her. She finally knew everything and that was why she couldn't leave Abigail and Alexander's side until everything was settled.

As the witches finally disappeared in the forest, Alex walked towards her.

With just one look, Alex could already tell that the princess had now become a queen.

Alicia didn't wait for him to speak because she could already tell what was wrong when she saw that he wasn't the one carrying Abigail.

"We will go back to the glass house, Alexander. Abigail needs treatment for her injuries first," she said and Alex just nodded.

"Uhm What about the enemy? They are still out there," Raven said. His mind was still on that masked man so he couldn't stop himself from asking.

Alicia looked at him. "They're gone. They're not in this place anymore," she answered, causing everyone to fall silent.

Riev and Raven and two more heavily wounded elite vampires sighed with great relief. It was one hell of a battle they will never forget. Their comrades had fallen. Too many things happened all at once that they couldn't believe they actually made it out alive.

And even after all that, they still didn't manage to kill that woman. But at least they had accomplished a lot of things by coming to this place. Their comrades' deaths weren't futile because they now knew that aside from Alexander, another immortal existed in this world. They had also managed to retrieve Alicia's queen, as Alex had promised, although the outcome of that mission was not what they desired.

Upon arriving at the glass house, Alex didn't speak. He also didn't enter the glass house and left Abi to Alicia's care.

He was sitting outside on the snow, his head down, still holding the sword in his hand.

The snow was falling on him silently but he wasn't bothered. He stayed there for hours, not moving at all until Alicia came out.

Alicia walked over to him and stood next to him.

"You should come inside. She will look for you once she wakes up," Alicia said.

But Alex just ran his fingers through his hair and tugged them. "I can't, unless this thirst leaves me. My blood is still boiling, craving for her blood. My body now only wants her blood the moment I had a taste. Kai's blood didn't calm me down. I knew this would happen the moment I tasted her!" he responded under his gritted teeth.

"Why are you so afraid to drink her blood? I know you won't kill her, Alexander, and so do you."

Alex clenched his fist and looked up at her with a fierce gaze.

"Are you saying you approve of me drinking her blood?" His voice reeked with displeasure.

"Yes. I approve. Her blood is the cure we are looking for. This is what I received from the late queen. The reason why Abigail is the only one you can't remember is because the cure for that spell is her blood." Alicia explained, causing Alex's eyes to widen.

What Alicia was saying was right because with just a little taste of Abi's blood, Alex finally remembered her face in his memories, and his body also became incredibly strong again despite the small amount of blood he had from her.

"Think on this, Alex. You won't hurt her. Have some trust in yourself. Your love for her will help you control your urges."

"You don't know how good she tasted Alicia! Even just the smell of her blood now makes my body tremble. It's making me lose my mind. What if I cannot stop myself? And that's not the only problem" he gritted his teeth again. "Something strange has been happening to my body since I tasted her blood."

Alicia creased her brows.

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. I am still trying to figure out what the hell it is," he hissed. Anger and frustration filled his eyes. Alex couldn't tell what exactly it was that changed in him but all he knew was that something seemed to have awakened inside him. Alex wondered if it had something to do with the dragon's blood. He remembered what happened to him inside the cavern. When his eyes and nails turned black, he felt like he was transforming into something else. Something even he couldn't even restrain or control. Alex couldn't help but think that turning into a beast in the end might be his real curse and not his immortality.

That thought made him distrust himself. If he was still himself, he would be able to control his actions, but what if the beast residing inside him took over him and he ended up

He tugged his hair once again when Alicia spoke.

"Listen, Alexander," Alicia looked intently at him. "You don't have the luxury to figure things out at this point. That woman is immortal, just like you. She's been alive all these years. She had all the time to prepare while all of us had no clue about her existence. Even my late queen couldn't fathom just how much power she had accumulated over that time. And there is definitely a reason why she's after Abigail's blood. My late queen didn't know the reason why but she believed that all the answers to our questions lie in Abigail. All the answers are hidden within your wife," she explained. "I know that you already know, Alexander, that Abigail was never just a little, weak human. There is more to her that none of us knew, except for that immortal woman. Abigail herself doesn't know anything. So what I need you to do for now is drink her blood for yourself and finally get cured. Trust yourself, Alexander. You have to completely remember her now and make sure you will not become weak again. No one can save and protect Abigail from harm but you, remember that! You are the only one who can stand against an immortal like yourself."


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