Hellbound With You Chapter 439

438 One Of A Kind

"No this can't be..." Abi shook her head as her lips trembled. Her face was filled with denial. This woman. It couldn't be! This was not her mother! Her mother was dead!

"Abigail, it's me. Don't you recognize me?" the woman asked, but Abi continued shaking her head, not wanting to believe what her eyes were clearly seeing. She couldn't speak. She felt like her brain had melted down. She closed her eyes and her body wobbled for a second before she opened up her eyes again. She looked at the woman again, determined to find something that would make sense.

The woman's face was exactly her mother's. It was as if her mother had a twin they didn't know about. No, it was like her mother had been duplicated from head to toe. However, what Abi felt towards the woman was very different to what her eyes were telling her.

This woman didn't feel like her mother. Abi couldn't really remember much as she was only a little girl when her mother died but she remembered that feeling of being in her mother's arms, the warmth, the sense of protection and love. She felt none of that from this woman.

This wasn't her mother and yet'No, Abigail! Your mother was dead,' her mind fought.

"M-my mother she's dead. You're not her!" Abi clenched her fists. There was just no way, right?

But the woman smiled at her so sweetly. "I won't force you to believe me, Abigail "

"Leave!!!" Alex's voice pulled everyone's attention. Abi looked at Alex as he struggled to stand. When he was halfway up, he fell again. He really was losing his strength again. "Leave this place, Abigail. Wait for me outside," he whispered with ragged breaths.

"No, I won't leave you. We will leave this place together, Alex," Abigail replied causing Alex to hiss.

Abigail looked at the woman again but this time, her gaze was fierce. She wouldn't fall for this trap. She would never believe that she was her mother. Her sweet mother was dead.

The woman's face looked displeased for a moment but she was quick to cover it up and her face became sweet again.

"Abigail, didn't you come here to save him? Do you want to know what could save him?" the woman asked her.

Abi looked at Alex again. The god of slaughter just a while ago had turned into a seemingly vulnerable human.

She couldn't speak but deep within her, she wanted to know the answer. It was her mission to save Alex. But before she could ask, the woman spoke again

"The only thing that can save him is my blood, Abigail," she said causing Abi to crease her brows. "Once he drinks my blood, he will be saved. Simple, right?"

Abi shook her head. She didn't know why but what the woman said made her heart squeeze in both fear and pain. She didn't know why but that idea felt off.

"Y-your blood? Why would it be your blood?"

"Because I'm like him, Abigail."

Confusion once again clouded Abi's eyes, even though she kind of understood the gist of what this woman was trying to say. But that couldn't be the answer. No, she refused to believe it.

"Didn't you see it with your own two eyes? Like him, I have the dragon blood in my veins," she added and Abi's world seemed to collapse around her.

Abi had thought about this possibility when she saw the woman stand up again after being slashed, but she ignored it. How could this be? There were two immortals in this world?

"Y-you mean you also drank the blood of the same dragon Alex had slain?" Abi asked, her fingers slightly trembling.

The woman looked at Alex and there was glint in her eyes that Abi didn't like.

"Yes." She responded. "And that is why both Alexander and I are immortals."

"H-how could "

"That is why Alexander needs my blood, Abigail. My blood is what he needs to be saved."

The look in the woman's eyes was serious and Abi couldn't find any more reason not to believe her. She had seen it with her own two eyes. And it made sense, somewhat. If Alex's immortality was disappearing, then wouldn't it make sense for him to drink the blood of an immortal to regain it?

"You're going to let him drink your blood?"


"Why? What do you want in exchange?"

The woman stared at her as silence reigned between them for a moment.

"In exchange, give me your blood, Abigail," she answered and Alex groaned again, pulling Abi's attention back to him.

"No!! Leave Abi please!!" he grunted. He looked weaker and weaker with each second that passed by. He was in pain. He should've passed out by now. But he was still holding on despite the agonizing pain he must be feeling. She knew that the pain he was feeling was beyond extreme because, knowing Alex, he wouldn't even groan in pain like that while being burned.

Abi forced herself to look away and looked back at the woman.

"Why? Why would you want my blood? I am I am just a weak human," Abi told her. She didn't understand. She was confused. Why would this woman need her blood when she was already this powerful? Humans were powerless against them; she could easily catch one and drink their blood whenever she wanted. So why would she ask for her blood in exchange for saving Alex?

The woman's lips curved and she stretched out her hand.

"Oh Abigail, yes, you are just a mere human," she told her, although Abi found her tone doubtful as she said that. "But your blood is special. The most special blood and one of a kind in this world."

Her answer confused Abi even more. Why would a human like her have special blood?

"I don't understand. I "

"You will understand once everything is over, Abigail. You will see just what kind of special creature you are. You will see what I am talking about," the woman cut Abi off as Alex groaned again. This time, louder and more agonizing.

Abi looked at him again and her heart was breaking apart. She couldn't watch him be like that anymore. Her mind was messed up. She knew this was suspicious, that she couldn't trust this woman at all. But what if Alex died right before her eyes? She would die, too, if that happened. All she wanted now was to save him. No matter what kind of method was required.

"Now come, Abigail. Give me your blood and I assure you, Alexander's suffering will end," the woman stretched out her hand to her. "Come, let's not make him suffer like this anymore. Only you can save him."

"How about you save him first before I give my blood to you?" Abi negotiated at the last second.

"I can't do that. Alexander will never let me drink your blood if he is back to his old self. It's okay, I promise, I will not kill you. Trust me. You will understand everything after this. Right now, he's dying. We have to save him first before it's too late."

Abi's body was trembling. She glanced at Alex again and he seemed to have stopped struggling, as if he was already on his last breath. A tear fell from Abi's eyes and her feet began to move closer to the woman in black.


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