Hellbound With You Chapter 435

434 Until The End

"Wouldn't it better if you take me outside and just let Alex destroy this place?"

"No. We can't do that. Not until we find out the answer to our questions. Either we capture the person who is behind this or we need to find a way to save our queen. She will definitely know."

This place wasn't favorable for them. There was no wind, no trees and very little space. The men were doing their best to fend off the hybrids from entering the tunnel and Alex was also fighting them down below.

He punched and kicked and clawed and stabbed them but when one went down, another one came to take its place. It was never ending. Abigail saw this and she turned to Alicia.

"I think we need to give the sword to him, Alicia!" said Abi, panicking. But Alicia could no longer pay attention to her. The hybrids' number seemed to have tripled and it looked like they now focused their attention on them instead of Alex.

"Shit! It's hard to fight! They're trying to push us back into the tunnel" she heard one of the elite vampire curse and she realized he was right. They were being pushed back and it was getting more cramped.

"Damn it! This is bad. We have to relocate!!" Raven said and he forced his way towards Abigail. However, Alex suddenly landed in front of Abi.

He was smiling at her then his smile faded as he hugged her and planted a quick kiss on her forehead. His body was cold and his eyes looked like they were burning like a golden sun. "I'm sorry, Abigail. I don't want to show you this but I have no choice," he whispered as he pulled the sword from its scabbard.

The next moment, he was gone.

He appeared in front of the elite vampires and with one slash, a number of bodies rolled on the floor, clearing the cramped spot. The vampires could finally move again and fight with ease.

Alex continued taking down countless vampires, swinging his sword and fighting like a human. But he wasn't human. He had his unrivalled speed and strength. The glow in his eyes was so bright that he looked so different. He had totally switched from a vampire to a demon in human form.

He had become like a dark tornado himself and the atmosphere that was already tense and filled with bloodlust began to be enveloped with the kind of darkness that was enough to make anyone tremble in fear. It was almost like they had been transported to the underworld. Everyone knew, including Abi, that this darkness, this hellish atmosphere was created by Alex.

The elite vampires and witches couldn't help but freeze in awe and fear because it was like a beast was finally let loose. He wasn't like his mindless rampaging self. He was aware of everything that was happening. But what made him so much more terrifying was the fact that he was smiling, as if he was truly enjoying his killing spree.

The number of the hybrid creatures were decreasing because of Alex's one-man slaughter band. Abi could only watch silently. She didn't know what to feel as she watched Alex swinging his sword like a terrifying demon.

Even if she knew Alex had already killed countless lives before, seeing him doing it again now with her own two eyes made Abi's heart go numb. She knew this was inevitable and that these creatures were dangerous. They could be used to harm humans next if they were allowed to be let loose. They were creatures that weren't supposed to exist.

Still, Abi wished that Alex didn't need to do this anymore. He looked so different again, as if she was seeing another Alexander, the Alexander that had been long forgotten. He was like a living, breathing darkness. His eyes were merciless, ruthless even. There was no sign of her doting husband at all. This sight finally made Abi realize the extent of the hellish world that Alex had told her about. This was his real hell, the hell he didn't want her to see, the hell she vowed she would embrace for her to be able to stay beside him.

She felt like she was a statue, just watching her husband and her comrades fighting with all their might. She could see Alicia joining in the fight as well, supporting the others before coming back to her again. Some of the witches protecting her had fallen.

This battle overwhelmed her. Her heart was trembling. She thought she was prepared enough after everything that she saw but she was wrong. This battle had shocked her entire being. So this was why Alex told her not to look. But then again, she couldn't look away.

Abi didn't have the heart to do that. She wouldn't blink even an eye. She would watch Alex, everyone, everything until the end. She wouldn't look away even if her spirit broke.

The seemingly endless battle seemed to finally reach its conclusion. The hybrids were finally dwindling in number. Alex seemed to have suffered few cuts, judging from the blood stains and cuts on his clothes. He stood there, his sword still dripping with dark blood.

Most of the casualties from their side were the witches Alicia had called in. The scene was like something from a horror movie, grim, bloody and reeked of death. It happened too fast for Abi but she knew that to everyone who was fighting, time probably felt slow.

She clenched her fists and returned her gaze to Alex. She didn't have the luxury to feel relieved because despite seeing that the hybrids were running out, the unease and fear in her heart didn't subside even a little.

Alex walked up the stairs, effortlessly slashing the few hybrids that were jumping on him.

He walked slowly towards the shackled witch queen when a villainous laugh of a woman echoed. The woman in black came out from behind the throne.

Abi froze in place. That was the woman from her dream, the one who called for her to come.

"Hahaha as expected of you, Alexander," her voice echoed as she elegantly sat on the throne leisurely, as if a battle hadn't just happened.

Her eyes then shot straight to Abigail. "And Abigail I've been waiting for you."


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