Hellbound With You Chapter 442

441 Exi

In a blink of an eye, four men were thrown away like they were ragdolls, and they hit the wall with a huge thus, breaking off part of the wall. The impact was so strong that the cavern started to shake. One of them hit the ceiling, causing small debris to fall from the above.

The woman in black stepped back as she watched Alex smash more of her men with one hit, creating more earthquakes inside the cavern. There was no doubt in everyone's minds that Alex could very well destroy this place.

The woman called more of her men to attack but the result was the same and the woman began to retreat, leaving most of her men inside - sacrificial lambs for her escape.

Alex continued fighting like a mad beast, destroying everything. Stones began to fall and the dust created a haze inside the cave. The earth shook every time he attacked. It was like he was turning into a merciless, destructive creature, almost as if he was turning into a black dragon himself.

As the woman in black escaped, the masked man followed her, leaving Alicia and the others behind. It seemed that the masked man was very loyal to his master.

Once she felt his grip loosen up around her, she immediately went to her queen. A large rock was falling from the ceiling straight on top of the cocoon, so Alicia jumped and used all her strength to move her queen but it was too late. She didn't have enough strength and the rock landed on top of the cocoon, creating a large crack along its face.

"My queen!" Alicia called out. The cocoon was breaking and Alicia started to hear her queen's voice more strongly.

The witch queen was dying. She was gasping for air, as if her lungs were giving out.

"I will get you out of here!!" Alicia wept but the queen stopped her.

The witch queen held Alicia's hand as he pulled her necklace off with the other hand. She was very weak and she knew she didn't have much time left. "Alicia" she uttered. I'm so glad you made it here. Take this" the queen uttered as she put the necklace in Alicia's hand. The necklace held a small bottle containing a yellow potion inside it.

"Leave me and go get Abigail. Save her. Don't let her die" the witch queen said, weakly. "My memories and powers will soon go to you you will soon know everything I leave everything to you, Alicia... This necklace, give this to Abigail. This should only be given to her, understand? Don't let anyone else have it. Now go."

"No, I will not leave you here," Alicia protested. She knew there was nothing she could do anymore for her queen. She knew that there was no way to reverse the spell. This was really happening. Her queen was really going to die, no matter how much she didn't want it to be true. In any case, she wasn't going to leave her queen to die here alone! She was going to bring her with them - well, that depended on whether they could even leave this place.

Alicia was about to speak again when a loud noise startled them. Doors seemed to have opened from underground and another horde of hybrids appeared. It seemed that the woman in black had unleashed all her minions to give her time to escape.

If those minions blocked their exit, they might not be able to leave the cavern anymore. Alicia and the remaining vampires were nearly running on empty. They had been fighting non-stop for a long time and they had no time to recover. They couldn't fight their way out anymore and what was worse was that Alex seemed to have lost his rationality.

Alicia watched the scene before her, slowly losing hope.

Raven, who was about to go and get Abigail, was almost killed by Alex. Alex wasn't letting anyone close to her, even those who were on his side.

"Raven, get everyone and leave this place. I'll be fine. Alex and I will follow you out. Go!!" Abi told Raven as she stood up from the ground.

When Raven didn't move, Abi ordered him, her voice becoming as hard as steel. "Listen to me and leave. Alex won't hurt me. You know that. So, take everyone and go before someone else dies."

Raven assessed the situation and saw that the horde of hybrids were already blocking the exit where Riev, Alicia and the queen were heading towards.

Raven knew there was no way he could fight Alexander so he could only back off and go fight the hybrids instead. At least he would be able to help Riev and the witch princess leave.

But he, too, was on his very last strength. The witches had managed to poison him and it was spreading around his body.

'Damn,' he cursed but still, he went to fight.. Alicia came to his aid but there were too many of them. They couldn't force their way out. It was impossible.

They could only look back again to Alexander when a light of hope sparked.

Someone was coming from the tunnel and they were killing the hybrids. Had someone sent for reinforcements?

It looked like whoever this someone was, was clearing a path to them and in no time, the horde of hybrids that was blocking the exit dwindled down as they were being killed.

And then, a man had stepped inside.


Everyone breathed a sigh of relief but they didn't have time to waste. They were about to move when a loud bang echoed inside as the earth shook. Riev and Alicia were caught unaware and they both fell on the ground due to the strong quake.

The cavern was falling apart. It seemed Alex had destroyed the throne as well. Just one more casualty from his fierce attacks.

"Come!!" Kai leapt towards Riev and Alicia and he both helped them up. He pulled them towards the exit but as Kai pulled them, the necklace fell from Alicia's hand.

Alicia pulled her hand from Kai's grip and she ran back inside the cavern to retrieve the necklace.

"Witch Prin !!!" Riev yelled as a huge rock dropped from above, blocking the exit tunnel.


Whew! I managed 3 chaps. Thank u for the patience my loyal hellbounders... This extra chap is for u guys. \u003c3

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