Hellbound With You Chapter 437

436 Kill Them All

"Shut up, woman," was all Alex replied, not even throwing her a glance. His eyes were still glued to the masked man before him.

The woman seemed to be displeased by his remark that she straightened up and clenched her fists.

"Catch him," she ordered and the masked man attacked without a second thought, causing Alex to smirk.

In the next moment, the two engaged in a fierce battle of swords.

The masked man had pointed his sword, ready to strike Alex through his abdomen. Alex defended himself by swinging his sword in front of him, swiping the other man's blade away from his body, sparks flying from the contact. Alex then countered with an overhead slice, aiming to cut down the masked man in half lengthwise, but the masked man spun away from his impending doom, causing Alex's sword to smash on the ground, creating a large crack.

Alex didn't have time to think as the masked man jumped up high in the air, replicating the attack he had just used and Alex quickly lifted his sword over his head, putting a hand under the flat edge of the blade for reinforcement, as the masked man's sword made contact, causing Alex's hold on his sword to waver. Alex managed to push the attacker off him and he leapt back, creating some space between them.

The masked man didn't look like he was at a disadvantage. In fact, he was almost on par with Alexander and what was worse was that it was as if he knew everything about Alex's strength and speed. It was as if he could read his next move.

The elite vampires continued glancing at each other. The masked man's movements looked way too familiar to them. It was way too identical to their master that even though they didn't want to believe it, suspicion had started to bloom within their hearts.

The battle was extreme. Sparks and clunks from the sword were the only thing that could be heard, with neither of them gaining the upper hand. When one attacked, the other defended and countered just as swiftly. Even if Alex was as fast as lightning, the masked man was able to counter him through predicting his moves. This back and forth went on for a while with no one giving the other a chance to finish off the fight.

Everyone was in a trance as they watched, and Alex was still smiling, obviously enjoying the dangerous, adrenaline-inducing, thrill.

Alicia was the first to break out of the trance and she immediately went to work. She started to chant some spells that would increase Alex's strength and agility but before she could finish, she felt something whoosh past her cheek. Her hand went to her face and she felt the blood dripping from the cut that appeared. She was shocked. She didn't know where that attack came from. Was it the woman? Or was it her minion?

"Tsk, tsk don't interfere, little witch." They all heard that smooth, nonchalant voice again. "Or your queen is next," the woman in black threatened.

There was a small break in the fight as everyone woke up from their trance. They couldn't believe that they had let their guard down! If the witch had aimed for Alicia's heart, then she would have been seriously hurt! And what if it was Abigail that was attacked?! Oh god, they didn't even want to think about that possibility. They would be dead meat, for sure!

As the elite vampires started to turn their attention to their task, Abigail started to hear heartbeats, many more heartbeats, and they weren't only the heartbeats of hybrid creatures. This time, she heard the heartbeats of normal vampires and normal witches, too.

The woman in black stretched out her hand, pointed at Abigail and commanded her army. "Catch her," she said and the vampires and witches appeared from behind the throne and immediately charged towards Abigail.

The elite vampires were quick to position themselves and in a blink of an eye, the enemy reached them. Alicia and the other witches on their side started chanting spells.

Another fierce battle broke out. The new army that came at them weren't as many as the horde of hybrids they faced, but they were strong. They were on par with the elite vampires and they knew the reason why. These vampires were normal rogue vampires and they were this strong because, unlike the elite vampires, these vampires had drunk human blood and not only that, they also witches on their side!

As the fight broke out, Alex, who was fighting the masked man, became distracted. He was constantly glancing at Abi, checking to make sure she was fine. He saw that the new group of vampires and witches were even stronger and this had him slightly worried. Even though Zeke's men were battle hardened and well-trained, they still hadn't drunk blood. This was a different story to fighting the hybrids.

Unfortunately, because Alex was distracted, the masked man took the opportunity and pieced his abdomen in a bold attack.

Alex fell to the floor, his blood flowing like a river as his wound healed.

"Alex!!!!" He heard Abi's scream and he looked up at her. She was crying as she looked at him, looking worried to death.

"Geez. Don't cry, my love. I told you already. I won't die," he murmured, knowing that Abigail could hear him.

The next second, he attacked the masked man as well and he made contact, causing the man to land against the wall, shaking the cavern due to the impact.

And then in a blink of an eye, he was up there on the throne, capturing the woman in black and holding his sword against her throat.

"Get away from them or this woman's head will roll," Alex's voice thundered and everyone halted.

The masked man was back and he stood before them, not caring about Alex's threat at all.

The woman in black laughed.

"Oh, Alexander You're finally holding me," she uttered. The way she spoke was so seductive and everyone couldn't believe that she wasn't scared at all.

Alex ignored the woman and his sword started slicing through her skin.

"Get away from them, now!!" Alex's voice indicated the last warning.

But to everyone's surprise, the woman continued laughing and she instead stretched her hand out again, pointing at Abi's direction.

"Don't stop. Kill them all and get Abigail to me," she ordered, and the woman's minion started to attack again, causing Alex's eyes to blaze. The next second, he slashed the woman's neck without hesitation and he let her body fall to the floor.

Alex didn't give her a second glance and leapt to go to Abigail when a voice halted him.

"Where do you think you're going, Alexander?"

Alex's eyes widened and Abi, who had seen the entire thing, had the same expression.

Alex slowly turned, eyes filled with disbelief. The woman who was supposed to be dead, spoke and was standing again.


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