Hellbound With You Chapter 438

437 Who Are You?

The world seemed to halt. Was she dreaming?

Abi had seen it with her own eyes. Alex had slashed the woman's neck with his blade. She should've been dead. So how was she still alive?! Wasn't she just a human?!

Her gaze fell on Alex. Though she could only see his back, Abi could tell he was as shocked as she was.

Even Alicia and everyone who saw what happened felt overwhelmed. They couldn't believe it. The only one who could still live after being slashed like that was Alexander. No one else!

They could only pray that this was just an illusion. It had to be. How could this woman still be alive? There was just no way! They waited for the illusion to fade but she didn't disappear. She stayed there, looking as alive as any of them. If it wasn't for her blood stained skin and blood soaked clothes, they would have believed that Alex hadn't slashed her throat.

It seemed this was real and the woman who was supposed to be dead was laughing again, a twinking laugh that would haunt their nightmares.

"Hahaha. Oh, Alexander don't give me that look," her villainous yet hypnotic voice echoed again. The way she called Alex's name made Abi feel a different kind of unease in the pit of her stomach. The woman was calling his name like she wanted him.

Alex once again charged at her but the masked man confronted him again and with that, another round began between them.

The woman in black watched Alex and the masked man like she was amused at their intense battle. On Abi's end, Alicia, Riev and Raven and five more of the other elites were left. All the other witches were dead.

The men, including Alicia, surrounded Abigail.

"Raven, I think it might be best if you guys escape this place with Abigail," Alicia said, causing Abi to immediately panic.

"No! Please. I can't just leave while Alex is "

"Abigail, we're losing! If you don't leave this place, you will that woman will take you. And you know what will happen then, right? She will use you to make Alexander surrender!"

What Alicia said made Abi's lips tremble. She knew that that was probably that woman's aim. But how could she just leave her Alex here? She was going to run away and leave her husband to fight alone?

Abi shook her head. She was scared for Alex. And if she left like this, she would hate herself even more for being so useless. She had had enough of this. She was the only one standing around while everyone around her was dying to protect her. She hated this to her bones.

But if she refused and the enemy really used her, she would be the cause of Alex's downfall. How could she live with that? What would she do? What could she do then?

Abi felt like she was going to burst. She wanted to cry and she couldn't help but hate herself. Why couldn't she be useful for once? Why couldn't she help Alex in his battle? She didn't choose to come to his hell just to watch. She wanted to do something for him too!

While Abi's insides were being torn apart from her internal battle, she saw Alex suddenly fall to his knees, clutching his chest. He looked like he was breathless. The masked man stood right before him, watching him closely.

Abi's body began to tremble. What happened? Didn't he remember everything already? Why was he in that state again? No!! This couldn't be happening! Not right at this moment!

Tears flowed from Abi's eyes. Alex looked like he was in pain. He was in danger. He lied. He had lied to her. He was not safe at all. He hadn't regained all his memories yet.

"Oh, Alexander how foolish you are to sacrifice your immortality just to save a girl," the woman in black stood up from her throne and she started waltzing towards Alex.

As she walked closer to him, she picked up Alex's sword that was lying on the ground just out of Alex's reach. She kept walking towards Alex, the sword's tip creating sparks as she dragged it against the ground.

Seeing that woman walk closer and closer to Alex, who was still in pain and gasping for breath, made Abi lose her senses. That crazy woman was going to kill him. She couldn't just watch. She couldn't take it anymore.

And before she knew it, she forced her way out of the circle, her protection, and escaped. Alicia and Raven were too late to stop her because they were too focused on the vampires and witches they were fighting against.

Abigail ran towards the stairs. "Alex!!!" she screamed, crying as she climbed up the stairs.

Alex heard her scream and he gritted his teeth. "Don't don't come leave" he begged between his gasps.

But Abigail didn't stop.

The woman in black turned and when she saw Abigail, she let go of the sword and walked towards Abigail instead with open arms, as if to welcome Abigail.

Abi halted upon seeing the mad woman more than ten steps away from her.

"Oh, Abigail. You're finally being obedient," the woman said, her voice suddenly kind.

"Who are you? What do you want from me?!" she asked. Abi was surprised that she didn't feel scared. No, this woman didn't scare her. What scared her was Alex being in danger. She would not be able to take it if something bad happened to him.

The woman took another step closer to her and then stopped.

She lifted her hand and began to remove her veil.

The moment her black veil fell on the floor, Abi's eyes dimmed. She was so shocked. Her body felt like it turned into a statue.


Hello guys... My heart just broke.. I was meant to surprise u and tell you I'm just kidding with my message in the previous chap. As an author, I would feel sad if the rank will fall. That means my readers might not liking the book anymore. Or they got tired voting for it and found a better book to vote.

I am sorry that it offended you. As I told u before, I know you guys are the reason why I reached the top. And im very thankful for it. I am sorry that you need to pay and the book is not ending yet.

I just want you guys to understand me too. I am working really hard... I am writing even when I'm sick. I'm really stressed. You saw it right? I've been writing nonstop for 460days. And now im giving u 3 chapters daily without break. I have to push my brain to create a content on the spot. And once I published I cant go back anymore. I could only continue writing even if there are things I wanted to change.

I have a day job and immediately start writing once im home for 5-6 hours.

But im happy because my hard work is paying off and you guys are supporting me and buying my book. Im truly thankful guys. I know there will come a day that I can't entertain u anymore and if that day has come, I cant dont anything about it but feel sad. I cant force you guys to stay with me till the end.

So even if its sad, its okay if you will stop from here. I understand.

Thank you for everything.



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