Hellbound With You Chapter 446

445 New Queen

As Alex sucked her blood from her neck, her body stiffened and she subconsciously clutched his hair hard because she had expected it to be painful but surprisingly, it wasn't.

She closed her eyes and her grip on his hair started to loosen up as her tensed body softened. She thought that she really shouldn't act like she was scared.

Abi was kneeling on the ground with Alex in her arms, waiting patiently for him to have his fill. Abi had expected him to keep going but after just a few seconds, he stopped. Alex groaned and the next second, he suddenly pushed her away.

Abi's eyes flew open in a shock. Why didn't he keep going? He didn't even drink much at all, just one gulp!

Alex's hands were on Abi's shoulders, holding her at arm's length. His fangs had lengthened and his eyes looked fierce, wild and bloody red. His body was shaking hard and he gnashed his teeth, as if he was trying very hard to stop himself from doing something he knew he shouldn't.

"A-alex it's okay. I'm fine," Abi told him but as she lifted her hands to touch his face, the ancient structure began to completely disintegrate around them.

Alex looked up and then like lightning, he grabbed Abigail and held her close against his chest and then he bent his knees a little before he jumped upwards. As they made their way up, flying, he held his fist in the air above his head and he smashed the huge debris falling above them into pieces. They were on their way out of the crumbling structure and Abi felt immense relief, not because they were out of the building, but because Alex seemed to have regained his strength. Did the little blood he drank help him?

Abi held tightly onto him, hugging him as hard as her human arms could, as she looked down at the collapsing Ziggurat. Alex had taken them both so high above the ground, so high that the dust from the large, falling structure didn't reach them.

The bright moon and the white aurora in the background as they flew midair was a breathtaking sight. The scene looked picture perfect.

Alex placed Abigail gently down on the snow and he pulled her hands off his neck almost immediately, as if he couldn't wait to get away from her. Before she could blink, he was suddenly gone from in front of her.

Alex suddenly appeared in front of Kai, who had seen them fly out of the building and had quickly headed to where Alex and Abi had landed. However, he didn't expect the greeting he received from Alex. The moment he saw Alex appear in front of him, Alex's fangs had already pierced through his skin and sucked his blood so fiercely as if the man was trying to suck him dry.

Kai was caught off guard because Alex had moved abnormally fast. He normally would have been able to at least evade Alex's fast attack but this time, he didn't see Alex lunge at him and therefore, he was unable to evade him.

Abi was in a slight daze because she couldn't believe her eyes. Alex was there one second and then the next he was gone. She quickly looked around to see where he went. She found him, drinking Kai's blood and she quickly headed towards them. She knew the amount of blood Alex had taken from her was way too little. He had shoved her away too quickly so there was no way that amount of blood would have satisfied him.

She didn't know how he still managed to hold himself back in that situation. She just couldn't understand why he still refused to drink her blood this much and now, he was using Kai the same way he had used Zeke! She remembered that the last time, Alex had a hard time stopping himself from completely draining Zeke so she ran to him as fast as she could.

She crashed against Alex's back and she hugged him tight, not saying anything, and to her surprise, Alex voluntarily let go of Kai, causing the very pale man to stumble backwards.

Abi breathed out in relief, hugging him even tighter from behind. She felt his body finally loosen up and that made her relax as well. Was it finally over? Were they safe now? Abi closed her eyes because her eyelids suddenly felt heavy and her mind started to feel hazy. She felt like she was going to pass out. Because she knew that Kai and the others were out and safe, and that Alex wasn't in pain anymore, she finally let herself give in to her body's demands and she collapsed.

The adrenaline had run out and her body lost its strength. This whole thing had taken a huge toll on her mind and body.

Alex turned around and caught her the moment he felt her grip on him waver. His eyes were finally back to normal but he still looked tense, especially when he stared at the wound on her neck.

"Where's the witch?" Alex asked Kai. Thankfully, Alex hadn't drained him too much so he was able to recover quickly.

"Do you need me to carry her?" Kai asked, noticing Alex's tensed body language. Kai could see an unquenchable hunger in Alex's eyes.

Alex gritted his teeth. He obviously didn't want to but had no choice.


Kai approached him, gathered Abigail in his arms and the three of them headed towards the rest of the group. Once they landed, the silver glow that had enveloped Alicia and the witch queen was gone. It seemed that the transfer process was done.

Alicia was holding the lifeless witch queen in her arms but she wasn't crying anymore. She was surrounded by a few more witches who had come when they felt that their queen was dying.

Their surroundings were very quiet as Alicia entrusted the queen's body to the witches. Alicia had cocooned her inside a crystal tomb and had placed a powerful spell on her and on the witches for protection. She instructed them to bring the queen back to the Dark Forest where she would follow. All former queens were buried in that place so they had to take her back.

The witches bowed at her, knowing that Alicia was now their new queen, before they finally left.

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