Hellbound With You Chapter 441

440 Darkes

Abigail's blood started to flow out from her wound, making its way down her neck and running over her collarbone, staining her shirt.

The world halted and Alex's blood that seemed to have turned into ice, began to boil like never before. His body began to surge with newfound energy and his dark eyes glowed golden with more intensity than anyone had ever seen before. It was like he became possessed by a powerful spirit and in the next moment, he disappeared from where he was like a phantom. Those who had their eyes on Alex only saw him disappear from his spot and they couldn't follow his movements. They couldn't see where he went but they knew where he was going.

He appeared, like he had teleported, right next to Abigail, took the dagger from the she-devil's hand and plunged the dagger into her neck instead.

He then grabbed Abigail and he took her away, leaping away from the queen. It all happened so quickly that even the masked man didn't have time to respond.

"How dare you touch my woman," he hissed and Abi who had just realized what happened looked at Alex with bewildered eyes. She was in his arms again and she couldn't believe it.

However, just as Alex put her down on the ground, Alex fell to his knees again. Abigail immediately bent down and put her hands on his face.

"Alex!!" she called his name as she searched his face. His eyes were black again.

"Abigail... " Alex whispered her name so sweetly that Abigail couldn't stop the tears that fell from her eyes again. He looked at her with such sweet love written on his face and she could tell that he wanted to say something more. She didn't know what it was but she felt like she didn't want to hear him say it. She was afraid that he might have wanted to tell her 'goodbye'.

"Shh save your energy," she said, as she hugged him tightly, praying to heaven and hell to not take her Alex away from her! Her tears continued to flow and she hugged him as if she never wanted to let go.

"Well, well, well. Isn't this a touching scene?" the woman sneered, her beautiful face twisted in anger as she pulled the dagger from her neck. Once the blade was out, her wound healed immediately. She no longer bothered to conceal her true nature. Play time was over.

The woman's gaze was locked on Abigail, who had her back to her as she held Alex in her embrace. Her eyes zoomed in on the bloody wound that she inflicted on Abi's neck, on the blood that was trickling down. She licked her lips, as if she was famished and she had just stumbled upon a feast, as she walked towards Abigail. Once she was standing just behind Abigail, she clenched the dagger in her hand and brought her arm down to stab Abigail.

What happened next was a blur.

Abigail, with Alex's sword in her hand, swung around, slicing the woman in the abdomen even though she was quick to jump backwards.

Alex had brought them back to where his sword had fallen. He had reached out to grab it when he fell to the floor. When she heard the woman walking towards her, she had sneakily picked up the sword and she slashed out behind her when she thought the woman was close enough.

Abi didn't know how she had the strength to do that but she managed to do it. Or at least, managed to make the woman jump away from her and Alex!

"Don't hurt my Alex!!" Abi said, gripping the sword in her trembling hands as she stood up and faced this imposter.

The woman in black looked shocked and she looked down at her belly that Abi had wounded.

The wound wasn't healing.

The woman blinked a few times and her face looked bewildered, unable to believe that her wound wasn't healing.

Abi was also just as shocked. Why wasn't she healing anymore? Was it because of this sword? But Alex used this to behead her and she still came out alive!

The woman's hands trembled and the next second, she screamed. "Come out!! Kill her!!!" she shrieked and more men in black, wearing the same mask as the one who fought Alex, appeared.

"Kill her!!" she pointed at Abi with uncontrolled rage.

Abigail stood her ground, holding the sword before her the way Alex had taught her just an hour or so ago. As the mob started to attack her, she swung her sword but the masked men easily evaded her attack and countered. Abi was just fast enough to block an attack but the force of the hit threw her back and she landed on the ground, hard. The sword fell from her hand from the impact, close to Alex. She crawled towards it, towards Alex and quickly picked it up. She then knelt next to Alex who looked like all his strength had left him.

"Alex" she called out, crying and Alex opened his eyes. What appeared before him was his wife. She was crying again and

The moment he saw blood flowing down her neck, Alex's heart pulsated. His dark eyes became even dimmer; the darkest state it had ever been.

"Take Alexander and kill her!! I will drink her blood as she dies!!" The woman ordered and the men were about to jump on her when suddenly, Alex pulled Abi into his embrace.

In the next moment, he screamed.

Everyone didn't know why they halted upon hearing his scream. Maybe because it sounded so agonized and terrifying that they even subconsciously felt shivers down their spines.

The masked men could only watch him rise, his aura reeking with darkness, a darkness that was enough to paralyze them. It was as if the dark dragon had been awakened. Alex had turned into a complete beast, his eyes were like pure darkness, reeking with death.

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