Hellbound With You Chapter 432

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Time passed and it was finally time for them to make their move. It didn't take them long before they arrived at the place that Alex found the night before.

They looked around but the place was empty. The area was a small hill at the foot of the towering, rocky mountains. There were no trees around so Alicia felt a little troubled. The lack of trees wasn't a favorable condition for her since she would no longer be able to use one of her trump cards during the fight.

Alex landed and put Abigail down. The sword was secured on her waist.

Zeke's men and the reinforcement witches, who had arrived just minutes ago, were gathered behind Alex and Abigail. All of them, except Alex, were looking around the empty and peaceful piece of land.

"Is this the place?" Alicia asked and Alex immediately said, "Yes."

"Get ready, they're coming," he added and just as he said, the hybrids suddenly appeared. They were coming from the top of the hill or was it from the back?

Alex smirked, looked back, pulled Abi close to him and kissed her forehead.

"Don't forget what I told you, my wife," he whispered and Abi held onto him tightly as she nodded.

He then pulled away and smiled at her before he looked at Alicia and everyone else. He didn't say anything more but his gaze was enough for everyone to understand what he was trying to say. They knew he was reminding them about the job he ordered them all to do.

Once everyone nodded at him, showing him that they were all aware of their task, Alex looked satisfied and he kissed Abi's forehead one last time before he finally disappeared.

Abi watched him leap from her towards the horde of hybrids approaching them. She silently prayed again that he would come back to her safe and sound.

Everyone else also moved to form a tight, layered circle around her, with the witches making up the inner circle and the elite vampires on the outer circle.

The cold wind started to blow even stronger as Alex charged at the oncoming hybrid army. Abi watched as the hybrids were scattered by his attack, some being thrown away like ragdolls. Alex was unstoppable.

And then, a small tornado began to form from above him, causing Abi's mouth to hang open from shock. It was then followed by fear because if the tornado were to land on the ground at that moment, it would land on top of Alex!

"Don't worry, Alexander can control the wind," Alicia told her.

That surprised Abigail. She didn't know Alex was capable of that. What else could he do?

The tornado became bigger and it swallowed the vampires around Alex. However, it also swallowed him. Abi's heart thud harder against her chest. She couldn't help but feel nervous even though Alicia had told her this was Alex's doing. Things were happening too fast and her naked eyes could barely keep up! This feeling of being transported to another world was reigning inside her again. It was nerve-wracking. Was this why Alex didn't want her to approach him?

Abi took a deep breath. She had to keep calm in this situation. She didn't want to put anyone in danger, especially Alex, by acting recklessly.

The tornado became bigger and in the next second, it disappeared. Bodies began to fall like hails from above them and the scene was gruesome. It was like the tornado had shredded the hybrids' bodies while they were suspended. The snow white blanket covering the hill was now tainted red. It happened way too fast.

But then, another group of hybrids appeared, like endless minions. Some were able to reach them and the elite vampires and the witches dealt with them easily. With more witches on board, more of the elite vampires were able to be buffed with spells of agility, defense, power or health and they were a fierce force to contend with. Abi was utterly impressed.

She felt like she was watching a movie and she was the only bystander. Her gaze looked at Alex from afar again and she gripped the sword hanging by her waist.

Alex her Alex was there, fighting alone. He looked like he was very much used to this - fighting on his own. He wasn't losing. In fact, he was formidable. He was a far cry from that night where the enemy was able to slash and shoot him countless times.

Still, Abigail's chest felt heavy. It was hard for her to watch him fighting all alone. She wished she could fight alongside him to watch his back.

The fight continued and Abi watched Alex control the wind again like a god of disaster. The hybrids were then attacked by ice crystal blades. That move finished off the remaining hybrids from that second wave.

It became quiet after that, as if they were in the eye of a tornado. Alex walked and stood on top of the hill.

Everyone looked up in anticipation of what was going to come next. Was there another horde coming? Were they going to fight these hybrids nonstop?

But then, Alexander knelt on one knee and put his palm on the ground.

He closed his eyes and when he opened them, his eyes blazed vivid gold. He lifted his arm and the next second, as if a lightning bolt just hit the ground, Alex punched the ground hard, causing an earthquake.

The snow covering the hill began to tremble.

Abigail was in a trance as she watched Alex with her lips parted, when she was suddenly lifted up off the ground.

Raven was holding her around the waist and they backed out towards the forest again and landed on top of the trees. A loud sound echoed and they watched the avalanche creep down, burying the dead bodies in its wake.

The scene made Abi's heart stop as she looked for Alex. She was worried for him.

Gladly, she was able to spot him and her heart beat again. He was standing on top of

Abi's eyes widened. Now that the snow had fallen away, what appeared before their eyes was something they never expected. An ancient Ziggurat was standing there, hidden under the snow all this time.



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