Hellbound With You Chapter 445

444 Just A Little

Meanwhile, inside the cavern, Abi was still standing there, her gaze on Alex. Alex was still fighting. All the normal vampires and witches that the woman in black had left behind were all dead but the trapped hybrids were still coming at him like mindless zombies.

The hybrids never stood a chance. It almost seemed like they were ordered to sacrifice themselves, that their mission was to keep attacking so that Alex would destroy this whole place, leaving nothing left standing.

Abi had been calling for him but Alex wasn't responding. Whenever she approached him, Alex kept on leaping away, either smashing debris away that was about to fall on her or kill the enemies that approached them.

Abi could only watch him while he did that. It was like Alex had lost his sanity and the only thing on his mind was to protect her and to kill anyone and anything who dared to try and harm her. He didn't look like her Alex anymore. His nails had turned pitch black and his veins looked darker, as if his blood had become black.

The change was so drastic that Abi could no longer take it. She needed to stop him now. But how?

"Alex! Please. That's enough," she begged as she approached him again. Abi felt more uneasy as time went by because she felt like Alex was starting to transform into something else.

But how could she stop him? It seemed like he couldn't hear anything anymore. The only thing she could think of was for her to touch him. Maybe, like all those other times before, she might be able to stop him once she hugged and kissed him. But how? He wasn't allowing her to get anywhere close to him!

Abi 's throat felt raw and sore from trying to call Alex, to try and get his attention. She could hardly speak anymore and her energy was slowly disappearing.

When Abi saw Alex's fingers start to turn black as well, she could only resort to this last idea. There were still remaining hybrids left and she knew that Alex was going to go after them instead of just waiting for those things to get to them.

So she did the only thing left that she could think of to grab his attention.

Abi suddenly ran towards the group of the vampires. She didn't know if this would work but all she knew was that Alex would definitely come and save her. And once that happened, she would finally be close enough to hold him.

She ran as fast as she could towards the hybrids, hoping that Alex didn't jump before her and kill the hybrids first.

However, that was exactly what happened. Alex was just too fast and he materialised between her and the hybrids. But, at the same moment, the ceiling fell apart and a large piece was falling straight on top of Abigail. Alex quickly turned around and he smashed that first, giving Abi time to reach the hybrids. That was her only opportunity.

As she reached the hybrids, one of them grabbed her hand, pulling her into their small circle. Alex wouldn't dare to smash them all away with one swing because she was there with them. That meant that he would have to physically grab her and pull her away from the hybrids before he could kill them.

And that was exactly what he did.

The moment he grabbed her waist, her arms flew around his neck and she hugged him as tight as she could.

"Enough, Alex, please," she begged. He felt hot, hot like a roaring fire. Abi felt like she was going to get burned by him but she didn't let go and hugged him even tighter.

His breath was also just as hot. These changes that were happening to him made her heart tremble.

"Please. Let's go home, Alex. That's enough. I am fine," she whispered so softly as if she was whispering to his heart. "Let's leave this place now, okay?"

Realizing that Alex had halted as soon as she embraced him, Abi slowly pulled back a little to look at his face. His eyes were all black. What was happening to him?

Shaking her head to remove these questions from her mind, she reached out to his face and tiptoed to kiss him.

"Alex come back to me," Abi told him. "Please stop now," she begged and kissed him again.

The next moment, the darkness in Alex's eyes began to evaporate. The white in his eyes became visible again and his black veins and nails slowly turned back to normal.

Abi was so relieved but her relief didn't last because Alex fell to his knees again. He was back to his weak state.

Abi held his face, making him look at her as the two of them knelt on top of the ruins.

"Alex look at me. Are you okay?" she asked him. Alex opened his eyes. They were dazed, almost lifeless.

"My wife" he responded as he leaned his head on her shoulder. "I'm sorry," he added, his voice so weak and Abi knew he was having a hard time talking.

Abi panicked because Alex's breaths were becoming shallow. Was he dying? Was that transformation a form of self-preservation?

Her heart thudded so loudly in her ears from fear.

At that moment, she remembered everything that woman had said. If her blood was special, maybe it could cure Alex? That imposter woman was so hellbent in wanting to drink her blood that she wondered if her blood could help Alex.

Abi quickly brushed her hair away from her neck. She didn't know if this was the right thing to do. She really had no idea what would happen but it couldn't make him any worse, right?

Holding his face, Abi bumped her forehead on his.

"Alex bite me. Have some of my blood," she told him and Alex gritted his teeth.

"Please just a little may do. If you don't, I will die here. This place is collapsing, Alex. If you want me to survive, just bite me and drink my blood. This will save you! Please. Just a little. You won't kill me," she begged him.

The wound that the woman had inflicted on her neck was still fresh so Abi held Alex's face, placing his lips on her wound, knowing that being that close might make him unable to resist.

Alex groaned but Abi held him firmly. "It's okay, trust me Alex. I'll be fine," she said and in the next second, she felt him drinking her blood.

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