Hellbound With You Chapter 44

43 Black Dragon

Abigail turned red again but she still did what he said. She sat up on her knees, lifted a leg over his torso and placed it on the other side so that she was straddling him, as instructed.

"Good," he said, smiling in satisfaction.

Abi looked at the top button on his shirt. Her expression was still peaceful, so peaceful that it made Alex's eyes squinted. She was about to unbutton them when Alexander stopped her again.

"Look me in the eyes, Abigail. Unbutton them without breaking your gaze from mine," he uttered and Abigail just innocently nodded.


Abigail looked up and the moment she met his intense gaze, she suddenly felt something strange. She felt like he was looking deep into her soul, as if he was searching if there were any dark hidden secrets while she just became lost in his. His eyes were like a black hole, sucking her in without warning, without mercy and without a way out.

She gazed at him more intently, trying to see as deep as she could, but she could only graze at the surface of who this man was. She felt mesmerized, hypnotized as she swallowed in a subconscious gesture. Her breathing became less even and her mouth became dry and the heat from his body slowly crept into her as if she was slowly sinking into a boiling hot bath.

Feeling like she had no control of her body, she felt herself lean forward as she ran her hands from his chest up towards his neck, blindly looking for that top button of his shirt. When she found it, she slowly unbuttoned it, trailed her fingers down to the next and unbuttoned that one and then the next and the next one after that, all without looking away from him.

"You're a fast learner, little lamb," he flashed a satisfied smile, almost as if he was proud of her excellent work.

His words broke the spell he cast on her and she finally tore her gaze away from his. Unfortunately, her eyes went down to check her handiwork and was met by a sight that was just as mesmerising and alluring.

Abigail subconsciously swallowed as she gazed at this perfect creature. She flushed as she slid her hands over his smooth shoulders and down along his arms to fully remove his shirt. She then got up and moved from on top of him and asked him to lie down on his front.

Alexander just smiled and obediently did as she said.

But the moment his bare back was exposed to her, Abi gasped with what she saw. There was a tattoo on his back. The tattoo covered most of his back and it was in the image of a black dragon. Its head started from Alexander's right shoulder and its body wound its way down his back, ending with its tail on his lower back. The details were amazing and very well defined, almost as if it could jump into life at any moment. It's cold and piercing eyes looked out towards the world, as if it was guarding its master back and it looked menacing as if it would show no mercy to whoever was caught in its sharp claws. Its sharp teeth were bared, a signal to everyone else to keep away and its scales were as black as midnight, a symbol of the darkness of the world it lived in.

She was dumbstruck. The dragon was breathtaking. It was undoubtedly a work of art, as eye catching and beautiful as its master but she didn't know why looking at it made her heart feel sad. The dragon looked like it reeked with nothing but immense power and darkness. Its eyes were as cold and terrifying as Alexander's but for some strange reason that Abi couldn't quite put her finger on, something made her feel like she wanted to touch it and embrace it, the same way she felt with Alexander.

"Stop staring, little lamb. Or did my tattoo scare you?" he asked in a mocking tone.

To his surprise, the girl reached out and touched his back, hesitantly traced the dragon and caressed it as if she was trying to tame it. Alexander was speechless. He obviously didn't expect this reaction from her.

"D-did this hurt when they drew this little guy on your back?" she asked and Alexander's body became stiff as a rock.

After some moment, he smiled.

"You're talking as if it's alive, Abigail. Don't you know that girls usually get scared of it?"

"Why? I guess looking at it, it does feel like it's gonna eat me alive. It does look scary but I'm not scared Because, I think, this guy here looks just the same as you."

Strangely, Alexander didn't respond anymore. He fell quiet for a long while and his silence made Abi a little anxious. What happened? Did she say something wrong?

"I I'm going to start now," she said to change the topic and finally, the man spoke again.

"You better. I'm almost reaching my limit here waiting for you to start."

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